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The Top 11 Places to Visit in Istanbul, Turkey

These are the Top 11 Istanbul Places to visit for the flavors, religion, sights and sounds. Straddling two continents, Istanbul, figuratively and literally, has roots in both Europe and Asia. Visit for its unique geographic distinction, heavy in Islamic influence. But fused with European culture, Istanbul is certainly unique because it’s truly where east meets west.

is istanbl safe

Is Turkey Safe for American Tourists?

Is Turkey Safe for American Tourists? I hope so. Because we are going there for a couple of days later this month. And I’m really excited to see some of the things I missed on my last trip. But politics in Turkey, like many places around the world, is relatively unstable right now. So, it makes since that we keep vigilant and ask the question before and not after we go.

Day trip to Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum: A Day Trip to the Turkish Riviera

We walked in and out of little shops along the long footpath near the water until we reached the inner part of the town. Glad to be shaded from the sun by a large undulated tarp of living plants above our heads. We found a little cafe and decided to have a snack which was delicious. The boys got henna tattoos and I bought a few pieces of jewelry. I bought a pendant with the Turkish eye to ward off against the evil eye.