Persimmon9 Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo South Korea

The Scenic Charm and Yummy Brunch Options at Persimmon9 Cafe

Nestled in the majestic mountains and lush greenery, Persimmon9 Cafe sits on an idyllic hill along a winding road. This Cheongdo mountain brunch cafe, accessible via a meandering descent, opens to a panoramic view of meandering slopes and valleys. I feel relaxed as I walk through the persimmon trees that abound in every direction. There is a cool breeze sweeping through the leaves of the yet-unripened fruit, feeding the expectation of sweet fruit and an even sweeter meal.

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An Array of Choices

The menu at Persimmon9 Brunch Cafe has quite a few choices. And each one looks delicious– plated to please the palate, and the eyes, while satisfying diverse cravings. The options are abundant, from sumptuous cream pastas and risotto to leafy salads and succulent cube steak with a medley of vegetables.

Today, we chose the rose shrimp pasta. This creamy rice dish, generously portioned, was perfect for sharing. As a result, the sauce danced on our taste buds with its gentle hint of spiciness, coating the jumbo shrimp that was artistically arranged along the edges of the pretty white pasta bowl.

A Family-Friendly Oasis with Dual Stories

Embedded in its commitment to creating a haven for families, Persimmon9 Cafe offers an inviting sanctuary on its second level. This space, thoughtfully distanced from the children’s play area, houses cozy sofas where visitors can unwind.

Adjacent to this comfort zone lies a spacious pool, a captivating oasis for the little ones. Here, they can engage in playful revelry while remaining within earshot of their attentive parents.

Second Floor

Stepping onto the second floor reveals a breathtaking panorama—rolling mountains, a ribbon of highway, and scattered homes. These mountains stand like protective sentinels, cradling the cafe in a sea of green reminiscent of a cozy persimmon tree blanket. Lush potted plants add a touch of nature’s elegance, while designated photo spots invite patrons to capture memories.


Venture further to discover a rooftop seating area, where umbrellas elegantly shade four to five seating enclaves. The view from this elevated vantage point is truly a sight to behold. Admittedly, my tryst with umbrella mechanics was a humorous endeavor, prompting me to opt for a two-person sofa positioned to fully absorb the captivating vista. The second floor extends its allure with a wraparound terrace, although seating has yet to grace this space.

Aesthetic Elegance Beckons

Persimmon9 Cafe embraces an aesthetic of simplicity, a harmonious blend of neutral tones—whites, grays, beiges, and natural wood. Moreover, the polished concrete floor is a canvas of its own, adorned with striking veins that imbue the space with character.

This design motif, observed in various cafes including the beloved Cheongdo hotspot, The Landscape, elevates the cafe’s ambiance. The minimalist backdrop allows the true star of the show—the captivating view—to shine. Floor-to-ceiling windows grace the space, donned in black shades to shield against the sun’s brilliance while framing the outdoor panorama magnificently.

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Persimmon9 Cafe is a hidden gem surrounded by natural beauty. On the first level, a welcoming patio wraps around a kiddie pool, providing a family-friendly atmosphere for patrons to relax and enjoy. Amidst this serene setting, you’ll also find groves of persimmon trees adding to the cafe’s charm with their vibrant foliage.

However, the second floor and rooftop offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking a more tranquil ambiance. So, enhance your visit by combining a delightful brunch with a trip to the nearby Cheongdo Persimmon Wine Tunnel, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the fruit that put Cheongdo on the map.

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[KakaoMap] persimmon9
46-80, Songgeum-gil, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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