Cafe Hopping around the City of Gwangju South Korea

Lieful Cafe palm trees

During my trip to Gwangju, I explored the local cafe scene. Korea’s unique cafes are famous for cool themes and designs. Here are my three favorites: Plan B Cafe, Lounge OIC and Cafe, and Lieful Cafe. Don’t miss these spots!

6 Great Cafes to Get a Great Coffee in St. Louis

St Louis Chelsea Coffee seating

Regardless of the amount of time you have, sitting down with your laptop, inhaling the aroma of freshly roasted beans, and sipping on a piping hot latte or an ice-cold Americano has become a cherished pastime for many of us. If you find yourself in this category or youโ€™re simply passing through the area, consider exploring some of the coffee in St. Louis.

Cafe Tims: The Heart of Suseong’s Vibrant Alpha City

Cafe Tims mint lemonade, iced Americano and tiramisu- featured image

Alpha City in Daegu, South Korea, is experiencing an exciting cafe boom. New cafes and restaurants are opening left and right, energizing the whole area. Swept up in the buzz, Steven and I just had to check out a cozy dessert cafe in this lively Suseong district. It was the perfect destination for this week’s cafe-hopping adventure.

Stay Classy Cafe: Elegance Beyond a Cup of Coffee

Stay Classy Cafe piano view left- featured image

Stay Classy Cafe in Gyeongsangbuk is a delightful departure from the ordinary brunch spot. Envision a serene location with a glimpse of the Geumho River, nestled in the tranquil countryside. Upon entering, the sophisticated interior defies its rural surroundings. A grand crystal chandelier gracefully hangs above a striking electric blue baby grand piano elevated on a platform.

Road Trip to The North Cafe in North Thailand

North Cafe wine bottles- featured image

Have you ever made a lunch break on a road trip that is almost as memorable as the destination itself? That’s exactly what happened on our road trip to Chiang Dao in northern Thailand. On the way to our hotel in Chiang Dao, we pulled onto a side road in the middle of nowhere. That’s when we discovered the absolutely stunning North Cafe.

5 Pretty Cafes and Coffeehouses in the Quad Cities


Embarking on our first coffeehouses in the Quad Cities, Steven and I chose Vibrant Coffeehouses and Kitchen as our destination. Housed in a spacious warehouse-style setting, the coffeehouse offered a delightful array of coffee, desserts, salads, and sandwiches. The reasonably priced avocado toast, priced at $4.95, stood out on the menu, and the experience of ordering in the States without breaking the bank was a pleasant surprise.