5 Pretty Cafes and Coffeehouses in the Quad Cities


Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen in Moline, Illinois

Embarking on our first coffeehouses in the Quad Cities, Steven and I chose Vibrant Coffeehouses and Kitchen as our destination. Housed in a spacious warehouse-style setting, the coffeehouse offered a delightful array of coffee, desserts, salads, and sandwiches. The reasonably priced avocado toast, priced at $4.95, stood out on the menu, and the experience of ordering in the States without breaking the bank was a pleasant surprise. I love exploring coffeehouses, and I’ve found 5 of them I think you will also enjoy in my new city.

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Upon entering, we were greeted by striking open trestled ceilings painted black and adorned with a captivating mix of drop industrial light bulb pendants, chandeliers, and hooded pendant lights. The interior was bathed in natural light from five large skylights. Six red brick columns created intimate spaces within the expansive coffeehouse, and a cozy seating area in the back, complete with a fireplace and mood lighting, added to its charm. The friendly staff even recommended exploring other coffeehouses in the Quad Cities.

Vibrant Coffeehouses was distinguished by three garage doors, each with 15 window panels, allowing for an open-air experience in good weather. Adjacent to the cafe, Vibrant Credit Union owned the coffeehouse and a nearby sports and event stadium. With ample seating for various purposes and festive Christmas decorations already in place, the coffeehouse exuded a vibrant and community-oriented atmosphere. We left with warm hearts and looked forward to discovering more culinary delights in the Quad Cities’ coffeehouse scene.

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Iron + Grain Coffee House

Iron & Grain has three locations in the Quad Cities. It is one of the most popular coffeehouses in the Quad Cities. We decided to visit the East Moline Branch for a light lunch/brunch on Sunday. The exterior design boasts a weathered metal look that has been there forever. It was chilly outside, so no one sat on the lovely patio flanked by tall corn husks.

My first impression upon entering was that the cafe was small, but when I looked to the left, I could see a massive lounge area. The interior walls were painted, with one in black and the other in white. The wall facing the street was left unpainted. The ceilings were made of reclaimed wood, creating a stark contrast to the exposed ductwork and ceiling beams that ran along the entire width of the space. All the seating adhered to the theme, with office chairs on four-point coasters, wood-grain tables, and iron furnishings. One table even consisted of a reclaimed door with the glass still intact. The music playing was random but upbeat. I appreciated the cafe’s mix of eclectic, natural, and industrial touches.

This cafe also houses two retail spaces. The Red Barn Boutique features local artists’ handicrafts, gifts, and clothing, while Iron & Grain Custom Home Furnishings sells custom home furnishings. Unfortunately, the latter was not open today, but you can check them out at www.ironandgrain.com.

Steven and I ordered his mandatory iced coffee, and I opted for the salted caramel latte. We also shared two sandwiches: an open-faced avocado toast with mashed avocado, chopped egg, and feta cheese and a veggie egg sandwich with tomato, spinach, and green peppers on potato bread. And like Vibrant Coffee, the cafe has a small merchandise area with clothing and coffee-related gifts.

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The Brewed Book – Coffee Shop & Used Book Store

The Brewed Book, located on North Harrison Street in Davenport’s Hilltop Park area, is a delightful fusion of a cozy cafe and a used bookstore. With thousands of books spanning diverse subjects, this inviting space caters to book enthusiasts and coffee aficionados. The cafe exudes a warm ambiance. The cafe is a communal setting. Patrons can engage in board games or use the complimentary Wi-Fi, making it a versatile spot for leisurely reading or diving into a new topic.

The cafe’s charm extends to its beverage selection, featuring high-quality coffee and specialty drinks that enhance the overall experience. During my recent visit, I secured a prime spot near the window. I set up my workspace and enjoyed the view of the lively street scene. With earbuds in place, I immersed myself in crafting blog content, effortlessly losing track of time in the comfortable and inspiring surroundings.

The Brewed Book goes beyond being a typical cafe; it’s a haven where literature, coffee, and community seamlessly converge. It offers a retreat-like atmosphere. It allows visitors to savor exceptional beverages, explore literary treasures, and find a space for productivity and relaxation.

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Milltown Coffee Co.

Milltown Coffee Co. is located on the banks of the Mississippi River. The cafe is a captivating cafe offering not only a delightful culinary experience. But also offers breathtaking views of the river and easy access to the Great River Trail Walking Path. During my visit, I relished the tranquility of sitting by the window. I enjoyed watching boats and cargo ships glide down the river. Resonant horns often announce their presence, creating a harmonious echo across the water.

The cafe is a spacious and welcoming haven characterized by high ceilings and a natural decor that adds charm. It radiates a festive spirit during Christmas, with a beautifully adorned tree gracing one corner. As a result, the cozy and inviting ambiance sets the stage for a relaxed and enjoyable time. Milltown Coffee Company boasts a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. The cafe offers a range of coffee, tea, specialty drinks, and mouthwatering food and desserts, from wraps and bagels to paninis and hearty oatmeal. The diverse options ensure a satisfying experience for every palate, especially on those chilly days ahead.

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So stay tuned for more adventures and visits to coffeehouses and wineries in the Quad Cities. I hope to find a few comparable to the ones I loved visiting in Asia, in general, and South Korea, in particular. However, if you know about a cafe I should see in my new home, please let me know in the comments below.

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