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Stacey at 2024 eclipse

Where to See the Total Solar Eclipse in America

On April 8, 2024, a rare astronomy event unfolds in North America: a total solar eclipse visible in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. The path of totality, where the moon covers the sun, spans from Mazatlan to Canada’s Atlantic Coast. Depending on the weather, catch a partial eclipse locally, or journey to the path for the full experience. Discover prime viewing locations as the country plunges into darkness.

TYCOGA Winery & Distillery_Sweet_Wines- featured image

Inside Iowa’s Award-winning TYCOGA Winery & Distillery

At Tycoga Winery & Distillery, it’s more than just about the drinks; their pizza is pretty good, too. Thirty minutes from our door to theirs, we stepped into a place buzzing with life. Despite the crowd, the manager spotted us right away, treating us like VIPs and ushering us to the bar. That warm welcome set the stage for an experience we won’t forget, savoring standout pizza and wine in the heart of Iowa.

Orange city tulip festival- featured image

Blooms and Tradition: 83rd Tulip Festival in Orange City

Next week marks the 83rd Annual Tulip Festival in Orange City, Iowa. Since its humble origins in 1936, this annual event has attracted thousands of attendees from across the Midwest, gathering to honor and celebrate Dutch heritage. Wander the quaint streets, alive with the colors of thousands of tulips and the iconic silhouette of windmills. Experience the joy of parades, the rhythm of Dutch music, and the tantalizing aroma of traditional delicacies.

Road trip with Steven and Malik- featured image

30-Day Road Trip Across America in Marriott Hotels

Come along on our big trip across the U.S.! We’re hitting the road after living in South Korea for three years. For the next month, we’re crashing at Marriott Hotels everywhere. We’ll be checking out incredible landmarks, catching up with family, and finally settling down in the cornfields of Illinois. Please stick around for 30 days of stories from our journey, where Marriott is our home away from home at every pit stop.

Winelover lane at Old Oaks Winery- featured image

Exploring the Charms of Old Oaks Winery in the Quad Cities

Old Oak Winery is a beautiful spot on 400 acres of rolling hills. We just moved here, so we don’t know much about the wine region, Self-described as the Napa Valley winery of the Midwest, the winery prides itself on an array of wines blended with grapes from their own vineyard as well as from Napa Valley. Actually, I had no idea they even had a vibrant wine region here in Illinois. With that said, it turned out to be a great place to learn about Midwest wine and grab something good to eat as well.

Blackhawk 2nd floor

Where to Stay During Your PCS to Rock Island Arsenal

While there are several hotels in the Quad Cities, especially if you are a Bonvoy Marriott member like us, we used our 14 days of permissive TDY to stay at three. As a result, we stayed at the Residence Inn Quad Cities in Moline, Illinois, and the Blackhawk and The Current, both Autograph hotels in Davenport, Iowa. Here are my reviews of all three hotels as a Gold Elite member with the Marriott franchise. However, you might be surprised by which hotel I recommend for relocating to Rock Island Arsenal. Furthermore, one of these hotels might work for you if you are preparing to move to Rock Island.


5 Pretty Cafes and Coffeehouses in the Quad Cities

Embarking on our first coffeehouses in the Quad Cities, Steven and I chose Vibrant Coffeehouses and Kitchen as our destination. Housed in a spacious warehouse-style setting, the coffeehouse offered a delightful array of coffee, desserts, salads, and sandwiches. The reasonably priced avocado toast, priced at $4.95, stood out on the menu, and the experience of ordering in the States without breaking the bank was a pleasant surprise.