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New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

View Sosorae 소소래 Cafe in Buk-gu

Newly Opened Bakery Cafe

We visited Sosorae Bakery Cafe on Saturday after 2pm. That’s the beginning of the afternoon rush at most cafes across South Korea. Sosorae Cafe is located in Chilgok, about 30 minutes from Daegu and the location of several beautiful cafes.

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Sosorae Cafe– Made for a Rainy Day

The Parking Lot & Bakery

The parking lot at Sosorae Cafe has room for about 20 cars. There is an attendant to keep it from getting too crazy.

The bakery and food display is immediately inside the front door. Consequently, you can choose between a selection of breads and pastries, In addition to small selection of brunch sandwiches. However, I regret I wasn’t hungry because the open-faced avocado sandwich looked delicious.

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20230506_151938-01-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok
20230506_151801-02 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

How to Save Your Seat at a Cafe

Ground Floor

Since it was busy, I left Steven to find a seat before ordering. There is nothing worse than trying to find a place to sit carrying a tray full of food and drinks.

20230506_152625-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

Fortunately, I was able to snab a bench in the corner of the auxiliary building. So I “reserved” it using my purse and jacket. This is a common and very safe way to mark the seat as taken. Afterward, I set off to find a seat in the kids’ free zone because it was extremely loud—to no avail. So for the first 15-20 minutes we tried to enjoy the view and our treats over the raucous noise and neverending glaring of the two nosiest kids beside me. Eventually a table opened up and we were left to ourselves for about 30 seconds, lol.

The first floor of Sosorae Cafe has a front row seat of the pretty pond that separates it from the main building if the cafe.

20230506_152920-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

Second Floor

The view from the Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok is nice on the first floor. Nevertheless, I think the best view is from a second floor window. Alas, all the seats were occupied.

Tables line the big windows. A row of counter seating line the indoor wall facing an open terranium of green and flowering plants. It’s actually acts as a very pretty accent wall. I think all the greenery breaks up the hard spaces.

20230506_163342-01-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

Third Floor

The third floor either serves as a work space or a huge table meant for multiple parties to share. There was one couple up there. I felt like I was intruding despite the available seating, so I went back downstairs as it felt weird either way.

20230506_163324-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok
20230506_152002-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

The Center Courtyard

The central attraction of the Sosorae Cafe is a pristine natural pond, which serves as the heart of the outdoor space. An artful arrangement of smooth river rocks encircles this serene body of water, creating a harmonious blend of natural elements. A meandering dirt path, bordered by a diverse array of vividly colored flowering plants, invites guests to explore the area and enjoy its tranquility.

The captivating water feature further enhances the pond itself, as it gently cascades water and contributes to the peaceful atmosphere. To add an extra touch of enchantment, we discreetly installed a state-of-the-art misting machine near the pond’s edge, creating an ethereal veil of fine mist that adds a sense of drama. We watched as the kids (and their parents) couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

20230506_163301-01-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

Sosorae Cafe Address:

482-51 Guam-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
[KakaoMap] 소소래
284, Hakjeong-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu


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New-Bakery-Cafe-Sosorae-Cafe-in-Chilgok-519x692 New Bakery Cafe: Sosorae Cafe in Chilgok

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