5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

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The Best Bars in Daegu have great food and some are breweries with craft beer, wine, and cocktails too.  They are great bars for non beer lovers, too. Luckily, the 5 Breweries listed also have great food and some even have cocktails which makes them great bars for me too. DISCLAIMER I don’t drink much beer, but my husband and friends do. I wouldn’t say I like it unless its the fruity variety. I learned what I know about beer because the process is so similar to the process of making wine– which I do love.

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duffelbagspouse-travels-daegu-beer-bars-shoreditch 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

It wasn’t until a few years ago that beer in Korea was pretty uninteresting. Now, some of the best bars are in Daegu. All you could get was OB, Cass or Hite and a limited number of exports like Budweiser, Heineken or Corona. But all that changed in April 2014, when the government loosened restrictions that had prohibited microbreweries from operating because they couldn’t match the mandated volume production quota. Now, there’s a real trend for microbreweries in the country, and the beer options have greatly increased. Many establishments have jumped on the bandwagon and “Craft Beer Sold Here” are hung wherever there is space to do so. But don’t be confused; they’re are some crappy craft beers out there too.

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The Craft Best Beer Industry is Growing in Daegu

You may rate them differently– based on beer might be a great way to go. But here is a list of my TOP 5 favorite breweries based on the beer, the availability of cocktails and wine, the food menu, the atmosphere and the location. There are some delicious ales, stouts, and even IPAs (my hubby’s favorite) that you should try. Do you like a brewery NOT on this list? Tell us about it in the comments below. Here are my top 5 best bars in Daegu.

Etohs-tequila-sunrise-sm-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-9.48.57-AM 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer Baqus

Baqus has the best view.

I love Baqus. It’s one of the best bars in Daegu. It’s owned by a few young guys and was the first craft brewery we found when moving to Daegu. Not only does Baqus serve delicious beer, but it serves yummy cocktails and the best gorgonzola pizza I’ve had since moving to Korea. It is located on the main strip across from Suseong Lake and has both indoor and outdoor seating. I love sitting at the counter (when its warm), interacting with the people as they stroll by. The crowd is young, mostly Koreans. The music is pretty good, accompanied with projected videos on the back wall. Location: Suseonggu Way, Suseongmot 16 Opens up at 4pm, but seating is limited.

11263120_956916594339204_3895546374382372170_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer
During the summer, the window is a great place to people watch and see the goings on on the lake.


10731157_959983947365802_3447417589491070808_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer
The gorgonzola pizza may be the best I’ve tasted in the city.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-9.49.28-AM 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer Taps Premium Draft & Singlemalts

Taps has two locations and the largest food menu.

They serve great fried chicken, shrimp balls and salmon salad. It also has the largest menu for beer and cocktails. It is located on the same street as Taps and Platinum. The crowd is mixed: couples and groups of both guys and girls. Again the crowd is mostly younger an Korean. They have a large screen where they stream music videos, an electronic dart board and a really lively mix of both Korean and Western patrons. The location is great because you can bar hop between Taps, Platinum, Percent and even Shoreditch Brewery, which is good, but didn’t make the last because it’s on the expensive side. It’s near the Centro Palace area of Daegu. Taps has a second location in Suseong Lake. Locations: Namgudaebonglo 26 gil 33 Suseonggu Way, Suseongmot 16. 053.766.5505 Facebook.

12743981_1096400700390792_3798638258020649563_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

12744629_1096400630390799_7977398586043270780_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

12729111_1096400747057454_2680850490818492997_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-9.49.45-AM 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good BeerPlatinum Craft Beer

Platinum has three locations and the Best Beer Prices.

They have two downtown locations and one in Suseong Lake. You can choose from: Belgian White, Brown Ale, English Ale, Platinum Irish Cream Stout, Morphine 8.4, Oatmeal Stout, Pils and Wheat. All the locations allow you to bring your own wine (or Soju), however, the Suseong Lake location usually carries sparkling wine (Dada). The food is very good and all three locations offer different things. The Suseong Lake location has a delicious BBQ chicken and/or sausage platter during the summer months, grilled right there on the rooftop of the building above Cafe The Med. They serve a variety of items ranging from chips to entrees. The crowds range young to old, but are still mostly Korean although we did meet a young French couple on holiday there last summer who we’ve kept in touch with. The Lake location has been there for years, but the two downtown locations just opened last year and one moved down the street a few weeks ago. Both are newly renovated and staffed with great people. Locations: 3F Beomeodong 26-11 Suseonggu-gu Jongno 1-91-1 Jung-gu Website 053.253.6835.

Etohs-tequila-sunrise-sm-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer
20160304_225224-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

11750711_990307711000092_6084782655553459383_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

duffelbagspouse-travels-Platinum-Beer-2nd-location-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

20160304_232400-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer


Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-9.50.01-AM 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer EtoH’s Drafthouse

EtoHs is a great place to meet other expats.

This makes it one the best bars in Daegu. It’s owned by an expat. You won’t have to know a word of Korean to have a great time at EtoH’s. They serve both beer and cocktails. It’s one of the new kids on the block, opening last April 2015. The bar/ pub serves thicker crust pizzas than the thin crust you find all over town as well as bar snacks. There is a large balcony with seating when the weather is nice and an inclosed smoking room when it’s not. It also has two electronic dart machines and an Internet based jukebox that you can log into and select from a large variety of music. Location: 2F Samdeok-dong 33-24 Jung-gu. Map and Facebook. 053.211.9385

duffelbagspouse-travels-Etohs-Exterior-sm-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

duffelbagspouse-travels-Etohs-Pizza-Couple-sm-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer


Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-9.50.24-AM 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good BeerPercent Craft Beer Pub

I Like the Owner.

And he knows and LOVES beer. That means something to me. Percent doesn’t serve meals or cocktails, but they do serve great beer and snacks like french fries and fried shrimp. It’s one of the Best Bars in Daegu. I don’t mind sipping on a Coke because the atmosphere is nice and is located directly across from Le Vin, a wine bar with a great selection of wine. But my favorite thing about this bar is the owner who is a riot. You can munch on nachos or pretzels and watch the parade of activity from behind the wall of glass during the window or folded away during the summer. Luckily, Taps and Platinum are just down the street, and we just ate at Cafes in South Korea which isn’t far either when you get hungry. Located in Jung-Gu, Daebong-ro 206 (Daebong-Dong 132-20). Visit their Facebook page. 053.252.6224

20160214_203346-1024x576 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer

12742684_1096400517057477_3523251848398812742_n 5 Best Bars in Daegu for a Good Beer


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    I know I’m not the only foreigner living in North Dageu ? So I thought it’s best to post my comment on your blog . Can you please help me find local bars/clubs in my surrounding area. I’m not one shy to venture out but always stopped at the entrance of a bar/club stating No foreigners or No Amercians allowed “?. Please help ??. Really don’t love the fact that I always have to take a taxi Downtown with my husband to laugh and have a good time ….. Any suggestions Dufflebagspouse will greatly be appreciated?

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    1. duffelbagspouse

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