Discovering the Garden Theme: Panorama Forest 180

Garden Cafe on the 4th Floor of Debek Shopping Mall

My favorite aspect of Panorama Forest 180 is not only the delightful smell of coffee, rich soil, and the faint hint of my signature scent from my last trip to Singapore but also the opportunity to sit in my air-conditioned adult treehouse. In this whimsical space, I let my imagination soar, effortlessly picking up the story right where I left off.

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The Decor

I love the pops of color– purple, blue, and green– lots of green. And there is no way to ignore the light and color brought in by the big windows. The sky, the mountains, and the park below are living canvases.

Surrounded by the captivating panoramic 180-degree view of the forest, both inside and out, I find inspiration flowing as I write. The simple act of putting words on paper brings me endless joy in this tranquil treehouse. And the best part is I can enjoy the breathtaking forest view without bearing the sweltering heat outside. It’s a magical escape that fuels my creativity and brings a sense of serenity to my writing retreat.

20230805_170215-519x692 Discovering the Garden Theme: Panorama Forest 180

Location in the Mall

Panorama Forest 180 is a retail garden-themed cafe in the Debek Mall in the Dabong area of Suseong. The cafe overlooks the Sincheon River and the road we affectionately call the Urban Highway. It also has a fabulous view of downtown and the neo-classical clock tower.

The cafe sits on the 4th floor through household goods and some women’s accessories. And even though it’s on a lower floor, it has an expansive view. It’s primarily unobstructed, except whatever this is. If you know, please put it in the comments below.

If you are looking for a meeting space, a small area with a large table off to the side can accommodate a group of about 8-10 people.

1000045979-519x692 Discovering the Garden Theme: Panorama Forest 180

Homemade Baked Goods

I wouldn’t call Panorama Forest 180 a bakery cafe, but it does have a few homemade baked goods. They sell handcrafted ginger lattes and jujube teas. Homemade carrot cake, tiramisu, cornbread, whole wheat cookies, croffles, sweet potato bread, and a hearty pumpkin soup.

I was full from lunch, so I opted for a yummy mango slush, but there are many teas, coffees, fruit ades, and bingsu to choose from.

Plant Store

Since I am leaving and already have a designated adoptive parent for my plants, I didn’t purchase anything from myself. But I did find the cutest plant for a friend who just moved into a new apartment. So I bought it. I think it was reasonable for the location I purchased it. However, if I had bought it at a garden shop near my house, I probably could have saved 4-5,000 KRW. But it’s okay; it was a plant I would have bought for myself. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it.

The shop sells plants, potted trees, cacti, bamboo shoots, and everything. You can also purchase soil, pots, plant decor, and nutrients.

20230805_165821-01-519x692 Discovering the Garden Theme: Panorama Forest 180

Need to Know

I also read in a blog that if you visit after 4 p.m., you receive a free cactus with the purchase of 10,000 KRW or more– so keep that in mind if you decide to visit. And if you park in the lot behind the mall, make sure to get your parking validated by one of the cafe staff members.

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1000046021-519x692 Discovering the Garden Theme: Panorama Forest 180



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