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Discover Daegu, South Korea with our travel tips. Experience vibrant markets, historical temples, and beautiful parks. Enjoy local cuisine, rich cultural heritage, and exciting activities. Make your Daegu trip memorable with our detailed blog posts and recommendations.

Hiking the Daegu Trails: Apsan, Gatbawi and Palgonsan Mountains- featured image

Hiking in Daegu, South Korea: Apsan, Gatbawi, and Palgonsan Mountains

Daegu offers a variety of captivating hiking trails, with three standouts: Apsan Mountain, Gatbawi on Palgonsan Mountain, and Gumi Mountain. Apsan Mountain promises lush landscapes and rewarding panoramic views, Gatbawi features Buddhist statues along a cultural-rich trail, and Gumi Mountain offers breathtaking vistas and a challenging ascent. These trails contribute to Daegu’s vibrant hiking scene, catering to outdoor enthusiasts with diverse landscapes and difficulty levels.

Cafe Myunwha order

Seolhwa- Myeonggok: Cafe Hopping to the End of the Red Line in Daegu

Have you ever taken the metro to the end of the red line here in Daegu? Me neither, but I was curious. The red line is one of three metro lines in Daegu and the closest line near my house. So today, we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to go cafe hopping using the metro—taking it to the end of the red line in both directions—Seolhwa/Myeonggok today and Ansim tomorrow—to see if we can find a couple of pretty cafes to visit without getting in the car. This journey along the red line promises not only charming cafes but also a unique exploration of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. As we embark on this adventure, let’s uncover Daegu’s hidden gems and vibrant spots, all conveniently accessible via the red line.

MIES Container Building

The Ultimate Daegu Food Lover’s Guide to Suseong Lake

Living in Suseong is awesome because there are so many cool cafes, bars, and restaurants to explore. Whether you’re craving local dishes or international flavors, you’ll find it all here. Check out my top picks for delicious eats in the neighborhood, and if you’ve been to any of these spots, share your thoughts in the comments! Let’s dig into the best food Suseong has to offer, from diverse cuisines to mouthwatering BBQ joints.