Book a Budget Island Escape: Kos, Greece via Ryanair

Traveling to Kos Greece

Exploring the Affordable Side of Paradise with Ryanair’s Deals

Greece was the most visited destination via Ryanair. And the island of Kos was one of our favorite destinations in Greece. We went anytime the price dropped to less than $100 for the three of us. Yes, I said we flew from Germany to Greece for less than $33 per person, and we did it 4 times while we lived in Germany. You can do that when you have access to one of the best discount airlines in the world– Ryanair. Because of this, budget travel to Kos Greece, via Ryanair is possible.

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Ryanair Made Greece a Reality

The boys and I loved the crystal clear water and delicious and deceptively cheap food. It’s the only place I can recall off the top of my head where we ate out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Inexpensive food and flights made Kos a great destination for family fun. Trips to Kos were so cheap, I often felt like I was stealing something.
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There are so many wonderful things to see on the island of Kos. stop by the tree Hippocrates supposedly taught his students. See the ruins of the Agora, quaint harbor shops, and the artifacts in the Archeological Museum. Visit the panoramic village of Zia, its church, and scenic restaurant. The castle of Kefalos offers great views of the ocean where you can take a swim break. Or enjoy a tour of the Antimachia Windmill, a 200-year old working windmill. Explore the ruins of Kos Island’s millennia-old Asklepios’s medical school, temples, and thermal baths. Make sure to visit the highest terrace of the complex for views of much of the island’s eastern side.
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Ancient Kos

Day Trips from Kos

Another benefit is its proximity to other destinations around Europe. We flew to Kos and took a speedboat trip to Turkey. On other occasions, we also took ferries to the islands of Rhodes and Santorini.

While Rhodes is accessible in a few hours, the overnight ferry takes access and convenience to a new level. Santorini is one of the most romantic and scenic islands in the world. On that trip, we met up with my eldest daughter in Santorini. She is in the Navy, and her ship was anchored there for a week. The captain granted shore leave to anyone with family visiting, so naturally, we couldn’t refuse that invitation. So we went.

Santorini is as beautiful as they say, but its no place to hang out with your kids!! I’ll just have to go back one day with my bae. Oh, how I miss Ryanair’s cheap flights.

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