3rd Annual Yugu Saekdong Hydrangea Festival in Gongju


Experience vibrant flowers and summer fun at the Yugu Saekdong Hydrangea Festival in Gongju from June 7-20, 2024. Enjoy fireworks, live music, performances, hydrangea-themed tattoos, kite flying, and Instagram-worthy monorail rides through beautiful hydrangea fields.

Top 3 Hiking Trails in the Quad Cities for Nature Lovers

Kamren and me blackhawk park

Unleash Your Inner Explorer with Stunning Riverfront Trails! Dive into a hiker’s paradise where city vibes meet wild nature, offering breathtaking views, abundant wildlife, and the ultimate outdoor adventure. Don’t miss out on the best hiking in the Midwest!

A Year-Round Guide to Instagram-Worthy Flowers in South Korea

blue sky pink muhly flowers- featured image

Discover South Korea’s Stunning Natural Wonders! Get ready to be awe-struck by landscapes bursting with vibrant colors—from elegant chrysanthemums and dazzling sunflowers to delicate buckwheat. Your Instagram won’t know what hit it as we explore fields of enchanting pink muhly, graceful silver grass, and timeless roses. Don’t miss this visual feast!

Discovering the Byukchoji Gardens in Paju in the Rain

Byukchoji Gardens in Paju

It was 6:05 and the ajusshi, an elderly man at the entrance of the Byukchoji Gardens, was friendly but didn’t allow me to enter. We spent too much time cafe hopping– the botanical garden in Paju closes at 7:00 pm, and the last tickets are sold at 6:00 pm. The next day, we arrived early in the morning. As expected, the ajusshi recognized me and reached out to shake my hand. Steven stayed in the car while I packed up my camera gear and umbrella.

The Utah Great Salt Flats: Are They Worth Visiting?

Salt Flats pose

Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by majestic natural beauty, recently surprised me with its vibrant spirit and stunning landscapes. My visit was for the Women in Travel Summit, with a trip to the Salt Flats sponsored by the Visit Utah Tourism Board uniting dynamic women bloggers, allowing us to connect and share experiences.

Where to See the Total Solar Eclipse in America

Stacey at 2024 eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a rare astronomy event unfolds in North America: a total solar eclipse visible in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. The path of totality, where the moon covers the sun, spans from Mazatlan to Canada’s Atlantic Coast. Depending on the weather, catch a partial eclipse locally, or journey to the path for the full experience. Discover prime viewing locations as the country plunges into darkness.

From Cheongdo With Love: Discovering Soumou Cafe

Soumou-Cafe-Cheongdo46- featured image

Finding cool new cafes is always fun. Let’s talk about Soumou Cafe, a great spot at Geumjandi Farm in Qingdao Cheongdo. This town is full of new cafes. When I visited, Soumou Cafe had just opened. Once you walk in, you’ll see it’s not like other places. It has its own style. Plus, it has a pretty cool secret too

Blooms and Tradition: 83rd Tulip Festival in Orange City

Orange city tulip festival- featured image

Next week marks the 83rd Annual Tulip Festival in Orange City, Iowa. Since its humble origins in 1936, this annual event has attracted thousands of attendees from across the Midwest, gathering to honor and celebrate Dutch heritage. Wander the quaint streets, alive with the colors of thousands of tulips and the iconic silhouette of windmills. Experience the joy of parades, the rhythm of Dutch music, and the tantalizing aroma of traditional delicacies.