Brunch at La Mia Emily

Brunch at La Mia Emily

Brunch at La Mia Emily, a pretty hanok style dessert cafe in the heart of the city, serves western-style breakfast. I can see La Mia Emily from the window of my living room. If you are looking for it, it’s located in a low lying area between Hyundai Department Store and Miso City Apartments in downtown Daegu. It’s a respite in the city to gather with friends, take a break from shopping, and enjoy an American style brunch from 11-1 every single day of the week.

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IMG_20170323_093745 Brunch at La Mia Emily

Brunch at La Mia Emily
What is a Korean Hanok?

A hanok is a traditional house in Korea some of which are hundreds of years old. It’s safe to say that La Mia Emily is not that old. Hanoks typically use raw materials like soil, timber, and rock– all-natural and recyclable products found in nature. Hanok’s have curved tiled roofs (Giwa), wooden beams, and stone-block construction.

20170323_073607 Brunch at La Mia Emily

20170323_073950 Brunch at La Mia Emily

The Courtyard at La Mia Emily

The cafe is located in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by fruit trees and tons of flowers. We opted for a table in the sun because it was a gorgeous spring day. You can also sit under an umbrella one of the indoor rooms decorated in shabby chic/ Victorian style decor.

20170323_074149 Brunch at La Mia Emily

Vintage Clothing at La Mia Emily

Follow the stone pavers to the entrance past a display of vintage clothing for sale. The cafe also sells vintage clothing, accessories, and the decor they display.

20170323_073751 Brunch at La Mia Emily

20170322_011359-1 Brunch at La Mia Emily

What’s on the Brunch Menu?

Brunch is served from 11-1 pm daily and costs 11,500 Won per person. Brunch at La Mia Emily includes eggs (cooked your way or scrambled with/ without bacon), hash browns, sausage, and bacon, tossed salad, toast or bagel, fresh fruit, and your choice of coffee or juice. Today we had sliced bananas and oranges. Merline enjoyed an Americano and I had a caramel macchiato under a blue sky and a comfy blanket.

I don’t eat pork, so I asked the manager if he’d consider putting chicken or beef sausage the menu and he smiled and said he’d have it next time I visited. The cafe also provides velour blankets to ward off against the current chill in the air.

20170322_010440 Brunch at La Mia Emily

20170322_010343-1 Brunch at La Mia Emily

20170322_011833-1 Brunch at La Mia Emily

20170322_010810 Brunch at La Mia Emily

BRUNCH-AT-LA-MIA-EMILY-2-519x778 Brunch at La Mia Emily

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