Everyone Says They’ll Visit When You Live Abroad

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You’ve read all the articles about what it takes to decorate for house guests. How we make it look like a hotel room for visitors. And I’m here to tell you that if your guests are coming to stay in luxury you should book them a suite at the nearest 5-star hotel. But if you want a few tips on how to make them feel comfortable in your own home, you’ve come to the right place. Because… everyone says they’ll visit.

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green-bedroom Everyone Says They'll Visit When You Live Abroad

Everyone Says They’ll Visit

And sometimes they do. We all want visitors when we’re far from home. But more than likely, the only people who will visit our family. It’s a long haul from just about anywhere in the United States to Europe and Asia. But I also know everyone says they’re coming.

House Guests vs. Tourists

If they do, they aren’t coming thousands of miles to stay in 2,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, they are coming to stay with and see YOU!! Besides, you don’t want to make them too comfortable that they never want to leave.

Don’t get me wrong they want to explore (insert destination here) too and save a couple of bucks in the process. But all you really need are a few things to make them comfortable and an open and welcoming perspective.

miso-terrace Everyone Says They'll Visit When You Live Abroad


Good Lighting and a Mirror

Every guest room needs good natural and artificial light– it is mandatory to do hair and makeup and read a good book at night. And both of these should be near convenient outlets.

Convenient Outlets

We’ve all been somewhere we had to be a contortionist to use an outlet or move heavy furniture out of the way to plug in our curling iron or laptop.No one is comfortable doing that.  Make sure you have some extra converters for their laptop and that they know their 120v hair appliances won’t work in Europe or Korea.

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Some Storage/ Table

They don’t need an entire closet, but your guests will feel more comfortable if they can hang a few clothes or fold them away in a drawer or some space on the bedside table. This becomes more important with the length of stay. You want your house guests to feel like they belong. Even if they are temporary visitors.



Your house guests need to feel comfortable. Staying at someone’s house is stressful enough. A door goes a long way in this. However, they should also have enough space to be alone when they want a few minutes to gather their thoughts, read a book, or put their kids down for a quiet nap. This benefits everyone. 



Extra Blanket and Clean Towels

This goes without saying. However, if they aren’t in the room, make them accessible. Make sure your company knows where to get them and it’s not an inconvenience if they want them late at night. In addition, make sure that the sheets are fresh, which means they were recently laundered. Just because they’ve been on the bed and no one has slept on them for the last 6 months is not the same thing.

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That They Know Where it is

Whatever it is… is. The iron/ ironing board, extra washcloths, spare toiletries, bottled water, cleaning supplies, or the wine and a wine opener. Make sure house guests know how to find it. 



Trash Can

NOTHING is more awkward than not having a simple trash can in the bedroom. Preferably with a liner that can be tossed out when needed.

Make House Guests FEEL Welcome

Probably the most important of all is that your guests know you want them there. We’ve all been visitors and that comes with some uneasiness. Make sure they know where the snacks are in the kitchen. Or the code to the front door if they want to go for a walk. Let them know that you are honored they decided to spend their time off with you and that you are happy and not inconvenienced by their presence or by anything that they may want or not want to do. This means you may have to alter your daily/ nightly rituals or habits a little, but they should have no idea you are doing so.
That’s it. Those are the main things they’ll need. In addition, you can hang a few pictures.  Or place a plant or picture frame on the bedside table to make it look pretty.  But make sure they have room to charge their phone or enjoy a cup of water too.What does your guest room look like? We all want to know, so attach a photo below.


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