Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

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Women who go on solo tours consider it an exhilarating experience. It feels so liberating to visit all the places you have ever dreamt of on your own and make fabulous memories. I know safety is a big issue and most females fear traveling alone. Do not hike alone. Let someone know your travel plans, and always, always follow your instincts. Here are a few more Solo Travel Safety Tips for Women Travelers that will help you travel a little safer on your next adventure.

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Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Research and Research Some More

It is important to learn about the places you plan to visit. The culture and dressing norms, political situation, climate, unsafe areas, and weather are primary things to study. Visit online forums, check websites, and blogs to gather information. Talk to solo female travelers to know their experience.

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Plan Your Trip

Make all the arrangements, like getting tickets, booking accommodation, and creating your itinerary. Create the plan in such a way that you can cover the tourist spots within the day. Please return to your hotel before it gets too dark.

Start Small

Is this your first solo trip? Start with nearby locations like cities and states. Once you gain confidence, plan international vacations.

military-spouses-solo-travel-journeys-pamplona-running-of-the-bulls Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Stay Aware and Travel Safely

Don’t Flaunt your Valuables.

Always be on your guard when traveling solo. Pay attention to the people around you to know if someone is paying too much attention to you. Keep an eye on the cars that are driving past you. It is a good idea not to use your headphones when walking. I usually take one out, so I can hear what’s going on around me.

Don’t flaunt your valuables like jewelry or mobile. Wear simple clothes according to the culture of the place. If that means not wearing shorts or sleeveless, follow it. There is no need to attract attention.

Dressing like locals will be an added advantage for you.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Your passport, tickets, credit cards, and cash need to be stored safely. Get a pouch to store them. Don’t go out with a passport all the time but carry photocopies. Save photos of the important documents in your mobile and a cloud server like Dropbox, which you can use to authenticate your identity.

Use an International Phone Plan

Having an international phone plan will give you a lot of confidence to talk to your loved ones whenever you want. Always share your travel plans with your family and drop a message when you are going out.

Don’t Share Your Location on Social Media.

Don’t share your current location on social media, no matter how tempting it is. Share photos only after you have left a place. Being careful will save you a lot of trouble. Practice OPSEC tips.

Apart from these Solo Travel Safety Tips, you must remember a few things, like don’t drink or share personal details with anyone. If you feel uncomfortable, leave that place immediately.

Follow these Solo Travel Safety Tips, and you will be safer when traveling alone. Follow your dreams and complete your bucket list. Be a proud solo traveler.

Closing Thoughts on Traveling Solo

I am a relatively amateur solo traveler. I have had the pleasure of traveling alone on a few amazing trips. From my study abroad at Oxford  University to the last trip I took to New York City in March— I’ve learned a lot about myself.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t reiterate the dangers we face as women alone. And with that in mind, I want to say rest in peace to Warrant Officer Nicole Grothe. A fellow hiking enthusiast and a member of the military community here at Fort Riley, her body was discovered last week in the popular Konza Trail.

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I’ve hiked that trail a few times and never felt unsafe. And that’s my point. As women travelers, we can take all the precautions necessary and still fall prey to those looking to hurt us. I used to hike alone, but I don’t anymore. And I ask you to do the same.


  1. Danielle

    I read about that poor soldier a few days ago. Its a shame when a woman can’t even go for a hike and stay safe. These are good tips to use when we travel and when we stay home too.

    1. duffelbagspouse

      It’s an awful conclusion to her disappearance. I hope she didn’t suffer much and that the person who did that to her is caught sooner than later. The Konza trails are very popular and it sucks that someone has taken that from me because I won’t hike it alone ever again. And I hope no one else will either.

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