Experience Soumou Cafe’s Unique Blend of Garden and Modern Vibes

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Two Cafes in One

During my recent visit to Soumou, nestled within the scenic embrace of Geumjandi Farm, Qingdao Cheongdo, I was captivated by its picturesque setting and its remarkable dual identity. Soumou, open for less than a month, deftly combines two contrasting yet complementary identities. It serves as a Traditional Garden Shop, boasting expansive mountain views. Additionally, it transforms into a Contemporary Cafe with a serene reservoir backdrop. Join me as I delve into the enchanting tale of Soumou, where two vastly different atmospheres unite in seamless harmony.

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The Modern Cafe: A Stylish Oasis

Discovering the Unexpected

The initial draw of Soumou Cafe was its modern interior, seamlessly transitioning from the exterior’s pristine white design. Within, the space featured gracefully curved walls and expansive plate glass windows. Meanwhile, a captivating glass terrarium, filled with colorful trees and plants, added an aura of contemporary elegance.

The surprise was delightful.

Embracing Nature

Walking into the modern cafe felt akin to entering a life-sized science project. The terrarium was an unexpected yet captivating feature, providing a stunning glimpse through its glass into the nature beyond, while also serving as a central focal point for the cafe. Clear mountain views bathed in natural light set a cozy ambiance. It’s perfect for enjoying fresh coffee while immersing in surroundings.

Delight for the Palate

Soumou Cafe didn’t just captivate my eyes; it also delighted my taste buds. The array of pastries, both sweet and savory, was a pleasant surprise. Among these delights, the tomato, pesto & mozzarella pastry stole the show, leaving me playfully wishing I didn’t have to share it with my hubby.

Cafe Soumou Outdoor Charms

However, the allure isn’t confined to indoor seating. The options extend outdoors, where a diverse range of seating arrangements awaits, each accompanied by your personal umbrella for shade. Choose to recline on the velvety lawn, relax on the patio, or anticipate the upcoming pleasure of basking in the rooftop balcony’s panoramic view. A notable detail is that the rooftop balcony already designates itself as an adult sanctuary, offering a serene escape from the bustling ambiance.

The Botanical Garden & Nursery: A Tranquil Retreat

Rustic Cottage

Moving to the adjacent building, Soumou cafe revealed another facet—embodying the classic garden and plant shop concept. Embellished with mauve brick and expansive pane-glass windows, this charming space exuded the aura of a rustic cottage. Pink and purple azaleas, along with Japanese double-bulb cherry trees, adorned the surroundings, crafting an enchanting atmosphere.

Just to let you know, while relishing your food and beverages in the garden shop is an option, it’s essential to know that the ordering counter is exclusively in the modern cafe.

Tranquil Terrace Views

Outside, a paved terrace with umbrella-clad tables, offered another angle to admire the awesome mountain view. Stepping indoors, the ambiance transformed—sliding glass doors, potted plants, and a wooden ceiling evoked a serene oasis. While this building lacked a coffee counter, guests could comfortably enjoy their beverages from the adjacent modern cafe, embracing this spot’s unique ambiance. I especially love the indoor/ outdoor space with doors that open fully to include the nature around us.

Flourishing Dreams

Exploring the budding botanical garden was a delight, promising to amplify the cafe’s already-charming atmosphere once it’s in full bloom. The presence of numerous nearby nurseries made this a haven for flower enthusiasts seeking to indulge their passion.

Embracing the Landscape

Be ready to ascend—Soumou’s hillside positioning pays homage to nature’s contours. With its tiered arrangement, the parking lot layout requires some uphill walking, offering a glimpse of the cafe’s splendid surroundings that are well worth the effort.


My experience at Soumou was nothing short of a pleasant surprise. The fusion of modern cafe allure, beautiful gardens, a lovely plant shop, inviting terraces, and irresistible pastries, all against the reservoir and mountains, created an unforgettable afternoon that perfectly embodied the cafe’s enchanting dual personality. I will be back.

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