Clay and Caffeine: Discovering Seongju’s Coffee in Pottery Cafe

Coffee in Pottery in the countryside

Located in the serene countryside town of Seongju, you’ll find the enchanting Coffee in Pottery (인포러리 in Korean), a pottery cafe bursting with vibrancy (just like me). Your attention is immediately drawn to the cafe’s roomy patio and deck. It’s painted in a delightful shade of blue and adorned with inviting purple and mustard yellow patio chairs. Here, you might spot some exceptionally laid-back cats, possibly the laziest felines you’ve ever encountered. The ceiling is a striking wooden clapboard with a glossy finish and beautiful ceramic ornaments hanging from the ceiling and around the door frame. All of the above adds to the cafe’s curb appeal.

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Coffee in Pottery Cafe

An Adults Only Cafe

However, it’s essential to remember that this pottery cafe caters exclusively to adults, so if you intend to bring children along, they should be 13 years old or older. This makes sense because there is so much breakable pottery inside. One of the cafe’s most distinctive features is its expansive picture window, offering a glimpse into the cozy interior.

Ceramics Cafe

Getting into the parking lot may pose a challenge due to a sharp turn, but once you’ve maneuvered it, you’ll be greeted by the cafe with picturesque fields in the background. The cafe’s parking area isn’t just spacious– it’s adorned with delightful ceramic decorations. The cafe sits on narrow dirt roads, no wider than a tank trail, so be careful. But if you go there and miss the turn, take my advice and double back; don’t take any alternate routes. The cafe is definitely off the beaten track. I found it on one of my sun-chasing adventures.

The Menu at the Cafe

Step into the cafe by gently pulling on the door handles crafted from ceramic plates. Once inside, you’ll find your attention instantly pulled in multiple directions. The walls, displays, and ceiling adorn beautiful ceramics, creating a captivating atmosphere. Don’t miss the wall entirely covered in pristine white ceramics; it’s truly a sight to behold. Here, you can purchase these exquisite pieces or unleash your creativity by crafting your works of art.

The cafe boasts a variety of seating areas, including traditional Korean ceramic pottery. However, my personal favorite spot was the one by the picture window, as mentioned earlier, offering a picturesque view. Coffee in Pottery features a range of teas, coffees, and specialty beverages. Be sure to indulge in delectable cakes like the heavenly chocolate crepe cake I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ceramics Art Classes

While you’re here, you might even have the chance to observe an art class in action as they work on drawing some of the ceramics. They even invited me to join them in the future. In one corner near the cash register, you’ll spot a potter’s wheel surrounded by an array of art supplies. The staff said they have classes weekly, but I am unsure about the schedule. Contact the cafe at +82549331586 to find out the class schedule.

Outdoor Photo Zone

Stepping outside and gazing around, charming flowering trees will greet you, crafting a picturesque view of the countryside. Coffee in Pottery Cafe has a delightful photo zones, extra outdoor seating, and pretty ceramics art pieces to the left and right of Coffee in Pottery. The vibrant primary colors in the decor serve as a subtle reminder that this is a kid-free cafe, ensuring a serene atmosphere for all patrons to enjoy in peace.

Coffee-in-Pottery-PINTEREST-PIN-519x692 Clay and Caffeine: Discovering Seongju's Coffee in Pottery Cafe

Operating Hours:

Daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Closed on Mondays


Coffee in Pottery 인포터리
105, Doseong 1-gil, Seonnam-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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