Your One-Stop Shop: Full-Service Real Estate Agents in Daegu

Full-Service Real Estate Agents in Daegu

A Unique Blend of Tradition and Service Away from Home

The phrase “full service” truly earns its weight here in my experience. My comprehensive real estate agent, a customary figure in the landscape of Daegu, distinguishes himself with one unique perk – the delight of our monthly rendezvous, where he manages my, or more accurately, my husband’s funds. This is a far cry from the US model, where real estate agents parade a selection of properties before you, eagerly claim their fee upon your choice, and then vanish from the scene. But in Korea, the real estate narrative unfolds quite differently, promising comprehensive real estate services and a more engaging relationship with your agent.

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20150812_122708 Your One-Stop Shop: Full-Service Real Estate Agents in Daegu

Full-Service Real Estate Translation Services

It took us a minute to realize his first name was Lee and the last name was Kim, but he answered us every time, no matter what we called him until we got it straight. Mr. Kim is a nice guy who goes through our Korean mail, translating it, separating what is important from the junk mail, he talks to the cable company, gets clarification from the building management and owner, helps us with our gym memberships. He still helps me with the appliances, orders our water, and supervised the installation of a third air conditioner, paid for by the owner.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Thank goodness, otherwise, we’d be sleeping in the living room instead of in our master bedroom. He even got the owner to reimburse us for the lightbulbs that blew out shortly after moving in. I didn’t ask him to, but when it was casually mentioned, he said “Those bulbs are expensive. Yes, they are, I said, four bulbs cost us about 40,000 Won or roughly $35. But this was a condition of the Comprehensive Real Estate Services he provided.

Convenience Services

And today, he helped me find a light bulb for the night light I wanted to place in the hallway of our apartment. I couldn’t find this little, stupid Christmas tree-like bulb anywhere. I’d stopped into lighting stores, ordered what I thought was correct one Amazon and searched the aisles at all the home goods stores, but hadn’t seen this bulb in a 220v variety.

empty-apartment Your One-Stop Shop: Full-Service Real Estate Agents in Daegu

Selecting an Apartment and a Realtor

So I stopped into his office this afternoon with the bulb. He smiled and said, no worries, he’ll take care of it. AND he did, 30 minutes later. He called and said he had two bulbs sitting on his desk whenever I got a chance to come to collect them. No charge. Knowing that these little things take priority tells me I can probably count on him when it really counts, too. Imagine calling your full-service real estate agent in NY or DC and telling him to find you a light bulb.

With all the above in mind, it’s very important to pick a realtor you feel comfortable with and trust because the relationship will last the entire length of your contract. If you read the whole apartment search ordeal, you know I was a little reticent about our deal, but two months later, I’m happy we chose him and this apartment.

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Full-Service-Real-Estate-Agents-in-Daegu Your One-Stop Shop: Full-Service Real Estate Agents in Daegu


  1. Rick East

    We’re at Camp Humphreys and PCSing over to Camp Walker looking for a apartment walking distance to Camp W., plain to be there in 3 weeks.

    Rick East

  2. Calvin A Washington

    What’s the name of Mr kim real estate company? He sounds like he’s a trust worthy individual.

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