The Peak Pleasures: Unparalleled Views at Landscape Cafe

Snacks at Landscape Cafe in Cheongdo

The Landscape Cafe is a beautiful brand-new cafe in the mountains of the Qingdao area of Cheongdo. The name doesn’t quite encapsulate the view. And unfortunately, neither do my efforts to capture its beautiful landscape between my lenses. Yet, as I persist, I implore you to visit this and some of my other favorite countryside cafes in this fabulous town.

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Landscape Cafe in the Cheongdo Mountains

This beautiful cafe opened a few months ago in May. If you read my blog often, you’ll know we visit cheongdo often. I love the fruit orchards, lakes, rolling hills, mountains, and reservoirs, and all the respective cafes that have a view of all the above.

To-the-left-Landscape-Cafe-in-Cheongdo-519x692 The Peak Pleasures: Unparalleled Views at Landscape Cafe

Cafe Landscape is one of those places you may only visit once but you’ll never forget. The enormous two-story cafe sits high above the Cheongdo interchange in a lush valley surrounded by tree-covered mountains.

The Landscape Cafe Layout

Upon entering the cafe through the central entrance, you’ll be greeted by the counter. An array of delightful sweet treats awaits to your right, with a spacious seating arrangement. On the left, another major seating area beckons. Both spaces offer cozy, cushioned seating and utilitarian tables with firm chairs. The left section features an undulating long sofa and an ample 8-10-seat wooden table, perfect for group gatherings. The lofty ceilings create the illusion of a two-story cafe.

Kids Play Area

This month, a new picnic area opened for business at the Landscape Cafe. As you exit through the central door to the lower level, a kid’s picnic haven unfolds. Sheltered yet open, this area boasts a turfed expanse, a shallow kiddie pool, and an expansive sandbox. This delightful space is dog-friendly, allowing guests to relish the cafe and their furry companions.

You’ll also be happy to hear there’s a large dedicated parking lot in front of the cafe.


How to See Korea in Three Years

The drive to the Landscape Cafe took me past some of my favorite cafes from my nearly seven years living in Daegu, Tiyom Pink, Verdant, and Manana, to name a few.

As I drive by, I’m flooded with emotion. We are down to our last two months here in Korea, and chances are, we won’t be back. It also reminds me that no time is long enough to see or do everything, so focusing on what makes your soul feel full is essential. I will miss seeing the mountains in all directions the most. But I digress.

The Menu at the Landscape Cafe

Brunch and Dessert

The cafe serves a limited brunch menu. But it was either over or sold out by the time we arrived. We had already eaten, so it wasn’t a big deal.

We ordered an Almond Queen Amand, one of my favorite pastries. The amand comes from Brittany in France, a simple but delicious sweet treat made with butter and sugar. This one had sliced almonds baked into the dough. I also ordered a soft-serve ice cream and an Earl Grey Latte. The iced latte combined Earl Grey tea and lemonade, a Korean Arnold Palmer.

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1000045398-519x692 The Peak Pleasures: Unparalleled Views at Landscape Cafe


[KakaoMap] 카페랜드스케이프
139, Gomti-ro, Cheongdo-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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