Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Are you PCS to Daegu? I created this Daegu Off-post Apartment Guide so you would have information about off-post housing, housing options in Daegu, amenities, schools, and the city of Daegu. I remember when we learned of our PCS to Daegu South Korea. Here is a ton of options, with pictures, for American style apartments in Daegu.

Daegu Housing Guide

Are you PCS to Daegu? I created this Daegu Off-post Apartment Guide so you would have information about off-post housing, housing options in Daegu, amenities, schools, and the city of Daegu. I remember when we learned of our PCS to Daegu South Korea. The first thing I felt, after the shock, was curiosity. I wanted to know about the housing and overall life in Daegu. I called housing and they told me we were not assigned housing. So I googled housing in Daegu and found nothing. Here is a ton of options for American style apartments in Daegu.

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10421434_957918394239024_2467677994204316711_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
  1. About this Guide
  2. Keep These Things in Mind
  3. PCS info to Daegu
  4. Starting the Apartment Hunt
  5. What You Should Know
  6. Close to Camp Walker
  7. The Camp Henry Area
  8. Skirting Downtown
  9. North Daegu
  10. Sueseong Lake
  11. Downtown Area
  12. Final Thoughts

Scroll to the bottom for a link of all the approved real estate agents in Daegu.

Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Apartment and Housing Guide for Americans in Daegu South Korea

This guide includes travel tips, ideas and advice, and an inside look at off-post housing and where to rent in Daegu South Korea. With pictures, descriptions of amenities, services, and personal opinions on moving to Daegu and hunting for an apartment of our own.

The following is my experience hunting for an apartment. It is no way reflects the opinions or experiences of my spouse, the United States military, or anyone else seeking housing in the Daegu area.

How to Use the Daegu Off-post Housing Guide

PCS to Daegu South Korea

  1. Please be aware that all the apartments I saw were privately owned and may not reflect another unit, price, or fittings in the same building.
  2. The following post is for PCS to Daegu South Korea informational purposes only. I don’t expect everyone to have the same expectations or opinions about living in Daegu.
  3. I would, however, welcome your constructive comments as far as services, amenities, and experiences you may have had or questions you have about anything that follows– positive or negative.
    1. Examples of what’s constructive? Are the utilities high? Are the walls thin? Is there good communication with the housing office? Is there a good restaurant in the neighborhood? Can you get AFN in the building? Is your apartment on the school bus line?
  4. We have NOT received, nor shall I accept any compensation for this article from any real estate company or homeowner.
  5. I didn’t think I would have to say this. BUT I am NOT a real estate agent. These are the apartments I looked at when I arrived.
  6. IF you have specific questions, don’t bury them in the tons of EMAIL I receive, place your comments, questions, or concerns in the comments below where they can help me and others who probably have the same question or concern. I’d like to help with your PCS to Daegu South Korea.
  7. The Daegu Off-post Housing Guide is my personal impression of what I saw and should not discourage you from renting in Daegu. I compiled this guide because I couldn’t find any information when I PCS to Daegu South Korea.

Click HERE to check out the popular Daegu Cafe and Sandwich scene.

Daegu-panarama-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
View from the living room of K Park Apartments

For the top 10 fun things to do in Daegu, click HERE.

Apartment Search in Daegu

Our PCS to Daegu South Korea

It didn’t take long to understand why realtors won’t talk to you until after you’ve actually moved to Daegu and had your housing briefing. I highly recommend both spouses attend the briefing as there is a lot of information disseminated and four ears are much better than two. The Daegu Rental market is competitive. There is a finite number of apartments and realtors are vying for the business of civilians first, and military second.

Q: Why is our (military) business regarded less highly?

A: Because DOD Civilians pay their rent YEARLY, not monthly and that’s a huge payday for both the realtor/ homeowner.

apt-search-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
The living room of You Need Apartments

The Housing Options Available

American-Style Apartments in Daegu

The search for off-post housing starts with a real estate agent. All of them have an office just outside of Gate #4 of Camp Walker. That’s where we met Sunny a few hours after our housing briefing. She was (and still is) an outspoken person. Some people love her, some don’t. I’m in the former camp– she is AWESOME.

Daegu may seem large at first, however, it’s quite compact when it comes to housing since most of us live in buildings considered “modern” and appropriate for US personnel. You are less likely to be shown in traditional Korean apartments unless you ask for them. I said that because, while Sunny didn’t find us in our current home, she did find one of my friends home on the first day out early this week. She had her inspection yesterday, signs the lease this afternoon, and move in on Monday. Btw… another friend had just moved out of that apartment the week before and Sunny helped her find that apartment too. You get the idea. I saw a lot of apartments, but not all of them. And I didn’t bother to take pictures of a few of them because they didn’t meet the criteria I set for my search.

  1. Within walking distance of cafes and shopping
  2. Modern kitchen, relatively new construction
  3. On a high floor with a nice view
  4. An onsite gym. That’s it, pretty simple, right?

I don’t pretend to be an expert. I just wanted to put a few pictures on the Internet to give future spouses like yourself an idea of what a 4-bedroom apartment looks like here in Daegu.

