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When it comes to travel planning and tips, always plan for a smooth experience. Pack wisely, focusing on essentials. Stay organized with a detailed itinerary, and have backup plans for unexpected events—research local customs and weather.

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Reflecting on My First Time as a Podcast Guest

I recently leaped from my comfort zone by participating in my first podcast guest appearance. This was a new challenge for me, as someone who typically finds solace behind the camera rather than in front of it. Despite my initial reservations, the experience turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. It has ignited an interest in exploring more opportunities like this, perhaps even venturing into creating more content for my own YouTube channel.

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10 Transformative Travel Experiences in Asia

Asia’s allure is irresistible, drawing in travelers like you and me with its breathtaking landscapes, cultural wonders, and budget-friendly prices. The huge continent, with its ancient beauty and captivating folklore, sets the stage for truly transformative travel experiences. Exploring its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage can bring about journeys that genuinely change the way you see things.

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Reverse Culture Shock: Goodbye South Korea, Hello USA!

I miss living by the ocean and the mountains. I miss being able to go hiking and hear monks chat echo across Palgongsan. I miss feeling anxious, excited, unsure, and overwhelmed– all at the same time. And I definitely miss being able to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at a corner market in either direction. It doesn’t take long for reverse culture shock to be a genuine hurdle for settling back into life at home. American Reverse Culture Shock is a phenomenon that goes beyond the anticipated cultural adjustments of moving abroad and reintegrating back into life in the USA.

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Luang Prabang in 4 Days: Discovering the City’s Charms

Each itinerary is unique, but this 4-day itinerary in Luang Prabang offers a perfect introduction to one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia. From yoga in a temple with a former monk to swimming in the crystal-clear pools of the Kuang Si Waterfalls– there’s something for everyone. Ultimately, it is a condensed version of the 9-day version of our vacation to Luang Prabang that can be easily altered depending on your interests. However, with this 4-day itinerary in Luang Prabang, you will enjoy the surrounding nature, hike, get pampered, eat some good food, and more.


Black Female Travelers: Enriching the Global Travel Narrative

As a black female traveler, navigating the world can be daunting. From dealing with race and gender biases to expecting, but not always receiving respectful behavior. There are many factors to consider when traveling as a black woman. In this blog post, I will share some of my personal experiences and insights and offer tips and advice on how to make the most out of your travels as a black woman.

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Kakao Taxi App: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Rides

If you live in Korea, you probably already know how essential the Kakao Taxi app is for getting around the busy streets. Since I recently shipped my car, I’ve been using Kakao Taxi more. I love how convenient it is to have door-to-door service. Who doesn’t like the flexibility and reduced anxiety of driving, parking, or looking for parking? Kakao Taxi is a must-have app besides Naver and Kakao Talk.