Enjoy Modern Korean Art Shows at Labesso Cafe and Gallery

Labesso Cafe and Gallery glass room

Local Artist Rotating Modern Art Exhibits in Cheongdo

Labesso Cafe is an ultra-modern cafe and gallery in the countryside of Cheongdo. I love gallery cafes, but going to modern art galleries and museums can be difficult in a country where you need to speak the language and you can barely read it. That doesn’t keep us from trying, so we ended up at Gallery Iseo late Saturday afternoon after brunch. And as usual, we were more than pleasantly surprised by the experience.

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The first you notice is the pretty courtyard with two cutouts– one near the front door and another near the gallery entrance that allows the tall trees to grow past the roofline.

If you enter the double doors to the cafe this way, you’ll face the ordering counter and dessert display. This is also the largest seating area in the cafe with 4 tables with a view of the courtyard. Walk through the doorway and the bathrooms into a smaller room with two seating areas and a glass ceiling. These two areas have the most natural light.

The next doorway takes you into a glassed-in area with room for six people. It also has a door. Across from that are four tables with low tables, three of which have very comfy chairs. The rest of the cafe is mainly dedicated to the gallery.

The Gallery is by far the largest space in the cafe. This month’s exhibition is called “White.” And it is very white. It looks black and white in the pictures I took. It opens on Monday, August 28th, but I was lucky to meet the artist, Jun Seok Jang, during my visit. He took my picture.

His exhibit comprised thousands of white fold-out cards with the word ‘forest’ spread out on the floor with one path through them. On the wall, he had the words sunshine. Scattered throughout the cafes were representations of the moon, stars, and flowers. I was honored he took the time to explain his art, take my photo, and give me a gift of a couple of forest cards.

The cafe is brand new. It’s been open for about a month. The cafe comprises two buildings– the cafe and the large gallery. A long, narrow gallery wall connects them.

The decor is simple. Grey and white seating and tables are accented by jars of cut and rooted philodendrons– my absolute favorite green plant worldwide. Walls are either painted white, glass, or backlit lucite.

The cafe itself is not significant. It’s rather cozy, with 5-6 different seating areas. But some are group seating areas with doors for a bit of privacy.

That’s a Wrap

I would say it is unique to have such a modern space in the Cheongdo countryside, but it isn’t. There are quite a few gallery-style cafes in the area. Check out Hyang Hyang Gallery and Cafe, also in Cheongdo and Dongye Art Museum Cafe in nearby Gachang.

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[KakaoMap] Labesso 랩에쏘
70-24, Cheongsu-ro 36-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu


[KakaoMap] Hyang Hyang Gallery and Cafe 향갤러리&카페
343-7, Urok-gil, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu


[KakaoMap] Dongye Art Museum Cafe 동제미술관18, Heolti-ro 10-gil,
Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu



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