Do USFK Military Personnel Need a South Korean Registration Card?

Do USFK Personnel Need a Registration Card?

Alien Registration Card or ARC Card Instructions

Do USFK personnel need a Registration Card?  Formerly called the Alien Registration Card or ARC Card. The simple answer is no. Military families stationed in Korea do not need a Registration Card to live here. But you should probably think about getting one anyway.  Here are 9 reasons why.

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How Do I Get a Korean ID Card?

The application process for United States Forces Korea personnel

1. Gather the following documents: lease, orders, DOD ID card, and passport (with valid A-3 Visa/SOFA Stamp for non-active duty members).

2. As of April 4, 2016, you can make a reservation online for anything to do with the immigration office. You can also walk-in during regular business hours, but it may be busy.

3. You will need a color passport photo, but if you don’t you can use the photo booth at the immigration office.

4. You’ll also need to complete the Integrated Application Form. Here are the Kakaomap directions to the Daegu Immigration office.

5. 30,000 KRW, additional cost if you opt to have it mailed. You can also pay 5,000 KRW for a printed certificate if you need proof of your registration card on the spot.

The actual card will be issued about a month later. You can opt to have it mailed or pick the card up in person. There is no age limit for applying for a Registration Card and USFK personnel are exempt from any obligations incurred by other foreign nationals.

Why Military Personnel Should Get a Registration Number

While the resident card is not mandatory for military personnel, it may be useful. These are some of the things I have used it for:

1. The ID Card is necessay when opening a Korean bank account;

2. Registering your lease agreement with the local Ward office;

3. In order to Register your cell phones in Korea you will need a registration number. You will need to complete the necessary forms with your cell phone provider so you can register for loyalty programs.

4. Once #3 is complete, you can install the QR Code App in Kakao Talk and Messenger;

5. Ordering food (Coupang), household goods, and clothing off the internet;

6. As a substitute for a passport when checking into hotels and airports– bypassing the long lines when reentering South Korea;

7. Loyalty programs, commonly referred to as points at the malls, Innisfree, coffee shops, DAISO, Costco, and many other places you shop. This can add up to some serious savings;

8. Some sellers (most notable appliances) require it to do business with them;

9. And in the very near future, we will be able to include vaccine information to help facilitate travel around the region.

Note– the immigration office in Daegu has moved. It is a 18,000 ₩ taxi ride away. There is parking if you have a car, but the most accessible and affordable way to get there is using the metro.

Take the red line at Hyeonchungno outside gate 6 to the end of the line at Ansim. Take exit 2 out of the station, cross the street on the left habd side of the street and walk 3 blocks. The immigration office is on the left.

Go to the office to the right on the ground floor.


345, Innovalley-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu

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