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Explore beautiful Instagrammable cafes in places like Thailand and South Korea. Find tips on must-visit spots, capturing stunning photos, and enjoying unique atmospheres. Make your travels memorable with our guide to the most picturesque cafes in these vibrant destinations.

Stacey at Grand Rapids Mural- featured image

Grand Rapids: Urban Elegance: Cafe Culture and Architecture

Grand Rapids wasn’t on my radar, but this picturesque urban landscape is full of Victorian, Gothic Revival, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco styles. Beyond its architectural allure, Grand Rapids boasts cozy cafes like Madcap Cafe on Brianna Taylor Way, where we indulged in a leisurely breakfast, basking in natural light. Additionally, Grand Rapids pays tribute to its influential women through “Women’s Way,” a collection of murals scattered across the city that artfully highlights the stories of prominent local women. Grand Rapids is a city that seamlessly combines urban development with the beauty of the natural world.

Cafe Myunwha order

Seolhwa- Myeonggok: Cafe Hopping to the End of the Red Line in Daegu

Have you ever taken the metro to the end of the red line here in Daegu? Me neither, but I was curious. The red line is one of three metro lines in Daegu and the closest line near my house. So today, we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to go cafe hopping using the metro—taking it to the end of the red line in both directions—Seolhwa/Myeonggok today and Ansim tomorrow—to see if we can find a couple of pretty cafes to visit without getting in the car. This journey along the red line promises not only charming cafes but also a unique exploration of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. As we embark on this adventure, let’s uncover Daegu’s hidden gems and vibrant spots, all conveniently accessible via the red line.

Brianna Taylor Way in Grands Rapids

Driving Solo Across Canada: Rochester to Grand Rapids

We’re finally on the last leg of our drive across America to visit family. And today, I am driving from Rochester to Buffalo and across Canada to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The drive covers most of southern Ontario, and between today and tomorrow, the drive will take me past 4 of the five great lakes. Today, the drive straddles parts of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Lake Superior is the only lake I won’t see on this road trip because it is the northernmost and westernmost of the Great Lakes of North America. The Peace Bridge is located near the center of downtown Buffalo, New York, and Fort Erie, Ontario, separated by the Niagara River. It was one of the most scenic bridge crossings I’ve ever done.