Savoring Sunday: Brunching at CG Bon in Daegu, South Korea

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CG Bon is a two-story, warehouse-style brunch cafe and bakery serving pasta, salads, bread, and pastries, a local favorite on Sundays. The cafe serves brunch, offering salads, pasta, desserts, and coffee. The two-story restaurant offers traditional table seating with various chairs, benches, and Korean platforms. CG Bon is one of the original OG cafes in the city. Its menu and many of its patrons reflect that.

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We arrived late afternoon, past the 1-2 p.m. rush hour. There were few seats available. As a result, we changed our seats twice to obtain the table I wanted. But that’s expected anywhere you go here in a coffee society like Korea, which is the third-largest coffee consumer in the world after all.

The Menu at CG Bon

At CG Bon, the menu presents a selection of quintessential Korean brunch offerings, each boasting simplicity and quality. Amid the choices, a few items stood out. The flank steak salad and delectable chicken pasta tempted our taste buds. However, we ultimately chose the red tomato spaghetti and the invigorating spicy seafood risotto. Both were packed with a flavorful kick that delivered a satisfying experience.

Our chosen dishes, the red tomato spaghetti, and the spicy seafood risotto, exceeded expectations in terms of taste and satisfaction. The pasta boasted a rich tomato-based sauce that enveloped the noodles. On the other hand, the spicy seafood risotto showcased a lively combination of textures and tastes. Both dishes were delicious, exceeding our expectations.

We skipped the pastries because our weekend routine involves two cafes: one for brunch and another for dessert.

Seating at CG Bon Cafe and Bakery

The cafe’s seating arrangement offers various sections an open and inviting atmosphere. You’ll find numerous seating areas within the cafe’s confines, each offering a unique charm. Indoors, by the koi pond or on the rooftop, a spot suits every mood.

Stepping inside reveals a vibrant and well-lit interior adorned with soaring two-story ceilings that add to the spaciousness. The assortment of chairs and sofas might be eclectic, yet a cohesive color theme gracefully ties everything together. While exploring both interior levels, you’ll discover seats adorned in captivating shades, from deep navy to delicate rosy pink.

The Second Floor

The second floor of the cafe is a hit among young brunch enthusiasts. It boasts a laid-back ambiance. Cozy bean bags and low tables create the perfect setting for a leisurely iced latte accompanied by a Netflix binge. These seats offer comfort for leisure, but enjoying the cafe’s pasta dishes here could be a challenge.

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C-G-bon-brunch-cafe-519x692 Savoring Sunday: Brunching at CG Bon in Daegu, South Korea

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