Amazing Date Nights: Wine Bars and Romantic Restaurants in Daegu

Explore the romantic side of Daegu, South Korea, with our guide to delightful date night spots. Uncover restaurants where the focus is on intimacy. These establishments offer a blend of delicious flavors, subtle mood lighting, and a touch of elegance. Whether you prefer cityscape views or lakeside serenity…

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Get Ready for Valentines (or Galentines) Day in Daegu

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so let’s explore the romantic restaurants in Daegu, South Korea, with our guide to delightful date night spots. Uncover restaurants where the focus is on intimacy. These establishments offer a blend of delicious flavors, subtle mood lighting, and a touch of elegance. Whether you prefer cityscape views or lakeside serenity, these venues provide a backdrop that’s simple yet romantic. Join us as we navigate through some of my favorite cuddle hotspots. Put on your best and elevate your date night in Daegu with a visit any one of the following romantic restaurants in Daegu.

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Waglas Rooftop Wine Bar

For our 27th wedding anniversary, we chose the charming Waglas Rooftop Wine Bar in Suseong for a casual yet romantic restaurants in Daegu. The ambiance was perfect, creating a memorable setting for our celebration. Waglas impressed us with an extensive wine menu and delectable pork-focused dishes, including flavorful fried chicken wings with basil, a refreshing shrimp salad, and a satisfying chopped steak with a medley of vegetables.

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Opting for the Mcguigan Shiraz from South Eastern Australia proved to be an excellent choice, perfectly complementing our dinner with its rich and delightful taste. Waglas also stood out for its thoughtful approach to serving, pacing each course impeccably and allowing us to savor every bite without feeling rushed. The pre-reserved window seat offered a beautiful view of the lake, enhanced by the dim lighting and pleasing music, creating a wonderful atmosphere for our special occasion.

Waglas Rooftop Wine Bar in Suseong is an ideal spot for a cozy and intimate date night in Daegu, promising great wine and delectable food. Whether you’re celebrating or looking for a relaxed night out, Waglas won’t disappoint. Consider calling ahead to secure a window seat for an even more romantic dining experience by the windows with stunning views of Suseong Lake.


[KakaoMap] 와글라스
22, Suseongmot-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Today’s Wine Bar

Today’s Wine Bar also located in Suseong, Daegu, has become my top choice for romantic restaurants in Daegu. Nestled near the popular Poonawala, this one-story gem offers a versatile experience, fitting any mood – be it a quiet solo evening at the inviting counter-style seating or an intimate gathering with loved ones. The enchanting ambiance is heightened by a delightful menu, featuring pocket-friendly prices for delectable dishes like aglio olio pasta, making it a go-to spot for relaxation and enjoyment.

What sets Today’s Wine Bar apart is its well-rounded menu, seamlessly complemented by an extensive wine selection. The budget-friendly prices offer a range of options, from savory pasta to flavorful salads and tempting appetizers. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the carefully curated list, featuring an impressive selection with helpful descriptions to guide guests. While whispers of another downtown location circulate, for now, the cozy ambiance and delightful offerings of the Suseong establishment make it my preferred destination for the perfect blend of great wine and pasta on those cherished date nights in Daegu.


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3, Suseongmot 2-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Andalucia Bistro

In Suseong’s Beomeo area, Andalucia Bistro stands as a Mediterranean-style retreat for romantic date nights. This enticing spot welcomes you with an intimate ambiance. They focus on Spanish culinary delights, boasting an extensive wine list to complement the experience. Indulge in the flavors of paella and deep-fried croquettas, and sangria. Enjoy some tapas while seated in the cozy, intimate options provided. Or opt for a more secluded experience in their private room.

This is one of the few Spanish restaurants in Daegu, specializing in Andalucian dishes. They use fresh seafood. Andalucia Bistro’s charm extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s conveniently located near underground parking area ensuring a stress-free arrival. For couples seeking the perfect blend of Mediterranean flavors, an extensive wine selection, and intimate settings, Andalucia Bistro in the Beomeo area proves to be an ideal destination for a memorable and romantic evening in Daegu.

[KakaoMap] 안달루시아
90, Beomeocheon-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu


Spicing up our recent date night in Daegu, we ventured to Richard1010 for a taste of Mexican delight. Stepping into the restaurant, we discovered it was a special evening – Natalie and Edward were joyfully celebrating the one-year anniversary of their Mexican Wine Bar, a noteworthy accomplishment in these challenging times. Congratulations to the delightful couple for bringing a slice of Mazatlan, Mexico, to Daegu.

The restaurant is a mix of both locals and foreigners. Thus embodying the vibrant diversity we always look for. Our taste buds danced with joy as we savored the birria quesadillas. They resembled flat beef tacos with the comforting touch of homemade shells. As the sun set, we relished the ambiance through two floor-to-ceiling plate glass storefront windows while enjoying glasses of 7 Colores, a red blend of Carmenere and Cinsaut from Chile.

Beyond its delicious offerings, Richard1010 also shines as a great lunch spot for coworkers. However, the real magic happens at night when the ambient mood lighting transforms the restaurant into an even more enchanting setting. Thus becoming the perfect setting for a romantic evening with your bae. Note that parking is limited in this part of town, so I highly recommend opting for Kakaotaxi to ensure a stress-free arrival and departure.


33-53, Gukchaebosang-ro 142-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu

Blue Chicago

Located in the basement of the Eldis Regent Hotel, Blue Chicago Jazz Club sets the stage for an enchanting and romantic date night in Daegu. However, reservations are recommended for this mesmerizing live jazz experience downtown. Pay the 15,000 ₩ admission fee per person in advance, credited back upon arrival. The show commences at 8:30 p.m., offering two sets and a brief intermission to deepen the romantic atmosphere. Enhance your evening with a pre-show romantic meal and savor the club’s superb menu, featuring options like olio aglio shrimp pasta, mouthwatering bruschetta, and enticing cheese plates.

With a full bar offering an array of romantic cocktails and bottles, Blue Chicago Jazz Club creates the perfect ambiance. Its the spot for a delightful date night filled with romance. The club’s ambient blue lighting, speakeasy feel, and its location in the basement of one of the prettiest hotels in downtown Daegu contribute to the overall allure. Arriving at 8 pm, the club quickly reached maximum capacity, attesting to its popularity. As a result, Blue Chicago is highly recommended for its enchanting and romantic atmosphere. This Daegu hotspot operates from Tuesday to Saturday. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. with live romantic performances from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

When you’re done with the Romantic Restaurants Restaurants in Daegu, check out one of these amazing teahouses shops.

Galentine’s Day

All the above places are great romantic restaurants in Daegu you should check out. Whether you’re dining solo or celebrating with your girlfriends, these restaurants are also excellent choices. In addition, Andalucia Bistro has a private dining room that is perfect for groups.


[KakaoMap] Eldis Regent Hotel
2033, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu

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