Apartment-Hunting-in-Daegu4-683x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

A Few More Tips About the Daegu Off-post Housing Guide

Screen-Shot-2018-11-26-at-1.37.26-PM Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Close to Camp Walker

Hillstate Apartments

I loved the interior. This was the first house we saw at around 1700 sq ft, was 5 minutes away. It’s a great location for off-post housing. Hillstate is a beautiful building very close to Camp Walker and was dead on the budget at 1.9 mil Won, 4 bed/ 2 bath but was on the 5th floor and offered only a partially obstructed view of the city. It only had one elevator, but it did have a second kitchen area to cook things like fish (which will be called the kimchi kitchen) and beautiful dark built-ins. However the furnishings did not make up for the size, it felt small.

Living-Room-Hillstate-Apartment-Search-in-Daegu-South-Korea Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
Kimchi-Kitchen-Hillstate-Apartment-Daegu-South-Korea-Apartment-Search Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
Bathroom-in-Hillstate-Apartment-search-in-Daegu-South-Korea Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Close to Camp Henry/ George

You Need Apartments

The price was right. You Need Apartments was way under budget at 1.5 million Won. I think it was also the smallest one we saw at less than 1300 sq ft a spanking brand new apartment with 3 bed/ 2 bath apartment on the 21st floor with a view of the other tower and two elevators. It’s simply too small but very convenient for Camps Henry and George.

Kitchen-e1456661063443-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
Bathroom-1-e1456661114866-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
Livingroom-2-e1456661016611-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

World Meridien

The layout was nice. The Meridien is located just outside the gate at Camp George, making it very convenient if you have school-age children. Unfortunately, that was the reason it didn’t appeal to us. We didn’t want to have a constant reminder of having the military post or a school so close by. Otherwise, it was a beautifully appointed apartment that had just been updated.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-29-at-10.00.29-AM Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Screen-Shot-2016-02-29-at-10.01.43-AM Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Skirting Downtown

Hyperion Apartments

The largest master bedroom. The 2nd apartment we saw was called Hyperion. It had 2200 sq ft. Slightly over budget at 2.1 million Won, it is large for off-post housing. 4 bed/ 2 bath, 2 elevators. There is an amazing view from the 26th floor of a building close enough to downtown to enjoy. But without the traffic woes. The way this apartment was designed gave us views (and light) from 3 sides. It had a second kitchen area (and refrigerator) to cook things like fish and a huge, walk-in closet. Hyperion has great security and two gyms. On a side note, we tried to put this under contract but were denied in favor of a Korean family. We were told the owner was a new renter and felt more comfortable with a Korean family even though he received less money.

kitchen-1-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

20150419_150753-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
walkin-closet-e1456657134681-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
bathroom-e1456657214911-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
Master-Bedroom-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

K Park Apartments

The best view. We saw our K Park apartments we saw with our third realtor. It was a beautiful building. It’s a 4 bed, 2 baths on the 12th floor of a 27 story building, 1700 sq ft for 1.65 million. It’s very nice, but not exactly what I am looking for. I think K Park has the prettiest kitchens and the best view of all the apartments I saw because there isn’t a tall building near it, that’s also the problem. It seems a bit far away from the action. But it is on the school bus line and the highway makes it an easy commute to work. There is an indoor and outdoor play area for kids.

kitchen-3-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

kitchen2-2-e1456658374233-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
bedroom-e1456658320836-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Trump Towers

It has an indoor pool. Trump World… yup that crazy guy with the bad wig… owns/ or more than like sold his name to a 42 story building here in Daegu. We saw a 4bed/ 2 bath apartment on the 10th-floor that’s looks good on paper and in the pictures but lacks the WOW factor and location of the apartments we’ve already seen. This apartment had linoleum floors, laminate wood, and faux marble flooring. And in Trump fashion it has lots of amenities you pay extra for. Trump is one of the only buildings with an indoor pool.

kimchi-kitchen-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Livingroom Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
bathroom Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

North Daegu


It has a lot of square footage, probably one of the largest in this Daegu Off-post Housing Guide. I hadn’t seen the Prugio apartments until recently, but they are really nice. Although they are a little further from Camp Walker and Camp Henry, they are more convenient for those who have to commute to Camp Carroll. Located off the highway, it cuts off 10-15 minutes from their commute time. And the 4-bedroom apartments are huge.

The apartment I saw has two built-in refrigerators and freezers eliminating the need for a loaner from the housing office. It also had the cutest little indoor-outdoor space, a walk-in closet in the 3rd bedroom. The Prugio has 3 underground parking levels and two elevators servicing the 28 floors of rental space. Although the 4th bedroom is more like a study just off the master, it is very spacious and was located on the school bus line at the time I saw it.

3-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

2-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

1-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Suseong Lake

Park Dream

We looked at a pretty 4bed/ 2bth apartment in the Park Dream located in the Suseong Lake area. Tenants preparing to move in a few days and a bit over budget at 2.2 million Won but a COMPLETE MISS on the lack of view. I will not spend two years on the 3rd floor with a parking lot and grassy hill view… it was dark too even with all the lights on in the middle of the day. However, the area is awesome– tons of shops, cafes, and bars. If I didn’t want to live downtown, this would be my next favorite location. I wish I could take the chandeliers with me!!


1st Apartment

11165277_947748935255970_664859513015682024_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
11159457_947749051922625_7284880206767844188_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
11221365_947749035255960_5198407405844573753_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

2nd Apartment

lake-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
bathroom-e1456922092660-576x1024 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
kitchen-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Highville Apartments

By far the best kitchen I saw. I just saw the most beautiful apartment that made me question my decision. You say, why Stacey, why are you still looking at apartments when you’re set to move on May 28th? Because anything could happen and I don’t want to burn bridges with the other realtors I’ve been working with until we sign the contract. The building could burn down, the landlord could die or we could find something better.

