Living Rich: Are You Living the Soft Life?


6 Ways to Spend Your Money Like You’re Rich

I may be late to the part, but I recently watched a bunch of videos titled “soft life”. While most IG influencers sell the soft life hawking expensive handbags, face creams, or designer candles, the term didn’t originate that way. #Softlife is a trend that started in 2020 because people began advocating for a stress-free life. The “soft life” philosophy and the spending habits of rich people are connected through their focus on choosing quality, long-term benefits, and transformational experiences over short-term indulgences or fear-based decisions.

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Whether rejecting the stress of hustle culture or making deliberate financial choices, the common ground lies in prioritizing personal satisfaction and well-being over flashy but temporary luxuries. I’m not sure I’d call my life “soft,” but I have a few suggestions on what makes life rich.

Eating Healthier

We could all do better. However, after living abroad, healthy food has become synonymous with expensive food. But beyond the health benefits, there’s a social dimension to embracing the “soft life” through a more nutritious lifestyle—it undeniably enhances your perceived status in the eyes of many.

Opting for whole and organic foods, restricting processed meals, and showing restraint in daily snacking contribute to personal well-being and signal a certain level of affluence and conscientious living. Shopping at places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods is more than a meme; it often carries a subtle badge of socioeconomic standing. So, while the primary motivation should be health, there’s no denying the additional perk of elevating status—a testament to living the principles of the “soft life.”

I also equate that piece of cake to hours of exercise to emphasize whether its worth it or not. Which brings me to the fact we should.

Exercise Regularly

Individuals living the “soft life” typically don’t worry about the expenses associated with gym memberships or club fees. It’s widely understood that maintaining a healthy body contributes to overall well-being, and this doesn’t require specialized knowledge. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier. But having my fitbit strapped to my arm, always makes me accountable.

However, for them, soft lifers, investing in fitness-related expenses is a straightforward acknowledgment of the fundamental link between physical health, overall quality of life, and the perceptions that come with both.

And while it can be hard to get moving because I have a few chronic problems, afterwards I always feel better— mind, body, and spirit.

Plan for a Soft Life

Rich people don’t like spending their money unless they have to. As we accumulate more years on this planet, adjusting our game plan is crucial. That involves keeping a close eye on our finances, ensuring we have the right insurance, and establishing emergency and retirement funds to navigate whatever challenges life throws our way. It’s not just about extending our lifespan; it’s about living longer and thriving. A solid plan serves as the roadmap to a happy life. One of my dad’s best pieces of advice is that you “do what you need to do now to do what you want to do later.”


Many people think that travel is a luxury reserved for the elite, but that’s not the whole story. I hear this misconception a lot from friends, family, abd some readers. Trust me, I’m nowhere near wealthy.

It’s more about making travel a priority over some other stuff. You don’t need to jet off to the French Riviera to call it travel. However, I’ve done that, too, lol. As a matter of fact, rich people, often in alignment with the principles of living a “soft life,” put a good chunk of their income into having enriching travel experiences.

Intentional travel choices matter. Instead of checking off places on a bucket list, concentrate on travel experiences that mean something to you and not everybody else.

Hobbies & Entertainment

Not every rich person is into splurging at fancy stores, but a lot of them like to use their money for things that make them genuinely happy. Whether it’s traveling to cool places, diving into hobbies they love, or enjoying a nice meal, they often choose experiences over just buying stuff. It’s about creating memories and enjoying life’s little moments instead of piling up a bunch of things they don’t really need. Hobbies can be expensive. But if we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, hobbies make your life full, interesting, and uniquely yours.

Do you have a hobby that makes you smile from the inside out?

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Prefer High-Quality

Research indicates that affluent individuals are more inclined to invest their wealth in premium products, even at a higher price point. This preference stems from high-quality items offering more excellent durability, while cheaper alternatives, like fast fashion items, often necessitate more frequent replacements. This inclination reflects a strategic approach to consumption, where the emphasis on longevity and enduring quality aligns with a broader commitment to sustainability and a discerning lifestyle.

What adds a touch of magic to living the soft life narrative? It’s not just about the dollars and cents; it’s about channeling financial security into a spotlight on personal satisfaction and overall well-being. And here’s the plot twist—pursuing a good life isn’t just about inner happiness; it’s practically a potion for looking and feeling younger. Picture a life where every wrinkle tells a tale of adventures chosen with care. Because a life well-lived isn’t just satisfying; it’s a declaration that age is merely a number, and the best chapters are still to be written. Welcome to the preface of a story where the pursuit of soft living meets the art of a perfect life.

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  1. Lindy Boatfield

    Message me Stacey. You have me on Facebook messenger. Mostly want to say I loved this article on defining quality of life is not about buying expensive things. It’s about buying things for health and nutrition as what is required for now and longevity! Love ya!

    1. Stacey A. Peters

      Girl, call me when you want to talk, but I will message you shortly. I always appreciate your support, and you are right- we are often shortsighted about spending our money and what helps us live a long and happy life. We’ll never be able to eliminate stress, but we can reduce a lot of it by living with intention.

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