Soaring to New Horizons: The Top Travel Trends of 2024

Steven at Lovespoon Cafe in Chiang Rai Thailand

We’re nearly halfway through 2024, and like me, many of you may have already experienced some of this year’s predicted travel trends. I originally posted this back in January and it amazes me how on-point travel experts were about travel this year that I had to repost it with a few additions. It’s an exciting time with new technologies enhancing our travel planning and a rich array of global events drawing international crowds. Whether you’ve used AI to help plan your journey, ventured to eco-friendly destinations, or traveled for a once-in-a-lifetime concert or sports event, this year is shaping up to redefine how we explore and enjoy the world. Here are just a few inspirations– 2024 travel trends that are making a significant difference in how we all travel.

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Today, travel trends offer an exciting conversation for travel bloggers. Did you know that every generation is on the move? Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers are all exploring new destinations, foods, and experiences. This blend of ages creates a rich and inspiring mix of travel expectations and adventures.

AI-Powered Vacations Are Changing Everything in 2024

Travel in 2024 is transforming dramatically with the widespread adoption of generative AI. Expedia highlights that nearly 40% of travelers are now using AI to help book hotels or find vacation rentals, making it one of the top travel trends in 2024. Additionally, one-third of travelers leverage these advanced tools to sift through flight options, discover new destinations, or organize activities for their trips. This is a substantial increase from the mere 6% who used AI for travel planning in 2023. As traveler preferences evolve and new trends emerge, the traditional ways we plan, experience, and enjoy our travels are shifting. Generative AI, powered by platforms like ChatGPT, is poised to become a core component of the travel industry, significantly enhancing both the planning process and the overall travel experience for tourists and property managers alike.

Silent Airports

Silent airports are gaining popularity as travelers and airports opt for a quieter, less chaotic environment. Traditionally, airports have been filled with constant announcements, but silent airports are changing this by limiting unnecessary loudspeaker interruptions and using digital screens and mobile app alerts instead. This shift not only reduces noise levels but also lessens stress, allowing travelers to receive updates directly on their devices. The calmer atmosphere is particularly beneficial for business travelers or those who are sensitive to loud noises. This trend towards quieter airports reflects a growing emphasis on making travel experiences more comfortable and peaceful, aligning with other top travel trends of 2024.

Travel to Play Sports or Watch Concerts

This year’s lineup of major music and sports events is a key part of the top travel trends of 2024, attracting fans worldwide who are eager to see their favorite artists and athletes. According to an Expedia survey, nearly 70% of respondents are more likely to travel away from their hometowns for a big event, and 44% would journey just to enjoy a concert in a new city. Luxury resorts are increasingly adding amenities like pickleball courts to draw visitors; for example, my friend Cristina Lozado from Drone with CL travels across the country just to play pickleball. Meanwhile, my daughter has traveled multiple times to see Beyoncé, and the Taylor Swift Eras Tour is breaking attendance records, demonstrating the strong pull of these top travel trends.

Spain is a Top Destination for 2024

Spain has clinched the title of the top travel destination for 2024, praised by major publications like Travel + Leisure, the New York Times, and Frommers. I’ve always had a soft spot for Spain, even imagining moving there to live at one point. The most sought-after cities include Mallorca, Valencia, Seville, and particularly Malaga, which is also touted as one of the best places to live by Forbes.

In 2023, Spain was a top pick for expats, according to InterNations, and this trend continues in 2024. Malaga, known for its friendly locals, affordability, and quality of life, stands out. I recently enjoyed a delightful week there and can vouch for its charm. The city offers an array of quaint cafes, fantastic food, and excellent walkability, all at an affordable cost. Plus, the fantastic weather and stunning beaches add to its allure, making it easy to see why Spain remains a favorite destination.

Spontaneous Travel

Have you ever booked a last-minute trip because it was so cheap? I used to do this all the time when I lived in Europe and Asia. Now that I’m back in the States, I do it less often because it’s more expensive. Last year, Forbes highlighted that “last-minute trips are hot,” a trend expected to persist into 2024. Michele Fitzpatrick of eviivo noted that many of their 26,000 property owners and hoteliers have seen a rise in last-minute bookings, alongside those planned well in advance.

“In 2024, we expect spontaneous bookings to become even more common,” he explains, referencing data from eviivo Collective, a unique network of independent luxury properties. confirms this trend, with 67% of American travelers saying that spontaneous trips are the best kind. The survey also found that 73% would be open to visiting a “surprise” destination. Additionally, the 2024 American Express Trends Report indicates that 75% of travelers heading to a sporting event are willing to travel at least three hours.

I love this trend because it leverages cheap airfare and accommodations, providing a welcome change from the monotony of daily life.

Amenities Matter

Personal wellness matters to travelers. In 2024, there will be an increased focus on achieving a good night’s sleep while on the road. Travelers will seek products and brands that align with this better-for-you imperative.

I don’t book budget hotels anymore. Ultimately, I prefer a balance between upscale and luxury. I also base my travel decisions on loyalty programs like Marriott Bonvoy to take advantage of automatic upgrades and increased status. Several key factors for me are amenities like private club rooms, suites, gyms, free cocktail and social hours, restaurants, and food quality. I’m not alone in this preference. According to Hospitality Net, hoteliers and property owners are going above and beyond to impress guests this year. To stand out, they’re offering local and authentic experiences.

Hotels are using their destination’s assets to provide unique amenities. They partner with tour operators, celebrities, and brands that match these preferences. I recently experienced this in Salt Lake City, where my stay included many local experiences and activities. This approach offers a more personalized and enjoyable travel experience, making each stay memorable.

Sustainability Matters

Don’t drop your towels on the floor or ask for bottled water. Here’s why:

Based on’s 2024 travel trends report, 53% of travelers want accommodations with innovative sustainability features that impress. While sustainable travel isn’t new, more travelers want to minimize their environmental footprint. According to Marriott, 77% of respondents wish to to visit eco-friendly destinations that align with their values.

For example, downtown Salt Lake City promotes its electric trams and eco-friendly operations. Many hotels in the area have adopted green initiatives such as using solar power, offering bike rentals, and providing refillable toiletry dispensers. These practices help the environment and attract eco-conscious travelers who prioritize sustainability. Here are a few travel eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives I’ve seen or read about:

Solar Power:

How: Using solar panels to generate electricity.
Why: Reduces reliance on fossil fuels and lowers carbon emissions.

Bike Rentals:

How: Offering bicycles for guests to use during their stay.
Why: Encourages eco-friendly transportation and reduces vehicle emissions.

Refillable Toiletry Dispensers:

How: Providing dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, and soap in the bathrooms.
Why: Reduces plastic waste from single-use toiletry bottles.


How: Providing recycling bins in rooms and common areas.
Why: Encourages waste separation and supports recycling efforts.

Digital Room Keys and Check-In:

How: Using the hotel’s app for check-in and room access.
Why: Reduces the use of plastic key cards, aligning with eco-friendly values.

Transformative Travel is still on the rise. It’s one of the major reasons I travel. Transformative experiences have not only broadened my perspective of the world but have also shaped my understanding of my own place within it. While each experience is different, the underlying theme remains the same: every encounter, whether in a busy city, a peaceful temple, or an unexpected detour, adds to my ever-evolving travel story. These experiences continue to inspire, challenge, and enrich my life in ways I never imagined. I’m not alone; transformative experiences align with the Top Travel Trends of 2024, which emphasize meaningful and immersive travel that transforms the traveler. Today’s travelers seek deep connections with local cultures and opportunities for personal growth, leaving lasting impressions.

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