2024 Military Spouse Friendly Employers List Announced

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The annual list recognizes companies that actively pursue military spouses as part of their hiring philosophy and culture. The companies on this year’s list have created workforce environments, policies and initiatives that address issues and competencies unique to military spouses.

How to be a Military Dependent in Name Only

How to be a Military Dependent in Name Only I love my life, my family, and my husband. But it occurred to me that I had lost something significant to me. I lost myself– I abandoned my independence when I married into the military. I want– no, I need to write this post for me. […]

Wanderful Membership Connects Female Travel Bloggers

Wanderful Blogging Conference Presenter

Two years ago, I saw one of my favorite bloggers would be speaking at a conference for female travel enthusiasts. So before I could think about it, I registered to attend and booked a flight to the Wanderful Women in Travel Summit. I am thrilled to say I met her and so many other creators during that conference. But I got so much more I than I ever imagined. Even though I can’t go anywhere right now, I’ve got a Wanderful Membership– a passport to the world.

Being A Black Military Spouse in America

Being A Black Military Spouse in America

Being A Black Military Spouse in America I’ve traveled to approximately 60 countries in my life as a black military spouse and mother. Many of them alone. But most of them with two black boys in tow. People often ask me what’s it’s like traveling while black to all those placesโ€” some of which have […]

Portable Employment for Military Spouses All Over the World

Portable Employment for Military Spouses

Portable Employment for Military Spouses All Over the World Finding portable employment is a common challenge for all military spouses. I am a 50-something black military spouse with a Political Science degree who moves every 2-3 years. Hence, it’s not unusual for spouses to continually remake themselves and their resumes. Deployments, PCS moves, overseas and domestic, […]

17 Tips for Attending a Blogging Conference

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I figured a blogging conference would be a great way to learn a lot of information fast. Matter of fact, I was overwhelmed by all the people and seminars before I even arrived. But it didn’t last long. I was met with a lot of support and encouragement for what I had accomplished so far. As well as the confidence to do even more. Read the following 17 tips before you go to any blogging event. And you’ll be able to take full advantage of your time and money.

Sexier at 50: Lingerie, Love, and a Credit Score that Rocks


It was unavoidable. I am fifty years old. However, I am 50+ years old. FIFTY people, 50, half a century, five decades. They say black doesn’t crack. I agree I’m sexier at 50. Unfortunately, I’ve outlived good music, using the telephone just to “call” someone & we used to call moderate Republicans. Fifty years oldโ€” […]