#SoftLife Living Like You’re on Vacation Everyday

Live Like You're on Vacation

After returning home from my last trip to Italy, it was clear that the difference between how I live on vacation and how I lived every day was how I felt on the inside. On vacation, I live in the moment. I was present and making choices in real-time based on what felt good at that moment. And I was open to new adventures that had little to do with “real life”. However, when I returned home, I saw how quickly that vacation energy and inspiration got lost in daily routines and hectic schedules. Tuck, Turn and Trick yourself into thinking you’re still on vacation.

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Live Like You’re on Vacation

It’s Mostly Mental

It’s simple really. Make your home someplace you’d write home about. Why not live like you’re on vacation all the time? I decided to bottle the energy and vacation state-of-mind for use when I got home. To enjoy every day at least as much as my latest trip. After all, the majority of our lives are not spent on vacation. And if we’re not enjoying each moment, what’s the point? Here are 3 easy tips that will help you relax in between your travels. And live like you’re on vacation every single day of the week.

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Tuck in the Sheets
Make the Bed?

What does just about every great vacation you’ve ever taken have in common? The answer is a comfortable bed. So live like you’re on vacation. And purchase good quality white sheets. But remember, the higher the thread count, the more wrinkles you’ll have. I can’t tell you how happy I am to get into high thread count linen. They are the best because you can bleach them if you spill red wine on them and they’ll continue to look luxurious and fabulous. And even though, you’re not likely to have turndown service, make your bed each morning. It will make jumping into it at night pleasure and not a chore.

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Turn Off the TV
It’s prime time baby!!

Ask yourself a couple of questions about what you enjoyed about your last great trip. Do you watch TV when you’re on vacation? I bet the answer is probably– not much. So live like you’re on vacation and turn it off. If it’s on you are more tempted to sit down and watch it when you could be doing something much more fun and relaxing. Surround yourself with things that relax or pamper you. Create a space where you can listen to some music, read a great book or sip a glass of red wine instead.

Trick Your Senses
Staycation, anyone?

Did you buy some curry, red wine or essential oils on your last trip? Well, don’t let it dry out, get lost or lose its flavor. Diffuse those exotic essential oils you bought in Thailand. Put on that CD you bought in Mexico or Sedona. Make some curry using the seasoning packet you got on that food tour in Bali. And there’s always time for a glass of red wine, right? Don’t store that stuff like ancient artifacts. Extend your trip by incorporating them into your daily life too.

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