22 Things to Consider Post Quarantine

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Now that I can see the light of post quarantine, I feel it’s time to reflect. I’ve been in quarantine for more than 70 days. And I’ve seen how the past two months of COVID-19 have affected my little part of the world. And like you, my whole world has shrunk to about 10 square miles. The past two months have had their challenges, and again, like you, every aspect of my life has been impacted. Here are 22 things to consider with a post-quarantine world in view.

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woman-in-mask-shopping-2 22 Things to Consider Post Quarantine
  1. 22 Things to Consider Post Quarantine
  2. What Does the New Normal Look Like
  3. Thoughts Before Quarantine
  4. Observations During Quarantine
  5. Feelings After Quarantine

22 Things to Consider Post Quarantine

From the doctors, nurses, policemen, and EMT workers who have been on the front line of this pandemic from day one. To the “new” essential workers who have shown up every day to make food available, deliver mail, or collect the trash. To all the parents who’ve gained a well-deserved appreciation for their children’s teachers in the homeschooling battle.

Everything we knew came to a screeching halt. No more works at the gym or yoga studio, graduations were canceled and many of us learned that working from home takes some getting used to. Restaurants moved to pick-up only, limited menus. Many stores closed and popular festivals were either postponed or canceled altogether.

In other words, the world effectively hit the pause button because of the pandemic. And while I felt a little overwhelmed, I also felt relieved. I still had a job and now I had some extra time on my hands. But it wasn’t the same, because now I didn’t have anywhere to go.

For the last two weeks, the country is beginning to press the button on the quarantine pause, and see what our “new normal” of post quarantine really looks like.

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So What Does the New Normal Look Like

After COVID-19?

Honestly, I’m really sick of hearing that term, but it succinctly describes the current atmosphere the country finds itself in because of COVID-19 and it’s lingering effects. Check out the link to the CDC for newly published guidelines here.

No one knows when we’ll get a vaccine or whether it will persist into the near future or beyond. But think about it. What have you learned about the past few months? Do you want to just press play and try to resume life where you left off?

Total control is an illusion. However, there are things we can do to make sure that unexpected events like this pandemic, have less impact on how we live each day. The world is going to look a little different. For instance, we’ll be wearing a mask, continuing to social distance, washing our hands a little more, and rethinking hugs and handshakes. It’s going to take time for us all to feel settled. But it will happen even if we don’t actively seek it out.

Here are 22 things to reflect on as you attempt to tiptoe into post quarantine.


Before Quarantine

1. Are we living a healthy life?

2. How can I make sure my family stays safe?

3. What do I need to stock up on?

4. Are my husband and I going to be able to work at home together?

5. How is this quarantine going to affect my household?

6. Will all the above be affected by how long the quarantine last?

During Quarantine

7. Is my current health (asthma) have an effect on my health?

8. How can I help keep my family safe?

9. What have I learned during this time?

10. Has this time identified any priorities for me?

11. Can I honestly say I made the best use of this time?

12. What can I do to take advantage of the extra time I’ve been given?

13. How long is this pandemic going to last?

Post Quarantine

14. What have I done that I wouldn’t have if this pandemic had not occurred?

15. What activities am I not resuming after quarantine?

16. What activities did I miss because of the pandemic?

17. What wasn’t working for me that I need to change?

18. What am I most excited about doing post quarantine?

19. What am I going to intentionally do from this point forward?

20. What new habits am I going to keep?

21. How do I want to look back and remember this time?

22. What will I do to prepare for something like this in the future?

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  1. Louise

    These are all great things to consider once quarantine is over. I’ve realised there are things in life that I actually want to do that I didn’t think I wanted to do before. So once this is all over I’ll definitely be looking at the way I’ve been living my life and be making some serious changes.

    Louise x

  2. kumamonjeng

    I have not travel since the pandamic strike as our country was lockdown and no travel is allowed. This post has given me an insight how is the future travel is going to look like.

  3. Jay Aguirre

    Oh man, it’s going to be so weird going back and adjusting after this. I think the world will be forever changed

  4. Talya

    I think it’s going to be so important to take the good things, learnings and perspective with us post lockdown…I really hope people won’t just go back to how things were beforehand because I think there were a lot of things that weren’t right with the way we were living.

  5. dianababe

    These are really good question you raised… In my opinion, the world will never be the same again after this pandemic. Just gotta stay strong all times 🙂

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