Kakao Taxi App: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Rides

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Getting the Most from Kakao Taxi

If you live in Korea, you probably already know how essential the Kakao Taxi app is for getting around the busy streets. Since I recently shipped my car, I’ve been using Kakao Taxi more. I love how convenient it is to have door-to-door service. Who doesn’t like the flexibility and reduced anxiety of driving, parking, or looking for parking? Kakao Taxi is a must-have app besides Naver and Kakao Talk. Its seamless integration into everyday life makes it an indispensable tool for hassle-free transportation.” Let me share ten compelling reasons why you should consider installing it on your phone when you arrive in South Korea.

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Don’t know the language? No Problem.

While I highly suggest learning to read and speak Hangul, the truth is reaching enough proficiency to communicate with taxi drivers effectively can be quite challenging. However, they sometimes talk fast or have strong accents. This makes it difficult to understand their directions or questions.

Kakao-taxi-app-map-519x692 Kakao Taxi App: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Rides

It’s drag-and-drop

Hailing a ride with Kakao Taxi is incredibly simple – drag and drop your pin on the map. Gone are the days of standing on the street, trying to wave down taxis. With this user-friendly feature, you can quickly request a ride from the comfort of your current location. Embrace the convenience of modern transportation with Kakao Taxi!

Real-time Tracking

With Kakao Taxi’s real-time tracking feature, you’ll always stay informed about your taxi’s location and estimated arrival time. This live tracking functionality ensures you can plan and manage your time effectively, providing peace of mind throughout your journey—no more uncertainty – just reliable and timely updates with Kakao Taxi App.


You Can Save Popular Destinations

With Kakao Taxi, you can save your frequently visited destinations for quick access, making booking rides to your favorite spots effortless. This convenient feature saves you time and allows you to easily travel to your most frequented locations with just a few taps on the app. Say goodbye to typing in addresses repeatedly and hello to smooth and efficient ride bookings with Kakao Taxi!

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are

Kakao Taxi uses GPS to automatically locate your phone, eliminating the need to know your exact address. This convenient feature allows the app to accurately pinpoint your location, providing real-time updates on your booked taxi’s whereabouts, potential traffic delays, and your position relative to the ride. While the app allows you to communicate with the driver, it may be less valuable if you don’t speak the language. Nevertheless, with its precise location tracking, Kakao Taxi ensures all users a smooth and informed ride experience.

I have had a few instances where the driver, more likely me, was confused about the pickup point. If this happens, you, most likely the driver, can cancel the ride. Let him do it so you don’t incur a cancellation fee.

You Can link it to Your Korean Bank Account.

Take advantage of Kakao Taxi’s cashless convenience and say goodbye to fumbling for cash. This app lets you make secure payments directly, ensuring smooth and effortless transactions. I linked it to my Shinhan checking account, which automatically draws money from my bank whenever needed, with the flexibility to turn it on or off at my convenience. Moreover, connecting it to my Korean bank account gives me priority service during peak times. Just remember that you’ll need to get an alien registration card to obtain a Korean bank account first. Enjoy the ease and perks of cashless payments with Kakao Taxi!

You Can Rate Your Drivers

Accordingly, with Kakao Taxi, you can quickly provide feedback on your ride experience and rate your drivers, contributing to maintaining service quality and recognizing good drivers. Additionally, the app allows you to opt out of being matched with a particular driver without any questions, granting you more control over your taxi preferences. I like this option because, although the app says the drivers have been trained, some are better than others. I have blocked some drivers for

  • Poor driving (speeding, sudden braking, speed bumps, jerky driving)
  • rudeness
  • dropping me off far from my destination because it’s more convenient for them.

It Works in Japan

I’m excited to share that Kakao Taxi also extends its services to Japan! Whether in Korea or Japan, you can enjoy a seamless ride-hailing and cashless experience with this versatile app. So, no matter where your travels take you, Kakao Taxi has provided you with a convenient and hassle-free transportation solution.

You’ll Always Have Access to a Safe Ride

Moreover, Kakao Taxi prioritizes safety by offering trustworthy drivers, providing transparent pricing, and ensuring peace of mind throughout the ride. With stringent background checks for drivers and upfront fare estimates, locals and foreigners can confidently rely on this app for their transportation needs in Korea.

Kakao Taxi will verify your driver’s name, car, and license plate. Always confirm the license plate before getting in the car.

Kakao-talk-car-schedule-519x692 Kakao Taxi App: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Rides

You can Customize Your Transportation Needs.

You can tailor your transportation to suit your needs with Kakao Talk. Whether it’s a large, upscale vehicle or multiple taxis for a group, the app lets you effortlessly arrange the ideal solution, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey for everyone. Additionally, you can schedule your ride in advance, adding even more convenience to your travel plans.

No Haggling over the Fee

In addition, Kakao Taxi gives you a fee for the ride up front based on real-time data and the meter. Accordingly, I haven’t seen much deviation between the quoted and actual price, which is excellent. As a result, the transportation app is a great tool to have in your duffelbag. Always stay safe—verify your license plate and destination before entering the car.

Although it is not required to tip, a recent update on the app allows you to tip the driver after the ride.

Can’t Drive?

It is important to remember that you are considered drunk with 0.03 percent alcohol in your bloodstream. This is Korea. Many businesses do not have parking, or it’s inconvenient, or not near the metro. These are perfect examples of when to use a taxi service like Kakao Taxi’s Driver service.

Use the app to hire a driver to drive you abd your car back home safely.

Download the app today. And check out some of the other ways you can use the Kakao Taxi app.

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Kakao-Taxi-App-519x692 Kakao Taxi App: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Rides

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