It’s not About Perfection— The Intention is Important

The intention is Important. That’s why I woke up this morning at 5 am. This woman named Lynn Goldberg from the Breethe Meditation app broke into my sleep. I sat up in bed, groggily contemplating my blessings. Then with intent, I walked to the meditation space in my smaller spare bedroom and began to meditate. For weeks now, I’ve considered canceling her ass. A little yoga, some journaling, and then I make the 30-second commute to work in my other spare bedroom. I am 64 days into my morning routine.

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  1. The Intention is Important
  2. 5-Minute Meditation
  3. Live Like a Tree
  4. Intention versus Goals

The Intention is Important

When we set intentions, our subconscious takes over and tries to follow. Today’s meditation is, “Be like a tree.” The tree metaphor is not a new one in the meditation space. Lynn talked about how we could learn a lot from the nature of a tree. We’ve all heard this lesson in one way or another. However, the reminder is important, especially in a time of uncertainty, like today. We must be who we are–  nothing more, nothing less. And that that is more than enough.

Is setting a goal the same as being intentional? Check out this link to find out and listen to a 5-minute meditation of setting intentions.

Live Like a Tree Meditation

There are so many varieties of trees— all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. None of them better than the next—just different. All trees need proper soil and healthy roots to grow strong. Trees are in a constant dynamic exchange with the universe. They are both takers and givers. They take nutrients from the soil and exchange carbon monoxide for oxygen, giving us all fresh air to breathe. And they provide shade, nuts, fruits and a place for animals to live. Their destruction provides us with raw elements we turn into fencing, fuel, and furniture—to name a few.

And trees ask for nothing in return. They do all of this for nothing. If they could talk, would they prefer to be left alone? Probably. If they could speak, would we listen? Probably not.

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Main Takeaway– Intention vs. Goals

But the main takeaway for me is the most straightforward and most apparent. What you plant is what will grow. An acorn will never grow to be an apple tree. Only an apple seed can do that. Every tree has its purpose or intention. You can wish for it, pray over it, incorrectly label it and lie and call it whatever you like. But it won’t change a damn thing.

You may even get some people to believe you. They may see it as you do. Or see it for what it is and find benefit in the deception. And others will do everything in their power to help you know the truth—to see you become the oak tree you can be.

The intention itself is essential. Because, like the acorn, it exists whether we acknowledge it or not. It’s important to remember. Intentions are not about achieving perfection or attaining a specific goal. Intentions are the culmination of all the little things you do in the process.

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Be-Like-a-Tree-Intention-is-Important It’s not About Perfection— The Intention is Important


  1. Marlynn

    What a thoughtful, meaningful post. “What you plant is what will grow.” Love it. Such an important reminder, thank you!

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