Luckily it won’t be the latter and way over budget too… no view. I didn’t PCS to Daegu to look at a parking lot. It’s only on the 5th floor but the materials were too die for. The OMG kitchen had all that custom stone, glass tile, and finishes. Had it been higher and looked out over the city, we might be canceling our inspection. Unfortunately, the rest of the apartment didn’t live up to the kitchen.

10423687_951879064842957_6409976563767073477_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
10423729_951879438176253_990101590789681181_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
11165219_951879298176267_6879203671745456025_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
10501788_951878978176299_8415699571004477307_n Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide


Miso City Apartments

My Apartment search in Daegu is Over– I’m Home!

Daegu Off-post Housing Guide is proof living in Daegu is great. And the downtown location can’t be beaten for off-post housing. Ok, so today I’m already over the apartment we didn’t get. Because we found one that’s not even listed yet– Miso City. And it’s beautiful but 100,000 Won over budget, but it’s located downtown on a high floor, 4bed/ 2 baths. Our apartment has a great view… of the Hyundai mall on one side but great views of downtown and the mountains beyond. Great light, three elevators, and 5 levels of underground parking. And the finishings are beautiful too. The marble and wood floors that are heated, wood paneling, pretty wallpaper, and marble walls. And a great walk-in closet too.

I love the indoor/ outdoor space which will be perfect for my wine barrel. It’s smaller than many of the other 4bed apartments because of its location and being next to the mall with the excess traffic will be an inconvenience. Miso City also has access to a lot of shopping at the Hyundai Department Store as well as a variety of restaurants, bars, and entertainment right outside your window.

Here is the post I wrote about our move to Daegu and the apartment in Miso City and the extensive recycling efforts in South Korea.

duffelbagspouse-travels-miso-kitchen-1024x576 Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
miso-dr Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
miso-foyer Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide
miso-terrace Daegu Off-post Housing and Apartment Guide

Final Thoughts
Evaluating Daegu Off-post Housing Guide

Are you interested in which apartment we chose? Take a look at My Little Apartment in South Korea. We’ve been here for over a year and we love it.

Once you’ve found the apartment you like, let your realtor know and get the paperwork started. However, keep in mind that other people may also be looking at the same apartment. And/or your first offer may not be accepted. Good luck. Your PCS to Daegu South Korea will be a lot of fun and with the right apartment, you will enjoy it even more.

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  1. We are going to Camp Walker in a few months and I was a little nervous about what to expect. I am so glad I found your blog. There is so much information here about living in Daegu and I have a better understanding of what our life will be like in South Korea.

    1. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing how much the city has changed over the last few years. Safe travels and check out some of my other posts. Please share and subscribe, I’d appreciate your support.

  2. We are moving to Daegu early next year, so it’s nice to see what kind of off-post housing is available because I don’t think we are going to be living on Camp Walker. There are some beautiful options in the city and they are way more modern than I anticipated.

    1. Hi Vanessa. We are both moving to Daegu around the same time. I am looking forward to getting deeper into the culture this time, possibly picking up more conversational Hangul. Please reach out when you get there so we can hook up.

  3. Thank you for this very informative blog. I would also add that Kakao Map helps me on choosing the location of the apt/houses, bus stop and subway station. We only have 1 car and it’s a big help to know if there’s a nearby subway station or bus stop. Now I can go to wherever I wanna go without our POV. Goodluck to all the apartment hunters.

  4. Hello,
    I am PCSing to Daegu in January, I have been looking at the off- post apartments, before I continue to view these apartments is there a certain rank and family requirement in order to request off post housing. I am bring my family with me. We are really considering staying off post

  5. Hello! We just arrive to Camp Walker/Henry and we are about to start our apartment hunting. I was wondering if you have any contacts or realtors you could recommend? Thank you!

    1. Mine list might not be accurate— housing will give you an updated list of agents, I can just tell you my favorite.

  6. Hello I am going in a few months and i have so many questions!!!! Like is a bed provided? or do i bring mine? XD is a dining table provided or do i bring mine? WHAT DO I BRING!!! HELP!!!! XD.

    1. Hi Deydey, I thought I uploaded my packing list a long time ago. I will do that now. If you send me your email address I will send it to you. Yes, I suggest you bring both your beds and your table. Housing will provide both if you prefer but the beds are extremely hard and the furniture is utilitarian but very ugly.

      1. I have a last minutes assignment to Daegu. I’m a single officer and I have no idea what to bring as I’ve heard that I will be staying off post. Can you please help. Thanks

        1. Hi Wendell,
          The apartments are smaller so don’t bring a ton of things. If you have a particular question– I can help you better. I do say– bring your bed with sheets. The beds over there are very hard. Make sure all the electronics you bring are dual voltage. Don’t bring a ton of things to hand on the walls– often they are concrete, wallpaper or paneled. Leave things like your grill or patio furniture.

          1. So I’m thinking of bringing my queen sized bed my sectional couch dining room table computers desk and clothes one TV with stand. I may favor a two bedroom as I have a long dresser for clothes

        2. You should be fine with this. The only problem you might encounter is with your sectional and the elevators. Some buildings only have one and it’s small. So small that lowrise buildings actually deliver furniture with a crane.

