Where to Stay in Chiang Mai– Wabi Sabi Boutique Hotels

Glory Wabi Sabi and Glory Boutique Hotels

Glory Wabi Sabi and Boutique Wabi Sabi

I stayed at two hotels in the Wabi Sabi boutique hotels in Chiang Mai. We stayed at both during this 10-day in Chiang Mai. We’ve stayed at a different hotel each time we visited Chiang Mai. The Glory Wabi Sabi is where we stayed at first, then we upgraded and transferred to the Glory Boutique Suites Hotel because it was more our style. Here is my review of both hotels.

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The Common Areas & Breakfast

We arrived in Chiang Mai yesterday and checked into the Glory Wabi Sabi Hotel, a charming establishment constructed in 2021. The lobby is one large space that includes the lobby desk, a seating area with 4 hanging papasan chairs, a pool, and an indoor/outdoor seating area. Additionally, the breakfast area is part of this expansive setup. Notably, breakfast is served from 0630-1000 daily at both accommodations.

The Breakfast

The breakfast impressed us and ranked among the better breakfasts included with the hotel room rate. Moreover, the breakfast included non-pork options. Additionally, it even featured my favorite Northern Thai dish—Khao Soy. And you can’t help but love a breakfast spread with this delightful curry noodle soup. The hotel also provided made-to-order eggs, omelets, fresh salads, fruits, pancakes, fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, chicken sausages, and toast. It also offers refreshing fresh orange juice and coffee. We both left feeling satisfied.

However, the breakfast at our new hotel was very disappointing. We don’t eat pork, which is always in our hotel profile. The kitchen staff failed to examine our profile, so this morning’s breakfast was all pork. In fact, I had never seen so much pork in one hotel breakfast offering. The other hotel had a lot of non-pork options. We almost asked for a shuttle back there for breakfast, lol.

They apologized profusely, promising to have multiple non-pork options for breakfast in the future. They only half fulfilled that promise. And even then, the food was not that good.

The Room at Glory Wabi Sabi Hotel

The 4-floor boutique hotel embraces a design focused on minimalism. As for our room, 402, it is pretty compact. It includes an L-shaped sofa with a table on the interior wall. Furthermore, the table, much like the open hanging closet, tables, and bench, features medium-colored wood with a distinctive white wash finish.

The floors, walls, bed frame, and curtain valence are all uncolored polished concrete. I like polished concrete, but you must be careful not to hit your ankles on the bed frame, which encircles the entire king-size bed. The bed is very comfortable, with comfy overstuffed pillows and a feathery down comforter.

The bathroom is similarly designed with open storage. There is a window in the shower, and the bathroom is enclosed in black and frosted glass. The room’s color scheme exudes neutrality, featuring warm beiges, blacks, and white-washed woods.


11 Stadium Road, Tambon Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200

Glory Boutique & Suites Hotel

The Lobby and Common Areas

Although the Glory Wabi Sabi Hotel was excellent, we transferred to the upscale Glory Boutique & Suites Hotel the next day. The hotel is a year older, built-in 2020. However, it’s a no-brainer for an additional 200 Baht per night (or ~$5.60 per night). That’s about $56 for the entire stay in Chiang Mai.

The Glory Boutique & Suites is in the same neighborhood but offers an entirely different ambiance. It is approximately three minutes from the Glory Wabi Sabi Hotel (by car, supplied by the hotel). Upon arrival, the lobby’s classical integration of marble and upholstered furniture instantly captivates you. It captures a more traditional hotel lobby ambiance. In contrast to its sister hotel, the breakfast area and restaurant find their position behind glass doors, setting them apart from the single, expansive ground floor layout.

The lobby here is quite formal, but personally, I prefer the relaxed vibe of the minimalist hotel I mentioned earlier. Like the shared space at Glory Suites, the breakfast area at Wabi Sabi is more formal and tucked behind a closed door. However, you can access it whenever you like. On the bright side, they have a rooftop bar and pool to make up for it. And similar to the staff at Glory Wabi Sabi, the front desk team speaks excellent English, which frequent travelers never expect but always appreciate.

Coffee Cake Cafe

Now, when it comes to the restaurant staff, although they may not speak English, they are friendly. However, my biggest issue was the breakfast menu, which heavily leans on pork. There were several mornings where there was only one non-pork option, even after it was brought to their attention. Why would you serve 6-7 pork dishes at one time?

Furthermore, we were not informed that ordering a cappuccino from the cafe menu would incur an additional charge. While we did notice the menu, we mistakenly assumed it was meant for patrons who were not staying at the hotel. It wasn’t until we received the bill that it became clear to us. Fortunately, the cost of the coffee was not exorbitant.

The Sky Bar and Rooftop Pool

The Boutique Wabi Sabi boasts a delightful rooftop bar and pool, adding to its overall appeal. The hotel stands tall with six floors, providing fantastic neighborhood views. What’s even more convenient is their service availability from 5 p.m. to midnight every day. You can enjoy dinner along with a cocktail or two during these hours. They have a tempting 2-for-1 special, which I’m considering taking advantage of on one of these nights.

However, recent management changes have led to some confusion, mainly because the in-room menus haven’t been updated to reflect these adjustments. For instance, I saw a dish being served and attempted to order it, only to be informed that it wasn’t available. However, when I inquired at the front desk, they were able to accommodate my request without any issue, and it turned out to be the best thing they made. Nonetheless, I might not bother ordering it again. Additionally, I couldn’t help but notice that the prices seemed a bit higher than what I would consider reasonable.

The Room

The Room at the Glory Boutique is lovely and much more spacious with traditional creature comforts. It has a small balcony with a city view and the mountains in the distance. The room combines dark wood floors in the bedroom, black marble in the bathroom, and a claw foot tub. Yup, a claw foot tub with beautiful silver feet. And a window view.

The king-size bed has a dark wood frame extending to the marble table, a loveseat seating area, and another accent, like a bedside table and padded footstool at the end of the bed.

Final Thoughts

Neither hotel aligns perfectly with our needs. Despite their appealing exteriors, the internal amenities and accommodations fall short of expectations. Both the Sky Bar and Coffee Cake Cafe operate independently from the hotel, which can be convenient but doesn’t always work seamlessly. If you’re a pork enthusiast and don’t intend to spend much time in the hotel, either option might suffice. However, for my next visit to Chiang Mai, I will undoubtedly choose a different place to stay.


9 Changphuak 4 Kho Alley, Tambon Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

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