Rozell Crepe and Brunch Cafe in Daegu

Rozell apple Crepe and brunch cafe

A Cozy Cafe for Sunday Brunch

Rozell Crepe and Brunch Cafe is located on Dongseong-ro in the Bongsan-dong district. It is a welcome change from the usual brunch options available here in Daegu. You’ll enjoy yourself whether you go with your brunch group or your hubby. With its charming storefront and inviting ambiance, Rozell promises a cozy and memorable Sunday brunch affair.

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A Quaint Setting with Irresistible Charm

As you approach Rozell Crepe, its captivating big cathedral-style windows catch your eye. They draw you into its warm and welcoming interior. With fewer than 10 tables, the cafe exudes an intimate charm that sets the stage for a relaxed dining experience. Counter seating by one window and a table for four by another provide cozy spots to settle in and enjoy a more intimate experience or a great background for your IG feed.

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Diverse Crepe Selection

Rozell Crepe boasts an enticing menu that caters to both savory and sweet cravings. From the savory options, the standout is the chicken crepe with shiitake mushrooms, generously layered with cheese and béchamel sauce. Its unconventional lasagna-like shape and the delectable burnt cheese on the sides add an intriguing twist to the classic crepe experience. You can also choose a salmon and avocado crepe in the shape of a sushi roll.

Rozell-Crepe-Cafe-menu-488x778 Rozell Crepe and Brunch Cafe in Daegu

On the sweet side, the Apple Bouquet Crepe steals the show. Crafted into the shape of a multi-petaled flower, it presents a delightful combination of apple cinnamon filling, vanilla ice cream, sugared maple pecans, and chocolate sauce—an eye-catching treat for both the taste buds and the eyes.

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A Prime Location for Brunch Enthusiasts

Rozell Crepe finds itself in good company, down the street from popular lunch spots like Kai’s Sandwich Shop or Roasting Parts. This food neighborhood provides an opportunity to explore multiple cafes and coffee shops. Whether you’re savoring the fish shaped burger at Roasting Parts or indulging in the delicious reuben sandwich at Kai’s Sandwich Shop, the proximity of these establishments adds to the appeal of the area as a whole.
20230604_135133-01-519x692 Rozell Crepe and Brunch Cafe in Daegu

Convenient Parking and Insta-worthy Appeal

The cafe is on a popular street with lots of pedestrian traffic. So sit in the window and people watch while you enjoy your meal. Rozell Crepe patrons also have access to paid parking directly across the street. Parking can be an issue in this area, so you might want to take the metro instead. It’s convenient, can enjoy their dining experience without the hassle of searching for parking. Moreover, the cafe’s charming interior is simple, but Insta-worthy. From its quaint storefront and cozy interior to the visually captivating Bouquet Apple Crepe, every corner of Roselle Crepe begs to be captured and shared on social media.


Just a heads up, Korean to English translations often result in multiple interpretations. For instance, the name of a cafe can be translated as Rozell, Rosell, or Rojel, depending on the source. This variability is quite common and worth noting.

96, Bongsanmunhwa-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu

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