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Live Like You're on Vacation

#SoftLife Living Like You’re on Vacation Everyday

It’s simple really. Make your home someplace you’d write home about. Why not live like you’re on vacation all the time? I decided to bottle the energy and vacation state-of-mind for use when I got home. To enjoy every day at least as much as my latest trip. After all, the majority of our lives are not spent on vacation. And if we’re not enjoying each moment, what’s the point? 

is istanbl safe

Is Turkey Safe for American Tourists?

Is Turkey Safe for American Tourists? I hope so. Because we are going there for a couple of days later this month. And I’m really excited to see some of the things I missed on my last trip. But politics in Turkey, like many places around the world, is relatively unstable right now. So, it makes since that we keep vigilant and ask the question before and not after we go.

The House Special at Darband

Experience the Signature House Special at Darband Bar & Lounge

A hookah, also known as a water pipe, features a bowl for holding tobacco, a pipe, and one or more hoses for inhaling the smoke. Available in various sizes and styles, hookahs are popular worldwide for their leisurely smoking experience. Many enthusiasts argue that smoking from a hookah offers a more relaxed alternative to cigarettes. However, this raises the question: Are there any drawbacks to this method compared to cigarette smoking? Intrigued by these considerations, I decided to explore this further by trying the House Special at Darband, a well-known hookah lounge.