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Military Moves: How to Make Your House into a Home ASAP

military moves - featured image

Five elements can consistently create a homely atmosphere, regardless of the location or frequency of your moves. These principles are essential in furniture placement, decorating windows and walls, incorporating accessories, and introducing live plants. They are, in order of importance, arranging the furniture, decorating the windows and walls, and adding personal touches with accessories.

Live Like You're on Vacation

#SoftLife Living Like You’re on Vacation Everyday

It’s simple really. Make your home someplace you’d write home about. Why not live like you’re on vacation all the time? I decided to bottle the energy and vacation state-of-mind for use when I got home. To enjoy every day at least as much as my latest trip. After all, the majority of our lives are not spent on vacation. And if we’re not enjoying each moment, what’s the point?