15 Things Military Spouses Won’t Say Out Loud

I’ve heard it all in the last 20 years because we’ve been through it all. Here is a shortlist of some of the conversations with other military spouses. These are the things Military Wives Won’t Say. But we wish we could especially to our husbands.

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15 Things Military Wives Won’t Say

But Wish We Could or Should

My Career

  • I am proud of your career, but I wish I could have concentrated more on my own.


  • I am terrified you’ll be killed. Even more, than you’ll be maimed for life.
  • Don’t try to change the rules when you get back from (insert name here), we’re used to the way things are.
  • The kids know you’re leaving so they are A) acting up, B) playing you, C) not interested in what you have to say.

Military Life

  • Sure I knew you were in the military when we got married, just let me vent.
  • I hate being called dependent.
  • I don’t like military functions, your friends or your boss.
  • Someone in your office flirts with me when I come around.

What Military Spouses Won’t Say About After Military Life

  • I am afraid of life after the military. What’s next?
  • I want you to get out and get a regular job OR I want you to stay in, I’m afraid of what comes next.
  • I don’t want to move again.

This is What Military Spouses Won’t Say About Marriage

  • You’re just saying that because you feel guilty.
  • I don’t miss you as much as I say I do sometimes.

What Military Spouses Won’t Say About Money

  • It’s your money… are you kidding?

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