Seolhwa- Myeonggok: Cafe Hopping to the End of the Red Line in Daegu

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Convenient Connections: Navigating Daegu’s Metro for a Unique Cafe Experience

Have you ever taken the metro to the end of the red line here in Daegu? Me neither, but I was curious. The red line is one of three metro lines in Daegu and the closest line near my house. So today, we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to go cafe hopping using the metro—taking it to the end of the red line in both directions—Seolhwa/Myeonggok today and Ansim tomorrow—to see if we can find a couple of pretty cafes to visit without getting in the car. This journey along the red line promises not only charming cafes but also a unique exploration of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. As we embark on this adventure, let’s uncover the hidden gems and vibrant spots that Daegu has to offer, all conveniently accessible via the red line.

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End of the Red Line– Seolhwa/ Myeonggok

Metro Magic: Exploring Daegu’s Cafe Scene Along the Red Line

The initial destination of our metro cafe-hopping escapade, “바람이불어오는곳” or “Where the Wind Blows,” was unfortunately closed for personal reasons. Undeterred, I allowed the gentle breeze to guide me to the next spot on my list just two blocks away. That’s the great thing about living in South Korea. There’s always another coffee shop in the neighborhood.

Cafe Munwha

Cafe Munwha, a roastery with a DIY theme, boasts a cozy ambiance adorned with wooden crates, concrete blocks, and tables crafted from reclaimed wood. The roastery section is uniquely decorated with wine crates and fairy lights, featuring a corner adorned with a full-sized tree boasting large pink flowers. The seating options cater to both groups and intimate pairs, with a distinctive half-moon table as a focal point. Trust me, if I could that table would have come with me too when I left. It was a big part of the cafe’s decor. The cafe’s earth-toned color scheme was also welcoming. It featured olive green, beige, and a dark blue accent wall, provides a warm atmosphere. For those desiring privacy, there’s a designated room for group meetings at the back. However it was a bit dark and prefer light and a view when I visit cafes.

Check out this beautiful floral-inspired cafe called VERS Gardenhouse Cafe located in Seoul.

The cafe’s menu offers an array of coffee and specialty beverages, with highlights such as the persimmon smoothie—a thick, smooth delight with a perfect hint of sweetness, thanks to a whole soft persimmon. The music selection leans towards English RnB, contributing to a relaxing ambiance. Billowing white linen drapes cascade from the ceiling, complementing the polished concrete walls and floors. Cafe Munwha, while not a bakery, offers standard pastries and notable treats like the externally sourced lemon madeleines, balancing sweetness and tartness. The diverse lighting, a mix of low, mid, and high, enhances the homey feel in this spacious setting, illuminated primarily by natural light from the front window and door. Conveniently located near the last stop on the red metro line, the cafe features ample parking and attracts a diverse clientele of both older and younger patrons.


Cafe Munwha (커피문화)
17, Biseul-ro 506-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

대구광역시 달성군 화원읍 비슬로506길 17

Cockscomb Cafe

Cockscomb Cafe (맨드라미) is just a 7-minute walk from Coffee Company. It’s located on the second floor of bank building. I popped in hoping for a late brunch, but they were all out. Bad luck, I guess. So, I grabbed a grapefruit drink, my current favorite, and began the search for where to get a quick snack. It was almost 3 pm, and I was pretty hungry.

The place feels different from the Coffee Company. It’s got a farm-like feel with some duck decorations, wall cabinets, and lots of light colors. It felt like a homey grandma’s living room. The tables are a mix of glass, wood, and wicker, and there’s a variety of chairs including wicker, sofas, and metal ones. The big table in the middle stands out, and there are pots of roses and lavender everywhere. They seem to like duck decorations here. The lighting comes from some hanging lights, and while you can’t plug in your phone or laptop at your table, they have a charging spot near a window.

Paris Baguette

I walked across the street to Paris Baguette for some pasta after leaving. The cafe is a chain, but they offer some reliable snacks, coffees, and a line of frozen meals. After selecting a pasta, the staff warmed it in the microwave while I took a window seat. It was yummy and the perfect size for a late lunch. You don’t have to take the metro to the end of the red line to visit Paris Baguette. They are conveniently located all over the city.


Cockscom Cafe (커피문화)

대구 달성군 화원읍 화암로 76 2층 (우)42959지번화원읍 명곡리 136

2nd floor, 76 Hwaam-ro, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (ZIP code) 42959
Address: 136, Myeonggok-ri, Hwawon-eup

Forest Love Cafe

The last cafe at the end of the red line I visited before catching the metro back home was the Love Forest Cafe. It was evident from the start that they weren’t accustomed to hosting many foreign visitors, but the owner was incredibly sweet. Love Forest Cafe (숲사랑카페) is a charming neighborhood café located just up the stairs from the Seolhwa/Myeonggok metro station. The café is adorned with an enchanting forest theme, featuring a major centerpiece—a life-size tree with lush green leaves at the center of the space. This unique decor adds a touch of magic to the ambiance. Alongside the captivating setting, the café offers a delightful selection of traditional Korean sweets, coffee, and teas. The warm atmosphere and distinctive decor create an inviting spot for both locals and tourists, promising a cozy escape into a truly magical world.


Love Forest Cafe (숲사랑카페)

대구 달성군 화원읍 화암로 10 (우)42957지번화원읍 설화리 556

10 Hwaam-ro, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (ZIP code) 42957
Address: 556, Seolhwa-ri, Hwawon-eup


Riding to the end of the red line was fun. I highly recommend exploring the city via the metro, especially utilizing the monorail. It is an affordable and fantastic way to experience the city without the concerns of traffic or pedestrians. Don’t confine your explorations solely to cafes; consider exploring museums, parks, and shopping through this convenient mode of transportation. Please let me know if this post proves helpful. And I’m also eager to read about your personal adventures in the comments below.

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