  7. Your post is awesome and really detailed! It really help me out to immagine what to expect. I’m really excited about this next duty station but I’m the same time I’m kinda worried now cause we actually own 2 dogs (one is a German Shepherd) and I’m terrified from the heights ? I wonder if there’s any kind of off post solution with a small piece of garden or with a doggies area. Right now we live in an off post housing in Italy. We are in a decent big apartment but with a big common garden for the dogs. I wonder if there’s some solution pet friendly ?

    1. Hi Sheila, I am so glad you are getting a chance to visit Daegu. I loved it there. It’s only my opinion, but if you can leave your dogs with friends or relatives, you’ll be better off. Having one dog can be difficult, but having two large dogs may be impossible to find housing on the economy. In addition, Camp Walker has built high rise towers to house the entire camp and they don’t have yards/gardens.

      1. Hi Sheila, well as a pet parent of two large pooches(Yello Lab-97#, Australian Shepherd-60#). I can tell you it’s an adventure with the high rises and smaller spaces for our big dogs, but if you are like us we love them and make it work because they are our furry kids. As was mentioned there are two highrise buildings up, no definite dates as to when people will begin to reside in them. “Currently” new comers are going to be moved in as they arrive (once they actually start populating them). The building are currently listed as lower enlisted to E6(again they could change that to one and one again). The best suggestion I can give you as a pet parent is contact a pet relocator. There is a FABULOUS website “Flying Pets Korea-free advice” and a great guy by the name of Leo Mendoza that can give you a lot of information on getting youe furry babies here. Another MUST you have to grab a hold of your SPONSOR. Having large pets your incoming UNIT will have to know you have them, are bringing them and WILL NEED ASSISTANCE IN GETTING FROM THE AIRPORT TO FINAL DESTINATION, unless you are able to have some one like Mr. Mendoza assist you in getting them moved around. Daegu is a great place to live, we’re 1 1/2 hours from the ocean, we’ve got beautiful mountains and a really big city all around us. If you have any other questions we’ve got a couple sites on Facebook that you can check out.

        1. Hi Rosemary– thank you so much for helping Sheila out. I love you guys for being so helpful and supportive!!!

  8. Hello!! I enjoyed reading your post so much.
    I am an accompanied wife …. who was desperately looking for a nice house once…
    and now I am a realtor near Camp Walker and I recommend my customers to read your pose 🙂
    Nice pictures and lovely description.
    I really appreciate it 🙂

    If I can help anybody who is coming to Daegu
    please let me know! I’d love to assist you all the way!! <3

    1. Jenny, do you have any contact info? We are PCSing to Daegu very soon and have started browsing apartments.

      1. Good luck on your apartment hunt Brose. You can also contact Mr. Lee, my broker when you get there too.

    2. Hello, my husband and I are moving to Camp Henry this June and I’m wondering if I can get any suggestions on who to contact when we start hunting for apartments? I’ve always love this post and I always catch myself going back to it everytime I want to picture what it would be like when we finally move there. We are dual military on our first PCS and would appreciate any guidance 🙂

    3. Hello Jenny,

      I will be accompanying my husband to Daegu and am interested in buying an apartment in Suesang-gu – preferably in the Cheesan-dong or Bumeol-dong area.

      Are there any apartments you could recommend in the locations stated above in this email?

      Please, email me with your recommedations.

      Thank You,

  9. Is there anyone with experience moving a family to Daegu with unaccompanied orders? My service isn’t willing to provide command sponsorship, but I’d like to explore taking my family regardless. Is on-base school available? How about medical care – the clinic is space-available, so how is the medical care off post?

    1. Hi Daniel. I knew a few people who were not sponsored and they were able to use the facilities on a space available basis. But, I also posted your question on my FB fan page @facebook.com/duffelbagspouse and we’ve received a few responses there, so take a look at it. If you aren’t already a fan, I’d appreciate it if you liked my page. Thanks for your question, it’s an excellent one, I’d like to explore more. Maybe you can write a guest post for duffelbagspouse when you get to Daegu– which by the way I think you will love.

  10. What was your experience having furniture moved in to the building? Did furniture fit in the elevator?

    How did you get started on finding realtors?

    1. We didn’t have any problems with furniture in out elevstors. But I dud hear a few people had problems with sofas if they couldn’t fit in the elevator or be lifted by crane.

  11. Its 17 OCT 2018 and I arrived to Daegu (Camp Henry) earlier today. Im staying in an off-post hotel that is sub-par, however i stumbled across this little blog of yours and OMG you have answered many of my questions already. I truly appreciate the time you took to educate us on the little things they may have been overlooked in apartment hunting.

    1. Hi Wilbert. Thank you so much. I too had some difficulty finding housing information when we moved to Daegu and thats why I wrote so much about our apartment search. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions and maybe I can connect you to the right people and information.

  12. Great post. I’m retired military and am going to Daegu as a GS employee. Do they have any larger single family homes similar to all the new large ones in Camp Humphreys. Would love one of those even if I have to travel about 20 minutes to and from Camp Henry.

    1. Hi Yuan. They are building new towers but the single family housing on post is not new. They do have single family or villas on the economy.

  13. Thank you for your detailed post! You are right, there isn’t a lot of info available for those of us coming into town. We’ll be in Daegu tomorrow and I enjoyed reading your blogs about what to consider as we look for apartments with our realtors.

  14. Hello,

    My Daughter is an Army CPT and single mom. SHe is boarding the plane in Seattle as I type this message. She will be working at Camp Walker. Any help you can provide with finding a place to live and getting a car would be great.

    I put her email and name on this post. I’m in Florida and talking to me would not help.

