Finding Purpose: 6 Things We Should All Unlearn in 2024

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This is my first blog post about the upcoming new year. I want to write about something other than a New Years Resolution. Instead, I want to challenge norms, embrace mindful choices, and hold myself accountable for a life abundant in experiences and authenticity. Brace yourself to navigate a narrative that transcends the ordinary, fostering a more intentional, purposeful, and interconnected way of living. Join the exploration as we uncover the keys to unlocking a meaningful and fulfilling existence in the year ahead, finding purpose and unlearning things that aren’t going to bring me joy, love, or income in 2024

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Passive Consumerism

We need to be active consumers. In a world where consumption seems to be the default, I’ve made a conscious effort to resist the urge to constantly buy new is one of the things to unlearn. Instead of always looking for the next purchase, I’ve been finding creative ways to repurpose what I already own, discovering new uses for items I might have overlooked. I’m finding intention and purpose when shopping in 2024, thinking carefully before making any purchase to ensure it aligns with my genuine needs and values. Making things myself has become a rewarding endeavor, allowing me to appreciate the effort and creativity behind the items I use.

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Additionally, I’ve embraced the idea of buying secondhand or gently used items, extending the life cycle of products and reducing my environmental impact. Finding purpose is not just about saving money; it’s a shift in mindset toward a more sustainable and mindful way of living.

More Stuff

I decided to clean up my life, and it’s been a game-changer. I live by the “Declutter/Simplify” motto, sorting out my stuff, relationships, and mind. I’m picky—only keeping what matters and brings me joy. I have started ditching extra baggage in all parts of my life. In relationships, I’m all about the positive vibes, distancing myself from toxic ones. I’m all about simplicity and purpose. I am getting rid of something with every new thing I add to my day. It’s about making space for clarity and easing the stress of daily life. This whole decluttering deal has lightened my load, both physically and emotionally. Now, life feels more balanced and purposeful.

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There’s a Right Moment

I’ve decided to live with intention and purpose, casting aside the notion of being overly cautious or merely hoping for things to happen. Instead of waiting for external factors like more money or weight loss to shape my life, I recognize that the power lies in my actions. However, it’s about actively participating in the life I envision and taking charge of my journey. Moreover, I’ve embraced the idea that I won’t find purpose in 2024 by sitting on the sidelines; I need to step up, make deliberate choices, and work towards what I want. Consequently, life isn’t about waiting for the right moment. On the contrary, it’s about creating the moments I desire through conscious and intentional efforts.

You Need Money to Travel

As a leader in my own life, I’ve committed to continuing my travels even though I’m back in the United States. I hope to slow travel across America for the next few years in addition to more travel abroad. While some people believe in saving money and postponing travel until retirement, that’s not the path I’ve chosen. I refuse to make excuses or feel guilty about pursuing my desire to travel and experience my best life now. I recently stumbled upon a series of videos titled “soft life.” advocating for a stress-free life. The philosophy of the “soft life” resonates with my approach to travel. It emphasizes the importance of quality, long-term benefits, and transformational experiences over short-term indulgences or fear-based decisions. I prioritize personal growth and enriching experiences over succumbing to conventional expectations.

Playing it Safe

I am determined to diversify my sources of income. I plan to create multiple streams, refusing to limit myself to just a 9-to-5 job. Putting myself out there will be a guiding principle. And I’ll need to overcome the fear of rejection or the need to defend my positions, beliefs, or endeavors. While I find immense joy in writing my blog, I have always had the desire to expand my creative horizons. Writing a book, producing YouTube videos, and speaking at travel conventions and public events are long-standing aspirations of mine.

Embracing this ambition will push me beyond my comfort zone. Exploring new opportunities and challenges can be a powerful way to find purpose in 2024. By taking these bold steps, I will not only strive to build a more sustainable financial foundation. I will also pursue my passion for storytelling and sharing experiences with a larger audience. The plan is to sustain a living in the future through my hustles.

I am an Independent Woman

I’ve realized that it’s okay to ask for help, and I won’t try to reinvent the wheel anymore. While the prevailing trend emphasizes female independence, I’ve found that this narrative doesn’t resonate with me. It doesn’t align with the broader societal context. Recognizing the strength in seeking support, I’ve learned that collaboration and assistance can be powerful tools for personal and collective growth. It’s not about forsaking independence. It’s about understanding that reaching out for help is a sign of wisdom and strength. It contributes to a more supportive and interconnected society.

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