Looking for a Late Night Cafe: Madeleine Apsan Cafe in Daegu

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There are a couple of cute cafes within walking distance of Camp Walker’s gate 6, but none of them stay open past 10pm until now. The party doesn’t start until 9pm at Madeleine Apsan Cafe located on Cafe (7th) Street– it’s a great option for yummy coffee and a late night sweet treat.

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Madeleine-Apsan-Cafe-tarts-519x692 Looking for a Late Night Cafe: Madeleine Apsan Cafe in Daegu

Formerly– Number the Stars Cafe

A recent transformation has turned the Madeleine Apsan Cafe into a bakery cafe located in the Apsan district of Daegu. It’s important to note that the cafe is not a new construction; it used to go by the name “Number the Stars Cafe.” I was quite familiar with due to the numerous DIWA (Daegu International Women’s Association) meetings and events we held there over the past few years. However, it has recently been acquired by the Madeleine franchise.

Yesterday, I decided to pay it a visit. And I must say, they have done an impressive job with the updates. The changes include refreshed furniture, new seating arrangements, and an improved selection of bakery items, all of which have significantly enhanced its aesthetic appeal.

The Decor Changes at Madeleine Apsan Cafe

The building itself remains largely the same, with three floors and a rooftop, offering a variety of seating choices for both groups and intimate gatherings. However, during a previous visit, I noticed that the air conditioning wasn’t functioning properly; instead, numerous floor fans were in use, which seemed to only circulate hot air.

Under the new management, some noticeable changes have been made. The staff has removed the celestial art display that once occupied a significant portion of the ground floor. Furthermore, the staff has replaced the long bench on the second floor with a new seating arrangement.

With expansive floor to ceiling picture windows overlooking Apsan (and the large parking lot). The light in the cafe is flattering day and night. Inside, the rough, industrial concrete walls and ceilings create a striking contrast with the polished concrete floors inlaid with colorful streaks. They make a memorable first impression.

Still a Work in Progress

I did notice that the power plugs along the concrete columns were not functional last night, but unfortunately, I forgot to inform the staff about it. Additionally, the cafe offers various seating options. There is intimate sofa seating, group tables, and a spacious raised work table equipped with power outlets.

As of now, there is no seating available on the rooftop. Nonetheless, the view from up there is quite delightful, and I hope that in the near future, they will consider introducing some creative additions to make the rooftop area even more appealing.

The Bakery

The Madeleine franchise has earned renown for its bakery offerings, and the Madeleine Apsan Cafe upholds that reputation. Their menu boasts an extensive array of bread, cookies, cakes, tarts, and various baked delights. During our visit, we opted for a lemon and pecan tart, as well as an alligator pastry. While all three were delicious, the alligator pastry proved a tad oversized and overly sweet for my liking. So I couldn’t finish it. If you’re a bread enthusiast, this cafe offers a wide variety of bread options to satisfy your cravings.

Late Night in Apsan

We got to the cafe at around 7:30 p.m. after dinner. It was around the same time when things started picking up. We had to be mindful of getting back to Camp Walker Lodging before gate 6 closed at 10 p.m. Interestingly, the cafe stays open until midnight, which is quite unusual for the Apsan area. Plus, it’s got a big parking lot. That makes it a great choice if you want a place to study or unwind after work. Or simply step out of Camp Walker Lodging for a few hours at night like us.

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LATE-NIGHT-AT-MADELEINE-APSAN-CAFE-519x692 Looking for a Late Night Cafe: Madeleine Apsan Cafe in Daegu


Madeleine Apsan Cafe 
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