    I hope everyone was safe during the storm.


    Ken Duncan

    1. Thanks Ken, I too hope your daughter Sarah touches down safely. Make sure you forward my blog and fb page to her so I can answer her questions if she has any. I can definitely give her some real estate recommendations. There are several places she can get a safe “beater” too.

    2. Hi Ken, I will be working with your daughter at the base. I am also a single mother. Could you have her email me. She is in a email group that was sent by Mr. Clark. I would love to talk to her more and see how everything is going. Still waiting on my orders. Can’t wait to meet her. 🙂

  15. Hi DBS, I was just selected for a position on Camp Walker (civilian) and wanted to know about the washer and dryers situation. This will be my second time in Korea, pretty familiar how the off-basing housing works. I have looked at some places just to get a feel of what to expect and didn’t really notice anything for washers and dryers. Further up north around Humphreys, they have more modern style homes and apartments, do they have any in Daegu? I wanted to see if I need to bring my w/d or keep it in storage. Thanks again for posting this info. 🙂

    1. Hi Bluu, thank you for finding my blog. I love knowing I’m not writing for myself and people are actually finding something of value here. Are we talking about a 110v or 220v? My personal opinion is that no matter what, you should leave your w&d in storage. If you are on post, they will provide you with a set. And if you select an off post apartment, they are also provided. If not you can borrow one from housing. Daegu’s housing is almost completed, if not already and they will be very similar to Camp Humphreys towers. I will ask my friends (over on my fb fan page) still there, whether there are laundry outlets or laundry rooms. I truly hope its the former and not the latter.

  16. Thanks for this information. I am accepting an offer as a contractor and will be working on base however, I will be responsible for my own housing. Do you have recommendations for a 1b apartment that allow pets? Something that is super affordable and centrally located to shopping areas? Thanks for any info.

    1. Hi Hope. I am very excited for you. I would love to be back there right now. I had so much fun and friends. I would check out Centro Palace, they are western style. I’m not sure if they have 1br, but its super convenient and affordable. Come back and let me k now where you end up, ok? If you want the number to a real estate agent, let me know.

    2. from my fb fan page– Mike Calloway David Jeong, a realtor with Kool House in Daegu, showed me 5 Apts in the area that allow dogs. I’m not certain about 1bs but it might be worth reaching out to him directly at 010-8557-8507 or visiting the Kool House websight: I just took a look at their website and you can look at several of the available apts in the area or use the navigation tool to send the team ideas on what your needs are. You can also include a special note regarding your need for a petfriendly building so they can be aware of that when providing guidance…Best of luck!

  17. I am a civilian accepting employment with my middle school child. I will work on post (unsure of which camp as we are awaiting the contract ) and will not have an automobile initially. This is our first time living outside the US. She will be attending Daegu International School. Do you know of any apartments that are on that school bus route? We are expecting to arrive mid August 2018

    1. Not knowing the answer to this question completely, I found a great starting point by looking up the apartment buildings on the school bus route– Si-ji Prugio Apartment, Sa-wol Hwaseong Park dream, No-byeon World Merdian, Man-Chon Hwasung Park Dream. You’ll see I did look at apartments in the Park Dream, Prujio and World Meridien complexes, but not sure if these were the identical ones. Ask your realtor if these are available. In the meantime, I will ask my friends who are still in Korea and one I believe works at DIS if there are others on my Facebook page (I hope you are following) at Facebook.com/duffelbagspouse. Good luck on your move, its not as scary as it seems, and I have no doubt your family will grow from the experience. Make sure you search for activities to do on my blog– you’ll be coming in on the end of the summer festival season, but there are so many amazing things to do all year long. Thanks for your comment and support, let me know if I can help with anything else.

      1. Awesome!! Thank you so much for the information. Its so exciting and overwhelming. Im so glad i ran across your blog and I am subscribed on FB! Thanks for addressing my question! Information is keeping me calm and more excited than anxious. Im ready for the experience and will be asking questions especially after I arrive. Thanks again, God Bless, and continue living your best life!!!

  18. DBS – Thanks for addressing the furnished apartment question. Your posts have been incredibly helpful.

    Look forward to anything that you find out.


    1. Hi Joe, I didn’t see any furnished apartments while I was there. I am not sure if they exists or I just didn’t see them because that’s no what I wanted. Check with the realtors when you get on the ground, they’d have more information. In the meantime, I will ask everyone I know.

    1. Hi Joe, I didn’t see any furnished apartments while I was there. I am not sure if they exists or I just didn’t see them because that’s no what I wanted. Check with the realtors when you get on the ground, they’d have more information. In the meantime, I will ask everyone I know.

  19. Wow, thanks for the blog! This is wonderful information!!! We have three small boys so we are looking for a place that has a playground and other kids around… with a “neighborhood” feel. Any recommendations?

    1. You will probably be better off on-post with 3 small kids if you’re looking for a neighborhood feel. Otherwise you’re in a high rise with a play park on the roof (K-Park and Miso City) and people coming and going constantly.

    1. Hi Calvin, I’m not sure, you might check out Hyperion. I think K-2 is near or at the airport, right? You can ask your realtor when you get there. Good luck, let me know i you have any other questions.

  20. Oh, I forgot a question… Are all the units furnished or unfurnished. I would love to have my things there since we do have fury Kids and well they are our kids and are allowed to nap next to us on the couch. Our two legged kids are throughout the country and all swear that we were stricter with them than with the dogs…

    1. There may be, but I didn’t see a single furnished apartment because we brought our stuff. You will need to ship your furniture especially your mattresses unless you like HARD ones from housing.

