Where to Stay in Chiang Mai: Empire Nimman Residence Hotel

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An Introduction to the Empire Nimman Residence Hotel

On our recent visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand, we found ourselves back in the vibrant Nimmanhaemin, or Nimman for short, area. Our chosen hotel for an extended stay was the Empire Nimman Residence Hotel. While it may not boast the fanciest amenities, its strategic location and comfort make it an ideal homebase after a busy day exploring Chiang Mai. Situated along Nimmanhaemin Road, the Empire Residence Nimman is conveniently located approximately 10 minutes from the airport. However, it might be too close because it’s under the flight path– you’ll hear planes overhead all day long. It’s also a mere 5 minutes from the historic Old Town. This prime location ensures that the hotel is easily accessible and provides a seamless connection to the city’s cafes, shopping, temples, and other popular attractions.

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We stayed in different hotels each time we visited Chiang Mai. The first one was the Sanae Resort, which was also off Nimman Road. We’ve also stayed at two hotels run by the same organization, Glory Wabi Sabi and Boutique Wabi Sabi. And while each of the above hotels was nice, we always look for a place that blends form and function. We decided to stay at the Empire Nimman Residence Hotel because this Nimman Hotel offered the above at a reasonable price.

Our Deluxe Suite Experience

Empire Nimman Residence Hotel

Nimman is renowned for its walkable streets adorned with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, shopping boutiques, bars, massage parlors, and spas. The lively atmosphere of the area adds a unique accessibility to the stay, you can’t find in other parts of the city.

We upgraded our reservation. Opting for the deluxe suite proved to be an excellent choice. The spacious suite came equipped with Wi-Fi, a comfortable sofa facing a large smart flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a kitchenette with a minibar. Including a gym and a balcony with captivating city and mountain views added an extra layer of comfort to our stay.

Thoughtful Amenities

One of the standout features of Empire Nimman Residence is the thoughtful provision of amenities. The hotel has underground parking, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those with their vehicles. Additionally, guests are treated to a complimentary hot breakfast with an impressive selection of 4-5 meal options every morning. The hotel goes the extra mile by accommodating specific dietary preferences, including preparing pork-free options. There is a small gym upstairs. However, if you don’t want to wake up early, don’t fret. There are many places to eat within walking distance of the hotel.

Minor Considerations

The hotel may lack a pool or spa. Occasional plane traffic is audible due to its proximity to the airport flight path. However, these minor inconveniences did not overshadow the overall positive experience. The negligible noise from passing planes did not disrupt the tranquility of our stay. After a few days, we barely noticed it.


Consequently, our stay at the Empire Nimman Residence Hotel was a delightful experience. The combination of its strategic location, off Nimmanhaemin Road, offers comfortable accommodations. Thoughtful amenities make it a memorable base for our exploration of Chiang Mai. This Ninman hotel is great for those seeking a balance between convenience and comfort. It’s in the heart of Nimman and is undoubtedly worth considering.

Link to Empire Nimman Residence Hotel on Google Maps

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