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Public Transportation in Italy: Trains, Buses, and Taxis- featured image

Public Transportation in Italy: Trains, Buses, and Taxis

I am hanging out in Italy for a month. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my international driver’s license before going to Italy, so now I can’t drive here. This will require me to use buses, trains, and other public transport to get around. I’m not hating it, it’s been awhile since I’ve driven in Europe. While it’s a handy way to travel, there are a few things I’ve had to figure out to make it easier and cheaper a bit of know-how. Here’s a concise guide to making the most of your public transportation experience in Rome, Florence, Formia, and Naples Italy.

Stacey at Gaeta train stazione - featured image

Returning to Rome: A Journey Filled with Unexpected Twists

As I stepped off the plane, the familiar excitement of returning to Rome hit me. The city’s lively noise greets me like an old friend. I love Rome for its surprises around every corner, where a simple wrong turn can lead you to something ancient. I’ve been inside the Coliseum, walked through the Forum, and even tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain, making a promise to come back one day. Today, I’m keeping that promise.

Black and yellow Kakao Taxi in Daegu

Kakao Taxi App: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Rides

If you live in Korea, you probably already know how essential the Kakao Taxi app is for getting around the busy streets. Since I recently shipped my car, I’ve been using Kakao Taxi more. I love how convenient it is to have door-to-door service. Who doesn’t like the flexibility and reduced anxiety of driving, parking, or looking for parking? Kakao Taxi is a must-have app besides Naver and Kakao Talk.

Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (1)

Air Asia Flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The seats are tight for a two-hour flight let alone a 6 and half hour one. I am trying to type sideways because my husband’s broad chest will not allow me to sit and type facing the cockpit. We have no choice. The seats are way too close for comfort. They were constructed to fit the most passengers possible on this huge plane. And there are a lot of folks on this A330 Airbus to Kuala Lumpur, 377 of us to be precise.