      1. Well now that we are here…..i coulf really use a Fairy Godmother. We’ve brought both our rather big pooches; 65# Australian and 105# Labrador. Would you recommend any particular realtors

        1. No, not really, not with pets in mind. Daegu is apartment living for the most part and the locals have small dogs, cats, birds for pets. The realtors do their best, but its the landlords who may have a problem with two big dogs. I do wish you luck. Ask about villas, they usually have some outdoor space where you can keep your dogs when the weather is good.

  21. WOW….I’m loving the kitchens in the apts. you showed. There is one little question about two rather big fury kids that will be traveling with us. We are bringing our two older dogs, there is one young one staying home with Grandma, and will probably forget our faces with all her spoiling… Did you happen to come across any locations that allowed dogs that you could recommend?

    1. On post there is no problem. I knew a few friends who had small dogs, even in my apartment building. If they are big dogs you may have some problems. But all the apartments are owned by landlords so its a hit or miss with that because its personal preference.

  22. Great info. PCSing to Camp Carroll in the summer. Looking for some realty companies I can check out now so I can get a head start on where I would like to live. Also does any of the apartments come full furnished?

    1. Thank you Joseph. Daegu is a very nice place, little out of Americans comfort zone but a manageable living, working and fun experience– if you take the time to appreciate it and get involved with the food, customs, culture and people. The problem is there is little information about off post housing until you arrive there. The real estate companies don’t like to get involved until you have boots not he ground because properties move so quickly. I worked with Mr. Kim and Summer at Prime Realty. His number is 01024351033. They speak fluent English and found our apartment and I referred several people to them. We even partied together from time to time and they supported me when I had an art exhibition. They are full service, they purchased things like light bulbs, translated mail and setup cable and utilities for us.

  23. Hello ?. This was extremely helpful. My husband and I are moving in 6 days. I now know where to start. I was wondering if bah in Korea is higher than it is in Seattle.

    1. Its available information, you should look it up. I hope you fall in love with Daegu as much as we did.

  24. Hi, love your blog! I googlesd so much stuff and I couldn’t find much but glad I found your blog. Moving there in 2018. Do you remember how much Prugio was? I tried looking up how much housing allowance but I couldn’t find that either. Do you know a website I can look on? It asked a zip code but since I’m not there yet I don’t have any zip codes.

  25. Hello My husband will be PCSing in Nov to Camp Henry. He will be by himself for the 1 year tour. I am hearing he will need to live off base he is a SFC is there anything that you know of cheap, small and close to Henry (like bike riding distance)? Also thank you for this blog it helps a lot!! Also I didn’t see but is the utility allowance usually enough?

  26. Hey! My husband is going to that area this year, we are hoping for command sponsorship too, he will be at camp carroll is there some of these or others that are close to camp carroll?

  27. I am heading to Daegu next month for a three year tour and I really appreciate the great apartment information you have shared in your blog. I am positive it will help me make a good decision. Thank you!

  28. Excellent Blog! And very useful. We’ve been in Daegu for a while now, and a word of warning to those who are “incoming”….it can happen that the apartment you’re in gets sold – and then you have to move (which is our situation). We have actually been living in a gorgeous apartment in Trump World (yes, I tried to avoid it…..but caved when we saw this apartment). Our current apartment is a large 4 bedroom (around 2600 sq ft), beautiful views from all windows, and balconies for every room! There’s a gym that’s included, and a gym/pool/spa that you pay extra for. Playgrounds on the 5th floor, as well as dog walking space and mini-golf. So sad we have to move. Oh, and the location is fantastically convenient, with a home plus, loads of coffee shops and bakeries, clothing stores, convenience stores, and Yellow line stops, all right downstairs (oh, and the best fried chicken ever too!). Having a hard time finding something that suits us better! Biggest challenge I have is finding apartments with balconies, I like gardening (my tomato plants are now about 6 feet tall!), and balconies give me that ability, plus they help to prevent that “closed in” feel that apartments can sometimes give you. Happy Hunting everyone!

    1. Thank you Caroline. I am sorry to hear your apartment was sold. I have known a couple people who had that happen to them and it sucks, especially when like you said you loved your apartment. I wish you luck on finding a new one, balconies are hard to find. You may want to look into villas too. Thanks for the information to include with the post, its very helpful.

  29. Wow. What a great blog! We will be moving to Daegu Summer ’18 and will surely be following you. This is by far the best resource I have seen! I’ll be passing it along to my wife so she can take a look as well! I appreciate the effort and professionalism you have in your blog. Thank you.

  30. Hi,
    First if all thanks for posting your experiences in Daegu. My husband is debating whether to reenlist for Camp Stanley or Walker. I wanted to ask did you come to Korea command sponsored and how long did the process takes? Also, we have 2 kids and a small dog. What do you recommend we should bring and what we could leave behind.

    1. Hi Deedee, thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate it and hope you are finding the blog helpful, subscribe and share the posts. I am command sponsored. Once he received orders, I began the process of getting CS. I had to have a physical and complete some paperwork. I want to say it took no more than a couple of weeks. Once you find out you have been approved, I’d call housing and see if they are putting you in housing or whether you have to live off post. Most people with small kids get housing at Camp George because its more convenient. But I prefer living off post. There are apartment complexes that accept small dogs and are also on the school bus line.

