5 Sustainable Beauty Tips for Frequent Female Travelers

5 Sustainable Beauty Tips for Frequent Female Travelers

I love to travel. It opens up new cultures, customs, food, and experiences. It also introduces new irritants to my skin. Unfortunately, and ironically, I feel great on the inside but look terrible on the outside. Between travel stress, having limited access to the eco-friendly products we love, and less time to spend on our skin and makeup routines, our beloved trips can start to take their toll. Here are five sustainable beauty tips for female travelers you can do anytime or anywhere.

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  1. Avoid Travel-Sized Products
  2. Think Zero Waste and a Smaller Eco Footprint
  3. Eco-friendly Products
  4. Combat fatigue, Irritants, and Bacteria
  5. Buy Local Products
vegan-plant-based-travel-products 5 Sustainable Beauty Tips for Frequent Female Travelers

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5 Sustainable Beauty Tips for Female Travelers

What is Sustainability?

First off, I want to challenge what sustainability means to me. Yes, it has a lot to do with how the product affects the environment or the local economy. But it’s not always about the packing or whether the ingredients or natural. It’s simple things like turning off the water when you brush your teeth.

However, sustainable beauty tips also have a lot to do with maintaining how I use them. If I can’t do it regularly, it’s not sustainable to me.

1. Beauty Essentials

Avoid Travel-Sized Products

One of the biggest issues I have is bringing too much stuff. Not only does this take up precious space in my bags, but it inadvertently creates less room for significant things. As a result, I take a hard look at what I need and only bring along the essentials and beauty products that do double duty. Pack a good sustainable sunscreen, face wash, moisturizer, and foundation, and you’ll be good to go. Just try to avoid the temptation to bring travel-sized containers. It might make them easier to carry, but it’s actually terrible for the environment you’re trying to protect.

I also travel with a silk pillowcase to keep my hair from tangling, my favorite essential oils, and a Reusable water bottle.

2. Reused, Reusable, and Repurposed

Think Zero Waste and a Smaller Eco Footprint

I try not to purchase products with excess packaging. I also carry reusable bags wherever I go. One of my favorite things to do is reuse containers. I’ve repurposed them into storage containers, turned them into everything from candles to seed starters.

A nice benefit of this is also that fewer products equal less packaging. Less packaging is far more sustainable, which means the environment will be as happy as you are. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

I recently started using reusable cotton pads made from cotton and terry cloth. They are a great eco-friendly option for disposable products to help contribute to a zero-waste lifestyle.

3. Prepare Beforehand

Eco-friendly Products

If looking your best is at the forefront of your mind, it always pays off to put a little extra effort in before you ever step on the plane or get behind the wheel. A couple of days before takeoff, treat yourself to a luxurious home spa day. Or at least be extra mindful about completing beauty essentials for your skincare routine. A professional facial is great to oxygenate your skin and fully clean your pores, but you can get some great-looking skin right in your own home. For those of us interested in eco-friendly products, opt for a rinse-off mask rather than a sheet mask to minimize waste.

4. Stay Hydrated

Combat fatigue, Irritants, and Bacteria

What is your biggest skin issue while you’re away traveling? If you’re similar to other women, puffy eyes, irritated skin, and dull hair are likely your main concerns. It’s not a surprise since flying is well-known for wreaking this kind of havoc. And maintaining hydration is a common problem for female travelers. Don’t want to deal with it anymore? Stay hydrated, inside and out, to help your body combat fatigue, irritants, and foreign bacteria.

Try to drink eight ounces of water every hour you’re in the air, and try to drink at least eight cups a day even after reaching your destination. Also, be sure to bring along a super hydrating moisturizer and use it religiously.

Yuni and Honest each have some great organic options.

5. Don’t Stress Too Much

Buy Local Products

We love a well-thought-out beauty regime as well as flawless skin. It’s not always about whether it’s organic, eco-friendly, or sustainable. Sometimes relaxation is the best medicine for your skin. And this should be easy on vacation. You’re out having amazing adventures, so feel free to lean into that! Don’t stress too much about what your skin is doing or what it looks like.

Instead, spend some time focusing on staying present and enjoying the ride. Don’t stock up on beauty supplies before you travel. Make sure to leave room for local beauty products. It’s a good way to support and balance your footprint on the local economy as well as a great souvenir from your trip.

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