A Historic Stay: Experiencing the Hotel Saint Louis

A Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel

After nearly three years in South Korea, we’re back in the US! Our first stop was picking up our shipped car. We rented a car at O’Hare International Airport and embarked on the 4-hour drive to the distribution center and one of our favorite hotels– the Hotel Saint Louis in downtown St. Louis. As a boutique-style hotel in the Marriott Autograph Collection, it marries beauty and style with the perks Marriott Hotels are renowned for. For us, it’s the perfect blend of luxury, amenities, and convenience. We also love that it is located in a historic building built over a century ago, in 1893.

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The History of the Hotel Saint Louis

The Hotel Saint Louis resides in the historic Union Trust Building, constructed in 1893. Throughout its rich history, this building has seen various uses, housing a bank, a prestigious law firm, and a renowned department store. Just five years ago, it transformed, becoming the elegant hotel we know today. It has since earned a reputation as one of the most beautiful hotels in the heart of Saint Louis.

The Hotel Saint Louis is a captivating historic hotel that tells a tale of timeless elegance through its architectural design. As you approach the hotel, you can’t help but be drawn to its beautiful Art Deco design with intricate decorative trim and ornamental cornices. The building, all 16 floors of it, is a masterpiece of balance and proportion, with symmetrical towers flanking a 2-story main lobby, ballroom, and conference center. Inside, the lobby greets you with a stunning two-story stained glass ceiling, casting a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors on the ground floor.

The lobby is a class on symmetry. Heavy on the brass accents, the public space is open with multiple cozy areas in plush blue velour sofas and chairs, mirrored tabletops, and low, mid, and high lighting. It feels luxurious but balanced.

Outside, the stone and terra cotta exterior bear witness to sculpted designs that speak to the building’s historical significance. While the interior windows may not frame sweeping vistas, they generously allow natural light to fill the spaces day and night.

The Hotel Saint Louis boasts a full-service spa, a standout feature for those who appreciate indulgent spa treatments. This storefront spa is located on the ground floor and easily accessible inside the hotel. It’s a true delight, especially for travelers like me, who have experienced spa treatments in places like South Korea and Thailand.

Art Deco Decor

The decor inside and outside the hotel is Art Deco, one of my favorite design styles due to its decadent and highly stylish nature. It exudes glamour, a style that captures the essence of a vacation. It’s extravagant, not something I would necessarily attempt to replicate at home, but I do enjoy infusing my home with small touches of flair.

The Bedroom Design

The furniture in the room is substantial and features dark wood, complemented by abundant glass, mirror, gold, and brass accents. Upon entering the bedroom, you immediately notice striking focal points: floor-to-ceiling marble in the bathrooms, metallic gold and silver wallpaper, and a sizable black leather headboard adorned with studded Art Deco design elements. The lamps exhibit a touch of opulence with their gold finish and lucite construction, some boasting intricate carvings. A candelabra fashioned from lucite, suspended above the bed, takes center stage. It boasts six upward-pointing candles that cast intriguing shadows across the high ceilings.

Draped from floor to ceiling, heavy curtains echo the shape of the desk lamp. At the foot of the king-size bed, a lengthy gold bench complements the bed’s opulent aesthetic. Adorned with a sumptuous down comforter and four generously sized bed pillows, the bed promises a restful night’s sleep. Three brass pedestals grace the room, adding stylish elements to the ensemble. A footstool and a mirror-topped accent table accompany the high-backed Princess Anne chair. A library-style floor lamp stands beside them, perfect for a spot of bedside reading.

Record-player-at-Hotel-Saint-Louis-519x692 A Historic Stay: Experiencing the  Hotel Saint Louis

Picture Perfect

The room’s only artwork consists of two black-and-white pictures framed in black. Recognizable as the spiral staircase in the Vatican, this personal touch evokes fond memories, as it usually graces the walls of my own home. A massive black armoire with 14 substantial mirror panels reflecting the light from the windows. Behind it lies additional storage, the pod coffee maker, and the refrigerator. A large metallic-framed full-length mirror stands opposite the closet, a thoughtful addition often overlooked in many hotel rooms but, in my view, essential for a complete bedroom.

The Bathroom

The bathroom boasts an elegant white marble with intricate black, brown, and gold swirls, adding to its allure. What sets it apart is the presence of two showerheads and a spacious soaking tub, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience. A modern toilet/bidet combination automatically activates as you approach—an intuitive touch that never fails to amuse me. The bathroom mirror conceals a built-in TV with cable, making it convenient for catching up on the news or entertainment while preparing for the day. Overall, it’s a delightful bathroom, and I can’t help but appreciate the thoughtful amenities it offers.

20231003_175659-519x692 A Historic Stay: Experiencing the  Hotel Saint Louis

Attention to Detail in Housekeeping

With 142 rooms, including 53 suites (30 boast balconies), the Hotel Saint Louis caters seamlessly to business and leisure travelers. However, like any place, it’s not without its flaws. While I adore the hotel’s charm and design, there is room for improvement. One notable area for enhancement is the consistency and attention to detail in housekeeping, which, unfortunately, I found lacking during my stay.

1000051567-519x692 A Historic Stay: Experiencing the  Hotel Saint Louis

Complimentary Drinks

Everyone I met at the Hotel Saint Louis was terrific. From the doormen, the front desk staff, and the restaurant– everyone was accommodating, efficient, and knowledgeable. However, I never met the person who cleaned my room. And while it may be uncomfortable, it’s crucial to bring such matters to the attention of hotel management for improvement. A reputable hotel should treat guest feedback seriously and work diligently to promptly and effectively address service shortcomings. In my case, the management requested that we wait in the hotel bar while they attended to the issues, and they kindly offered us complimentary cocktails for the evening, which we gladly accepted. We hope that additional training will address this, and we won’t encounter this problem on our next visit to the Hotel Saint Louis.

Additional Amenities

We didn’t take advantage of the hotel’s bar and restaurant facilities like the spa. Make sure you visit Union30 on the ground floor across from the reception desk. It offers a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, there’s the sky bar, although it’s open only on Thursday through Saturday evenings. The rooftop pool provides a lovely backdrop to the downtown area.

I used the fitness center on the third floor, which is excellent. Early risers can enjoy a complimentary coffee bar in the morning, and you can enjoy fruit-infused water throughout the day.

For loyal Marriott customers, there are additional perks. If you’ve achieved a Marriott Platinum Membership, you can relax in the exclusive Adler Lounge. This secluded space offers complimentary continental breakfast, evening hors d’oeuvres, and a glass of wine.

But my favorite perk was the hotel robe in your room. It was not your typical white cotton robe, however. The robe was light gray, plush, and roomy enough to envelop me. It was the first thing I reached for in the morning and the last thing I touched before bed. I would have worn it 24/7 if I could have. My robe and I developed a deep bond that I decided not to share with you, dear reader.

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Hotel Saint Louis, Autograph Collection
705 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63101

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