      I would definitely bring my mattresses, the loaners at housing are brick hard. Don’t bring a ton of kitchen ware or 110v electronics unless they are dual voltage– and unless you know you are going into Camp George housing, they have both voltages.

      The elevators and rooms tend to be small, so leave the really large furniture, I’ve seen sofas in the recycle areas because they wouldn’t fit in the apartment elevators.

      Don’t bring: Heavy artwork, oversized furniture, BBQs or patio furniture. Every wall in my apartment is either wood paneled, marble or wallpapered.

      Do bring: lots of linens and towels (they have cheap ones in the PX and the Koreans have awkward sizes), lamps, your car, spices you can’t live without, bikes, things that make you feel at home and your senses of humor and adventure 🙂

      Everything else is up to you. Feel free to LIKE me at http://www.facebook.com/duffelbagspouse. I leave a lot of quick tips there and you can also ask questions I may not know and my readers will gladly answer.

  31. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with all of us! I will be moving to Daegu sometime in May/June and was wondering if there is anything that you know now about your apartment that you wish you had known before. Do you still like the location? Is there another apartment complex that you have visited that would have been better? I seem to have similar criteria in apartment hunting…therefore, I was wondering if you had anything else to add.
    Again, THANK YOU for sharing your experiences with us!

    1. Hi Remy. Thanks you for subscribing to the blog and I hope you find a lot of stuff that helps you in you upcoming move. I love my apartment and the downtown location. The other apartment I almost chose turned out not to be in a convenient location. Our energy bills were low in the summer and in the winter, when everyone else was crying over them. I enjoyed being able to walk out of the door and shop, eat and have a glass of wine. Its a little busy because we are next to one of the most popular malls the city, but I don’t hear it, just have to deal with the traffic coming into and out of the parking garage.

      If I could have changed anything, I would not have brought so much of my stuff and I had to store a lot of it. I would have brought 3-4 sets of sheets and more towels and way less kitchen stuff.

      1. Thank you for the response! I have been reading your posts about other aspects of Daegu…THANK YOU for being willing to write all this information down. I am sure that for every positive response you get, there must be 20 others who really enjoy the blog!

        1. ♡Thanks Remy, its been a great experience so far. What I was asking is… did you just Google Daegu and find my blog? 😉

          1. Hi again, sorry for the late response. Yes, I just happen to google Daegu and click on your link. It was purely accidental….but I am lucky that I did!

  32. I have never been in Korea but we are planning to go there one day. Since, one of our friends moved there and also got married there with his Korean gf. He lives in apartment just like all these, they look gorgeous and modern.

    1. Thats so much fun. There’re two distinct different kinds of apartments here. Korean traditional and western. As an American, the realtors I dealt with only showed me one or two traditional apartments, they are definitely not as nice as these.

  33. Hi duffelbagspouse !!

    Great Post !! I really appreciate, and we love to stay in apartments.It’s been nearly a year since we moved here to Daegu. It’s been quite an exciting experience to say the least. Moving is stressful enough, but relocating overseas brings up a plethora of tasks that needs to be accomplished in order to have a smooth transition.

    keep sharing !!
    Warm regards

  34. I keep coming back to read. It helped a lot in making the decision to accept a position in Daegu. It looks like we’re going to be heading there in about 2 months, once all the paperwork finishes up, my wife accepted a civilian position. We’re pretty excited now 😀

    I have a question for you, when you were looking, are many apartments westernized (with western outlets) A friend in seoul mentioned her apartment was. I was expecting to just dump all my little kitchen appliances but if there’s a chance some may work, it might change my plans. I can’t figure out the washer and dryer scene either. Are they in the apartments or do they have hookups? Western appliances don’t work correct? I can’t find any information on dryer power cables, though they run at 220 already, (50 hz, 60hz? I dunno)

    1. That’s quite the compliment. Thanks. I have not personally seen any apartments with 110V outlets here in Daegu on the economy. You can purchase a transformer for some small appliances, like crockpots and blenders, but sometimes they don’t work as well. I do hook my Christmas tree up to a converter during the holidays, but otherwise I use all 240V appliances. Bring your lamps, you can plug them into a adapter that costs about a dollar if you use a 240V light bulb.

      1. On the subject of transformers, a lot of the realtors provide them when you rent (our apartment came with 8 larger transformers – the size that can handle a tumble dryer). We only purchased a handful of small ones for the little gadgets. It is important to turn your transformer off when you’re not using it though.

        1. Yeah, they can be expensive depending on what you use them for, and yes, they are supposed to be included in the apartment.

  35. Thank you for your post and the pictures. My children and I will arrive in Korea in two weeks and I am really interested on your experience with Sunny. I have been in contact with her and she has told me, she found me a couple of apartments on my price range. I am looking more for the driving convenience since I shipped my car to Korea and also the majority of my furniture. Also, I am a little concern about the commute for my girls. is it save while they are waiting for the bus. what about trying to get off post housing I was told by my sponsor that the installation prefer for soldiers to stay on the post housing. however, I saw the picture of the apartments on post and was a little disappointed with the lay out and the space. I am not to much about the view but more about the interior of the apartment. I am sure my experience will be different, but your input and the pictures have been of great help. Looking forward to your reply.

