Discover Liebevoll Cafe – A Garden Treehouse for Grownups

Jumping out A-frame at Liebevoll Cafe

A Hidden Gem with German Flair in Rural Korea

One day a few months ago, I was out and about with Kyung Sook, looking for a cafe in the Gayasan mountain in Seongju. Liebevoll Cafe popped up in the search, so we decided to check it out. It’s more than an hour drive from Suseong and I’ve been back three times since then. The cafe is a hidden gem that draws a little inspiration from the German culture. Mostly because think the owners are German. The name itself, Liebevoll, translates to lovingly, affectionately, or fondly, adding a touch of uniqueness to this charming cafe. Despite its location an hour away from Daegu in rural Korea, Liebevoll Treehouse Cafe captivates visitors with its dreamlike ambiance and captivating views.

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Whimsical Treehouse Setting and Expanding Deck Seating

Schön is Pretty

And fondly is how I feel abouth this place. Upon entering Liebevoll Cafe, guests step into a two-story adult-sized treehouse that evokes a sense of wonder. The cafe’s interior is adorned with German words, creating an enchanting atmosphere that complements the breathtaking view. The cafe’s seating, both inside the treehouse and in the expanding deck seating, offers a unique vantage point, making visitors feel like they are sitting amidst the trees.

Engage Your Senses in Nature’s Embrace


Liebevoll Cafe boasts a stunning view that leaves visitors in awe. Whether you choose the indoor treehouse seating or the tranquil garden outside, picturesque vistas await you. For an extra touch of magic, visit during the late afternoon when the pixie lights twinkle, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere.


The cafe’s proximity to a river creates a serene soundscape, with the gentle flow of water providing a soothing backdrop to your visit. As the garden evolves with fountains and waterfalls, the natural melodies will further enhance your enchanting experience.

A Garden Paradise in Constant Evolution

The Liebevoll Treehouse Cafe has an expansive garden, located beside the river, is a paradise in constant evolution. With ongoing landscape and hardscape developments, this outdoor haven promises to become even more stunning over time. From charming A-frame structures to hidden secret gardens, each corner invites exploration and relaxation.

A Menu with Room to Grow

While the cafe’s ambiance is truly a feast for the senses, the menu still has room to grow. Visitors might hope for more diverse food options to complement the enchanting experience. Expanding the menu to include salads and pork-free pizzas would be a delightful addition, enhancing the overall cafe experience.

Prepare for Your Dreamy Getaway

Before heading to Liebevoll Treehouse Cafe, come prepared for a day of relaxation and serenity in this dreamy treehouse-inspired sanctuary. Here are some essentials to bring along:

Liebevoll-main-entrance-519x234 Discover Liebevoll Cafe - A Garden Treehouse for Grownups
  1. Bug repellent: Protect yourself from any pesky visitors while enjoying the outdoor seating in the garden.
  2. Umbrella: Be prepared for unpredictable weather with an umbrella.
  3. Notebook and pen: Let your creativity flow and find inspiration amidst the captivating scenery.
  4. Music and book: Enhance your experience with your favorite tunes or immerse yourself in a good read.
  5. Camera: Capture the magical moments and take home cherished memories.
  6. Pillows and blankets: If you plan on spending a lazy afternoon in an A-frame, bring your own for added comfort.
in-the-waterfall-519x750 Discover Liebevoll Cafe - A Garden Treehouse for Grownups

Conclusion – Unleash Your Inner Child at Liebevoll Treehouse Cafe

In conclusion, Liebevoll Cafe offers a captivating retreat for the soul, blending German aesthetics with the natural beauty of rural Korea. Immerse yourself in the magic of this pretty treehouse for grownups, where you can embrace the enchanting views, soothing sounds, and charming ambiance. Despite a few areas for improvement in the menu, the evolving garden and expanding deck seating promise an enchanting visit each time. So, pack your essentials and embark on a journey to this whimsical sanctuary, where you can lovingly embrace nature’s embrace and unleash your inner child amidst the trees.

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Liebevoll-Cafe-519x692 Discover Liebevoll Cafe - A Garden Treehouse for Grownups


Liebevoll 리베볼 1433, Deogun-ro, Suryun-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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