This is My Wake Up Call: Singapore is Calling


From Daegu to Singapore

Fatigue is wrapping itself around me like a winter blanket. It feels as if my eyelids are made of lead and my feet have been filled with concrete. We haven’t even stepped on the plane to leave Daegu and already, I’m drenched in weariness. The irony is bitter; I’m the architect of my own exhaustion. Months of warning and weeks of opportunity all led to this moment – the night before our 5-day trip to Singapore. Unfortunately, I find myself stumbling into it, haggard and unrested.

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Singapore is Calling

On the bright side, Singapore awaits. It’s a city of life, lights, and modern marvels. I’ve only seen it through the filtered glow of Instagram and travel vlogs. The prospect of seeing it firsthand for the next 5 days, sends a jolt of adrenaline through my tired veins, spurring me on. Anxious anticipation blends with my fatigue, creating a unique cocktail of emotions. And girl, I love a good cocktail!

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Starring in my Own K-Drama

It was the chaotic whirlwind of last-minute preparations that pushed me to this state. Last-minute preps really did me in this time. I mean, I knew I had to get ready for this trip to Singapore, but I kept putting it off. Then, I ended up scheduling my hair and pedicure appointments just yesterday. Yeah, I know, bad move. I’ve got this really good nail place downtown I usually go to, but it was already too late for that. So, I decided to hit up a salon in my own neighborhood. Seemed like a great idea at the time, but now I’m feeling like I kind of shot myself in the foot.

The Color Orange

Trying to find a salon that could squeeze me in was a whole saga. It was only after trying three places that I found one that said yes, but they had a catch. I could only pick one color for my nails. I ended up choosing orange, mainly because it matched the 5 days worth of the outfits I was pretty sure I’d be packing. Honestly, I have no idea why I keep doing this to myself. Why do I always wait until the very last minute? Living in Korea has rubbed off on me; I’m now making (and starring in) my own K-dramas.

20221123_195312-519x692 This is My Wake Up Call: Singapore is Calling

Packing in my Sleep

Singapore is hot, so I have that in my mind with everything I pull out of my closet. And it is going to rain. I am a professional packer. I’ve been packing for military and recreational travel since I was a kid, so I can do it in my sleep. But you’ll always forget something if you pack haphazardly like this without a packing list. And you have to use it too.

I got home around 9pm and still hadn’t packed. My apartment became a labyrinth of suitcases and clothes even Hercules would find daunting. The moon stood witness as I scrambled to pack, alternating between moments of feverish activity and bouts of near-unconsciousness brought on by sleep deprivation. When the first light of dawn began to spill into the room I surrendered. Fingers crossed, I hoped I’ve packed the right bras and shoes and enough socks and underwear. Because I know I didn’t pack a toothbrush.

In the haze of fatigue, I remembered to brush my teeth but left the stupid toothbrush in the charger perched on the bathroom sink. I think I left my packing list there too. This little misstep, insignificant as it may seem, means one of first things I’ll be doing is shopping for a toothbrush.

2023-05-26-12_21_11.6630800-519x692 This is My Wake Up Call: Singapore is Calling

I’m my Element

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Will she make her flight? Does staying up all night before a long trip make you nicer? Will there be a toothbrush in the hotel amenities? And… will she bring enough underwear? Stay tuned to find out.

Travel is rarely seamless. Yet, the intoxicating pull of uncharted territories and the promise of a refreshing escape from the humdrum of daily life make all the hiccups worthwhile. This peculiar cocktail of exhaustion and fervor may seem odd to some, but it is in this chaos that I find my joy. The anticipation of 5 days hiatus from work, plunging into the pulsating heart of Singapore’s diverse culture. Well, it justifies every exhausted sigh, every drooping blink of sleep-starved eyes. Though my body may be draped in fatigue, my spirit is alight with excitement, eagerly yearning to leap into this awaiting adventure. And yes, I did pack enough underwear.

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Singapore-is-Calling-519x692 This is My Wake Up Call: Singapore is Calling

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