    1. I cannot comment the Camp George apartments. I haven’t even been in one, but I hear they are small and dark. As far as the kids are concerned. I haven’t heard of anyone not feeling safe letting their kids wait for the bus to come, but you know you’re kids better than anyone. Most of the apartments are on the school bus line, but that wasn’t always the case and you should definitely check before you lease any apartment. You’ll love Daegu, its a big city with a small community feeling. Make sure to like my fb page at http://www.facebook.com/duffelbagspouse and feel to post questions there too.

  36. Thankful for your blog! We’ll be moving to Korea again in August. We lived in Weagwan the first time we were there. So excited to live in Deagu this time!

    1. Thats awesome and thank you for your support. I don’t know much about Waegwam, but I think you’ll like being in Daegu much better.

  37. Greetings Stacy,
    I echo everyone else when they say how glad they were to have found your blog. I have subscribed to your blog after living vicariously through your experiences. My family and I will move to Area IV in August and I am already dealing with anxiety on finding housing. I have two girls who will attend middle and high school so location is everything. However, if we are unable to live on post We love to live and a central part of the city to experience Daegu and all it has to offer. Sorry to be long winded but I was really wanting to meet you but it look like you might be gone by the time we arrived. Thank you for your blogs!

    1. Thank you for reading and subscribing. And yes, we’ll still be here in August, so I look forward to meeting you too. Good luck on your move and hose hunting… you guys are going to love it here!!

  38. We found the time of year also plays a role as we moved here in January, went to the realtor the day after we arrived (we also used and liked Sunny), and in three months there were maybe five places that were open for viewing. Two of those were extremely outdated but not bad I guess, one was far, and the other was being sold/bought so wouldn’t be ready for rent until a couple months. Sunny ended up calling all her contacts to find us a place BUT the landlord only wanted to rent to a Korean wife, even though my husband is Korean-American. We had to interview with three people before they even let us view the place. And then we had to wait almost 3 months to sign the lease.

    In the meantime, other expats with Korean wives called up the landlord offering him even more money for the apartment if he leased to them. Thankfully he turned then down but I have no idea if us being DOD had anything to do with that. Long story short, we got the place, but so much drama over an apartment! This year we re-signed our lease without any issue (thank goodness) but we were worried because our landlord talked of selling the unit.

    Another thing to note is to negotiate for amenities if possible. We have friends that were able to negotiate for a Korean fridge and new dishwasher. We didn’t want to press our luck too much but Sunny did get us the extra gym membership (available at an additional monthly fee) included add part of our lease.

    1. Absolutely!! We saw a lot of apartments because we didn’t share lodging with kids and we weren’t in a hurry. But there was a time during that search that we only saw one apartment per week and we lost one to a Korean family as well. Timing is everything. You also made a good point about bargaining for amenities and services which I will include. We did that with expanded cable (with American movie channels) and a third air conditioner (for our bedroom), they also pay for our light bulbs which are expensive if you use the low energy ones. I really appreciate all your comments and I am glad it turned out well for you and your family. Make sure to subscribe and come back again soon.

  39. Thank you for the insightful post, I have been searching for months for something like this! My husband arrived yesterday and I will be joining him in a couple of weeks. I know you recommended a few places in regards to Camp Carroll, but right now we are trying to decide if it is better to live in Daegu or closer to Carroll. Do you think it is feasible for him to commute to and from Carroll from Daegu? We heard the traffic at night can be awful?

    1. It is feasible. Traffic is bad in the city. Many people commute… but it is really about personal preference. There are some nice places near Cp Carroll too. The only drawback bedides not having access to the city is if you have school age kids? If so their day will be very long, the schoolbus leaves Cp. Carroll around 0630 to get them to school on time.

  40. We will be looking for apartments in the next two weeks in Daegu. This was so helpful! THANK you so much!! )

      1. Greetings! I keep going back to your blog. I had a question. Were there a lot of apartments fully furnished available for rent? We are debating on what to send to Korea, we are not sure how much we will need as far a furnishings are concerned,but if we can get fully furnished that might be better for us. Thank you !


        1. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any fully furnished apartments. You can however borrow furniture from housing fir the length of your stay.

  41. I absolutely enjoyed this read. We will be moving soon, and I would love your help if you’re still here.

    1. Just let me know when you arrive Shenae, I’ll be here. Make sure you subscribe and like my fb page too for updates.

    1. Trust me I saw a couple duds too. In hindsight I should have taken pictures of those too. I hadn’t planned on doing an article like this.

  42. One thing I would add is all apartments in the same building are not the same. I live in K Park and our apartment is different than the one you pictured. I also have a friend in Trump World and her apartment is beautiful (much nicer than K Park). One really nice thing about K Park is it’s a central location for families that work on Carroll but have kids in school or the CDC. It takes me 25 min to get to Carroll, 15 to Walker, and 25 to Henry/George. Thank you for putting this together. I wish it would have been available before we moved and have often thought of doing something like this.

    1. You must have missed it, but that was the very first thing I said too. Thanks for commenting, I wish had had something like this too.

  43. So glad you were here before I arrived made it very Easy for my Family and I !!!! Love good people sharing there knowledge ?

  44. Thanks for the awesome info! All those apartments look awesome and I am looking for a high finish kitchen with good master that’s near a school bus route. Hopefully we’ll get lucky when we get there in the summer!

    1. The kitchen was key for me too. I didn’t mind a little less space as long as the finishings were nice. Good luck!!

  45. This post was so extremely helpful! We will be PCSing to South Korea soon and this helps ease the anxiety!

    1. Thank you, make sure to subscribe for updates and like my Facebook page for quick tips about life here in Daegu, travel and more.

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