Beyond South Korea’s Purple Island: Is it Worth It?

Purple Island gate

Why and Where is Purple Island?

Banwoldo (Banwold Island) is located off the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula, adjacent to Bakjido Island. An expansive bridge connects them. Collectively, they are referred to as the Purple Island. The residents painted everything on both islands to encourage more tourist traffic. And so far, it is working. It made me want to visit, and here is what I discovered when I recently traveled there with friends.

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Table of Contents

Why & Where is Banwol Island?
Campanula Flower
Entry Fee
Now That’s a Bridge!!
Purple Island Hype

1000046267-519x692 Beyond South Korea's Purple Island: Is it Worth It?
purple-village-and-reflection-on-the-waer-519x346 Beyond South Korea's Purple Island: Is it Worth It?
1000046266-519x692 Beyond South Korea's Purple Island: Is it Worth It?

Campanula Flower

Residents began by painting the rooftops and an expansive bridge that connects the two islands to the mainland. Word spread quickly, and busloads of selfie-taking tourists visited the island daily.

They chose the violet-purple color to pay homage to the campanula flower native to the area. It is also called the purple bellflower due to its bell-like petals. The rebranding worked so well that the United Nations World Tourism Organization designated Purple Island as the World’s Best Tourist Village in 2021.
purple-island-shelter-in-purple-field-near-water-2-519x231 Beyond South Korea's Purple Island: Is it Worth It?

The UNWTO reviewed submissions from 170 villages in 75 countries. Fifty-four villages, including Purple Island and Ungok Village in Gochang County, North Jeolla Province, were recognized as outstanding examples of rural tourist destinations.

The initiative targeted villages (less than 15,000) with an economic plan combining cultural and natural resources with tourism potential, social sustainability, and transparent cooperation between the business and private communities.

20210522_131024-519x234 Beyond South Korea's Purple Island: Is it Worth It?

Entry Fee

It costs 3,000 KRW to enter the Purple Island. However, if you wear purple (hat, scarf, shoes, etc.), you can get in for free. I’d wear purple (or a coordinating color like white or yellow) because it looks nice in the photos regardless of the discount. The best time to visit is early morning or late in the afternoon. There is very little shade, and your pictures will look better when the sun isn’t so high in the sky. You may also want to avoid some midday crowds from tour buses. Additionally, it’s best to arrive when the tide rolls back in; otherwise, all you’ll see is mud.

Purple Bridges Galore

I enjoyed our brief visit island-hopping thanks to the 1,500-meter purple bridge that connects the islands to the mainland. It is beautiful. We spent approximately 3 hours strolling around the village and bridge, taking pictures, and soaking up the experience. You can rent a bike or hike to Mt. Uhkkae on Banwol or Mt. Parkji on Bakji Island. Neither is very challenging but offers a great way to enjoy the coastal walkway from another perspective. Or stroll via the bridge from island to island, stopping at a cafe (one on each island) to take pictures along the way.

Is it Worth It?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of attractions around Korea that look pretty in pictures. But is the effort to get there worth it? Not really. I would not drive there just for the village. Yes, the bridge and the flowers are pretty. However, there isn’t enough to do. I didn’t go because it won a strategic economic award. I went because it looked pretty in other people’s pictures. Despite the disappointment, I am glad, at least, that we drove. I had friends that took a bus tour from Daegu. They were miserable because they left at dawn, had to wear a mask on the bus, and those rural roads were no joke.

While driving down to visit the island isn’t worth the trip, it is a great item to add to an itinerary. The area’s temples, beaches, and lilac fields in the country’s southwestern part are fabulous. Plus, there are dozens of small islands to explore. As a tourist area, the Purple Island is still pretty new. It is bound to get better with time. As more people flock to the area, cafes, lodgings, and other activities are being constructed. Given a few years, it might be worth visiting as a stand-alone destination.

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[Banwol Island (반월도)
KakaoMap] 반월도선착장
2-1, Banwol-ri, Anjwa-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
Korean Address: 전남 신안군 안좌면 박지리

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