Yummy Treats at Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo, South Korea

Objeto Brunch Cafe Cheongdo entrance

Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo

I stopped in Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo a few years ago when my phone was dying, and I needed it to navigate home. I grabbed a coffee while my phone charged, sitting near the window because of the expansive view, which was far more panoramic than the cafe building next door.

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One Cafe, Two Buildings

Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo is a pretty cafe in the Cheongdo countryside. The decor is simple– taking advantage of the view and the light streaming in from the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking rice fields, fruit tree orchards, and the blue and orange corrugated roofs shield owners from the day’s heat. And in the distance, a dozen or more mountain peaks, all covered in a blanket of green trees, form a majestic ridge of undulating peaks and valleys as far as the eye can see.

There are two large parking dedicated parking lots at Objeto Cafe. One of the parking lots is behind the cafes, and the other is in front. A walkway connects the cafe and brunch with umbrella seating in cooler weather. I also noticed the roasting room near the second parking lot.

The Menu


There is much to choose from besides the bread and pastries in the display case in the Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo. The cafe serves several pasta, sandwiches, salads, and rice dishes.

We chose the chicken and avocado salad. The mixed greens, radicchio, Swiss chard, and iceberg lettuce were topped with an entire sliced avocado, marinated grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, croutons, and sliced almonds. It was topped with a generous drizzle of balsamic dressing. It was a great choice to share– yummy, leaving plenty of room for the next destination.


The offerings at the Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo shouldn’t surprise you. This is where you can get hand-dripped coffee and a more extensive list of cafe drinks. While the number of pastries seemed on par with the other brunch cafe, the soft-serve ice cream was also delicious.

The Decor at the Objeto Brunch Cafe in Cheongdo


The vibe is slightly different in each building. The brunch cafe’s atmosphere was pleasant, if not reserved. The music played has a lot to do with it. The music on the brunch side is low, barely discernible. It is another story on the cafe side. It is quite lively, which probably contributes to the more uptempo vibe in that building.


There is a mixture of seating in both buildings, too, but the cafe’s design seems slightly more upscale than the brunch cafe. There are also two floors of seating, the second floor offering the better views. The view of the farmland and mountains in either building will keep your attention long after you finish whatever you choose. Moreover, both cafes have a cohesive theme and color palette– white walls, pops of color, and large leafy green potted plants.

The view will keep you staring out the window no matter where you sit. Let me know if you visit in the comments below.

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