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Fairytale road in Germany- featured image

Road Trip: Driving the Fairytale Road in Germany

Germany is the country of the Brothers Grimm. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty are some of their most famous fairy tales. You can recapture your childhood and find inspiration in the tales of the Brothers Grimm along the Fairytale Road in Germany. And it’s one of the country’s most scenic drives, too. This scenic route offers a picturesque drive through the country and invites you to delve into the intriguing nuances of the Brothers Grimm’s storytelling. However, be prepared for an experience that may defy your preconceived expectations.

traveling with kids- Ashley

Anything Goes When Traveling with Kids

A family getaway can sometimes be much less idyllic than it sounds. Children are very active by nature, which can result in a trip that’s more work than relaxation. Travel is hard and traveling with kids is even harder. If you treat your trip like an adventure, annoyances, missteps and mishaps simply become small obstacles for your hearty band of explorers to overcome.

Spring Break Road Trip to the French Riviera

Kid-Friendly French Riviera: Spring Break Road Trip Rules

The hill was so steep, every time I took my foot off the clutch to give it some gas, it rolled back and stalled out. Me and the car were going in the wrong direction. I tried again and again with the same outcome. The nice people of Eze were getting a little impatient until one politely rapped on my window. Then he took off, up the hill with both my kids in the peering out the rearview window.