Why Transformational Travel is Going Viral

Travel Teaches-- 6 Ways we Learn About Ourselves

The nature of travel is changing for lots of people. Travel has always been a way to escape the daily grind. Getting away is an opportunity to renew, restore, and refresh from the routine, the redundant, and the ridiculous. However, transformational travel takes getting away a step further. Often, experiential travel is travel with a purpose. But now, it’s often defined by personal development and a more profound connection with culture, nature, and people. And the trend of doing something meaningful on vacation is going viral.

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    1. Why Transformational Travel is Going Viral
    2. What is Transformational Travel?
    3. How to Experience Transformational Travel?
    4. The Keys to Transformational Travel


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Why Transformational Travel is Going Viral


A new report from Bloomberg says travelers want more from trips than a bunch of pretty pictures. And there’s a growing trend for the creation of ultra-personalized vacations. I know this is true, I’m affected too.

I’m not an idealist or self-absorbed. However, sometimes I feel the desire for emotional connections when I travel. I want to learn about people, spices, traditions, political, historical, and environmental issues. All the above affect how people live. And that’s what I love about leaving home.



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What is Transformational Travel?
It’s Really Hard to Say


As the popularity of transformational travel grows, many tour providers are tailoring travel experiences. They are focusing on personal growth. Some examples include connecting with locals, immersion in the language, nature, and emotional experiences. Creative pursuits like painting or cooking are becoming very popular. There is no one kind of trip because it may be meaningful for one person and have no impact on someone else. That’s why it’s impossible to define transformational travel. The truth is that it’s less about the destination and more about how the traveler approaches the trip. We define travel by what we get out of the trip.



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How to Experience Transformational Travel?


I always take the opportunity to ask for advice from the locals. Hotel staff, tour guides, waiters, taxi drivers, and fellow travelers are great sources of information. For example, on a recent trip to Bali, we hired a driver on viator.com. As a result, he drove us around on a pre-determined tour for two days. But on the third day, he asked us if we wanted to see “his” Bali. That day was the best day on the island. He took us to places I hadn’t heard about. Before leaving, we participated in a Hindu offering and crashed a wedding. However, I’ll never forget sloshing through muddy rice fields or the people we met along the way.

As a result, I can honestly say we had a one-of-a-kind experience.



The Keys to Transformational Travel

  1. The journey– the place– the experience takes place on the inside.
  2. Transformational travel subsequently offers the intentional opportunity to engage in life-changing or life-affirming personal growth.
  3. Similarly, there is no one-size-fits-all transformational travel because this kind of travel is different for everyone.
  4. Ultimately, the key to making a trip “transformational” is to add an element of educational and personal improvement.
  5. The key to transformational travel is not where you go or what you do. The key is that you return having grown or “transformed.”
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    I love the idea of this, even though I have never heard of transformational travel. I always love getting to experience different cultures when on vacation, most the time it makes me realize how truly blessed I am. Also makes me think how I can give back to communities who have less.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      I gotta admit I was looking for more than an ordinary vacation ling before it became cool or even had a name. But yes— it’s one of the ways direction travel is moving these days.

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